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A biography of ernesto guevara a participant in the cuban revolution


  • In 1954 he went to Mexico and the following year he met Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro;
  • Guevara joined Castro's '26th July Movement' and played a key role in the eventual success of its guerrilla war against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista;
  • In 1948, Ernesto started to study medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, and he graduated from there in 1953 after a trip through South America on an old motorcycle with his good friend, Alberto Granado;
  • He later expressed his desire to spread revolution in other parts of the developing world, and in 1965 Castro announced that Guevara had left Cuba;
  • Che left Cuba for Bolivia in 1965 to commence a socialistic revolution against the corrupted capitalistic government, without knowing what was to become of him in two years.