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A book report on the chosen by chaim potok

  1. That Sunday, Danny, and Reuven meet at the library, where Danny reveals his fascination with the human mind and his desire to study the works of Sigmund Freud.
  2. Chaim Potok Two boys lives become intertwined when Reuven Malter is struck in the eye and nearly blinded by a line drive off the bat of Danny Saunders, during a fiercely contested baseball game between Malter's Orthodox Jewish high school team and Saunder's Hasidic yeshiva. How fast would you like to get it?
  3. Summary of the Chosen by Chaim Potok We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book. At the end of the game he is rushed to the hospital.
  4. A Greek philosopher said that two people who are true friends are like two bodies with one soul.
  5. Reuven learns that the man who has been recommending books to Danny is actually his father, who teaches talmud at Reuven's school.

Book I, from chapter 1 through chapter 4, is largely introductory, presenting the Williamsburg setting and Jewish lifestyle and introducing the main characters and their problems.

It also serves to bring Danny and Reuven together so that the rising action of the plot can unfold. Book II, from chapter 5 through chapter 12, is largely devoted to the developing relationship between Reuven and Danny.

Although they have completely opposite backgrounds, which are carefully revealed, they become the closet of friends and help each other with their studies and problems.

It is as if Reuven, who enjoys a close relationship with his father, has been "chosen" to help Danny come to terms with the taciturn Rabbi Saunders and to find his place in the world. Book III, from chapter 13 through chapter 18, leads to the climactic moments of the novel and its consequent outcomes.

  1. Danny is miserable because the psychology department at the university is only experimental psychology which upsets Danny as he does not have a natural aptitude in mathematics like Reuven does , and does not tolerate the writings of Sigmund Freud. Men like Reuven's father become committed Zionists, but Reb Saunders insists that the Holocaust must be the will of God and that only with the coming of the Messiah can Jews reestablish the nation of Israel.
  2. In addition, news of the Holocaust reaches American soil, which sends all the characters, especially Rabbi Saunders, into a state of depression.
  3. A life filled with meaning is worthy of rest. He is also against all who identify as Zionists and follow the belief of a Messianic Age and wish for a secular Jewish nation-state.
  4. It also serves to bring Danny and Reuven together so that the rising action of the plot can unfold.
  5. There is so much pain in the world.

The war comes to an end, and the American Jews learn about the atrocities committed against the European Jews by Hitler. When most Jews react with Zionist activities, the friendship between Danny and Reuven is temporarily broken by Reb Saunders, due to the liberal politics of Reuven's father.

After the state of Israel is approved by the United Nations, Danny dares to resume his friendship with Reuven.

The Chosen Notes

He tells him of his plans to become a clinical psychologist and reveals that he has still not been brave enough to tell his father he will not become a rabbi, as expected. In the climax, Reb Saunders breaks his silence with his son. He reveals that he has been concerned about Danny's soul and has known Danny's career plan for a long time.

When he blesses Danny's choice of being a psychologist rather than a rabbi, both Danny and Reuven are shocked, but pleased. In the falling action, the rabbi is seen telling his congregation about his son's decision to become a psychologist.

  • The response to it is huge;
  • The boys, sixteen at the time of the game, live in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in the 's.

Danny is also seen thinking about his father. He realizes the rabbi's deep love for him and considers raising his own future son in the old Hasidic tradition of silence.

The novel ends in comedy. Danny has found himself and accepted his father.

As he heads off to study clinical psychology in graduate school, there is a sense of peace and calm for him. The reader is left with the feeling that Danny will certainly be a success. He will also feel closer to his father in the future.