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A description of my truck got me into a lot of trouble

This was the most painless auto purchase I've ever made! Best deal hands down!

I will definitely shop Gillis Auto for my next purchase! Thank you again for my sweet Ford F-350 truck! Totally satisfied with the service, customer service and speed of repairs. Lloyd did an awesome job keeping me informed on the status of my truck. Great repair and appreciate the courtesy. Service advisor loaned me his personal vehicle while my truck was in the shop.

I purchased a Kia Sorento 2013 - I love my car. Thank you for a job well done. I thought I was going to need new brakes since the last couple services they were in the yellow, but they told me they are still okay. Only very minor thing was the engine oil status was not reset. Great Service, a little slow. They were friendly and helpful. For their part, the whole experience was pretty painless. The lot and "showroom" aren't anything fancy, but they were clean and comfortable.

I would definitely consider them in the future. My truck also received a computer update from the manufacturer while it was there. I plan to continue to do so. Thank you Wendy and service staff. Lloyd goes out of his way to answer all of my questions and makes sure my vehicle gets the best service possible.

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I rely on their consistent performance. Way to go, Gillis! I decided to wait and was expecting it to take 2 hours but to my pleasant surprise it was ready in about an hour. Thank your for the great and speedy service. Did what they said they would do. Lloyd is a pleasure to work with. It is nice to see that the whole dealership is buzzing with life. I have had my mothers vehicles into Gillis quite a few time and their service team is first rate. Chris, the new service manager is wonderful. He took time to talk to us and made us feel like family.

Lloyd took good care of our needs. We were in and out in a decent amount of time and they even washed our vehicle too! Keep up the good work. I am impressed with the changes you guys have made. They got me in and out quickly and washed my truck after it got the oil changed.

I thought we were treated in a fair and friendly manner.

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We agreed to a price without a bunch of haggling. Your people were a breath of fresh air after dealing with some of the big city stores. Nice to deal with real "people".

I tried to leave a review on Edmunds, but couldn't seem to make it work. Friends ask why I keep going back to the dealer when my car is no longer under warranty. In gratitude, Denise C. Nice staff to deal with, loved the free car wash.

Kept me updated and let me know when parts needed to be ordered for one of the things I wanted done. I appreciate working with him when I take my vehicles in. Without going into great detail, I just wanted to thank Terry Matchett and the rest of the service department for how well they treated me this week. I was amazed at how Terry stepped up and offered solutions to my problems. Spending money on repairs is never fun, but Gillis Service Department gained my support. Your staff - from Lloyd in Service to Scott in Finance and our nice salesperson are a pleasure to deal with.

This is why we will continue to patronize Gillis and refer you to our friends. Lloyd Moran and your service department.

I have a Road-trek camper built upon a Dodge 3500 Ram chassis. About 5 miles west of the casino on Route 108, my transmission no longer was communicating with the wheels! It was as though I was idling in neutral!

  • My salesman Cody Bates really went above and beyond during purchase of my purple Charger Hellcat;
  • He said he took it the subaru in yesterday and it wasn't done be detailed but I could surely look at it;
  • Very courteous and timely.

Upon the advice of some banjoists with local ties, I had the vehicle transported to your facility on Sunday PM June 7th. On Monday June 8th, I related this sad tale to Mr. Moran and he had your driver pick me up at the Super 8 Motel so that I could turn over the keys and wait for the diagnostic bad news!

It was determined that, indeed, the transmission had failed and needed replacing - and later it was found that the radiator should be replaced as well. It seemed that the new part was scheduled to arrive by Friday June 12th and if all went well I could possibly pick up the camper on Friday June 19th.

I was unable to obtain a one-way car rental to my home in Corvallis, OR. The next best option was Amtrak. The bus schedule to the Olympia-Lacy Amtrak station was very unwieldy and I had a cumbersome load of belongings to carry and am suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in my foot making walking very uncomfortable.

Moran thoughtfully arranged for me to be driven all the way to the Amtrak station! I was concerned for the safety and carrying of my banjo banjos are heavy!!

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Moran assured me that he would keep my banjo safely stored. I later learned that he took it home with him for safekeeping. On Wednesday June 10th Mr. Moran informed me that the transmission had already arrived and work could be completed 1 week earlier than previously noted. Even though it was after hours, Mr.

Moran picked me up at the station and returned to the dealership so that I could settle my account and take possession of my camper and head back home! Moran and his staff I wrote the draft of this letter on a long planned camping trip which I was afraid would have to be canceled! I really appreciated the dedication to customer service and the personal caring provided by Mr. He went above and beyond the call of duty to be of great help in a very stressful situation.

You should be proud and very pleased to have him in your employ! After a recent oil change we were advised that our Jeep Patriot needed new tires. Moran spent time showing us the reason for this recommendation, as well as listening and responding to our questions in a thoughtful manner.

We believe he was concerned with helping us choose the right tire. There would be some who might say "he is just doing his job".

He communicated with us respectfully, he took time to listen to our thoughts and he paid attention to the details. Moran is an individual that your company can be proud is one of your employees. It's a pleasure to work with Lloyd. He knows his stuff. I will continue to have my F-150 serviced by you in the future. My experience was top notch. Very courteous and timely.

Tell them big appreciation from me please.