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A description of quality as having a high degree of excellence by webster

How Do You Define Quality? Before you can improve quality, you must know what it means to your organization. I recently met with a small group of people to help write a mission statement for a new organization. Part of our task was to define the word "quality.

Definition of Quality

Defining quality has always been a difficult task. Even the so-called quality gurus W. Edwards Deming and Joseph M. Juran seemed to struggle to find just the right words to define the term.

How Do You Define High-Quality Education Research?

Juran offers two definitions of quality in his must-have reference, Juran's Quality Handbook: Ultimately, he claims, the customer's definition of quality is the only one that matters. Others define quality differently.

  1. In other views, quality is judged in terms of absolute thresholds that have to be exceeded to obtain a quality rating for example, the output has to meet a pre-determined national standard.
  2. These ideas are important for understanding quality because they emphasise the non-rational elements of human activity and shed light on the symbolic and cultural aspects of quality.
  3. It is not possible, therefore, to talk about quality as a unitary concept, quality must be defined in terms of a range of qualities, with recognition that an institution may be of high quality in relation to one factor but low quality in relation to another.
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  5. They publish quality fiction. A quality is an innate or acquired characteristic that, in some particular, determines the nature and behavior of a person or thing.

Crosby says it's "conformance to requirements. In their forthcoming book, Six Sigma: They say that quality should focus on "value entitlement," which means that companies are entitled to produce quality products at the highest possible profits and customers are entitled to buy high-quality products at the lowest possible cost. Is the definition of quality even relevant? Quality's disappearing function is inspection.

  • Quality's disappearing function is inspection;
  • Mismatches between the requirements of the external quality assurance agency and institutional approaches to quality can be a cause of tension in relations.

Most manufacturers are placing the responsibility for inspection and data collection on the machine operators. The data, however, is still usually analyzed and sometimes acted upon by a "quality" person, whatever his or her title may be.

Our Questions to You

Service organizations, such as banks, hospitals and educational institutions, are struggling to define quality in their own terms. Their quality mission is made more difficult because they have to redefine terms like "customer," "supplier" and "defect," which also differ dramatically from the traditional manufacturing-based definition.

I'd like to know how you define quality. We've put together a page on our Web site to collect as many definitions of quality as possible. Just go to www. We'll compile these definitions and post them on Quality Digest Online during the next few months.