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A description of the term integrated marketing and communication

Naming Recent projects Revonic Naming. Fabrik has created a new name and identity for a leading digital experience agency based in Dubai. Formerly Indivirtual, now Revonic. Fabrik created the name for this Bermuda-based insurance and reinsurance group, established to be the leading specialist solutions provider for the European insurance market.

A leading digital experience agency with headquarters in Dubai commissioned Fabrik, a leading branding specialist, to re-define its purpose and create a brand strategy, new name and visual identity.

ChartCo is a global leader in digital navigation services and voyage compliance. Fabrik created the name for its new e-navigation and compliance platform. A sophisticated logo mark and visual identity to represent a bold new venture bringing overseas retailers to the UK high street.

Legal and General's ambitions for its new Homes division had literally gone through the roof, and naturally, was in need of a website to match. Fabrik delivered… right to their door. Brand strategy and company naming lead to an illuminating visual identity for an exciting, young tech-company. Fabrik created a campaign to stimulate interest in psychiatry as a profession, delivered through an emotive, short film.

Fabrik has created an engaging student campaign for City University that extends beyond the traditional welcome pack. View our full portfolio Integrated marketing communications: A brand is more than just a name and a logo.

  • Ensure all communications add value to instead of dilute the brand or organisation;
  • Advertisement often involves mass media like television, radio, newspapers and magazines that can transmit the message to large groups of individuals o Sales Promotion:

Your brand is the holistic perception of your company. There are so many communication channels to choose, from apps, to online content, to radio, and print. That means if you want to access the largest chunk of the market, and develop a truly effective brand, you need to learn about a little something called integrated marketing communications.

  • Your branding and brand message Your branding needs to be the same across all channels, from your social media voice, to your website backstory, and your offline brochures;
  • Many messages are received indirectly through a friend or through an opinion leader.

An integrated marketing communications plan is about bringing all of your marketing and branding techniques together to develop a tight, seamless, and professional nature for your company. With a disciplined integrated marketing communications approach, you can work on building your brand into a house-hold name, increase chances for cross-pollination among marketing strategies, and deliver better customer experience.

In other words, this technique can give even small businesses the chance to jet-power their branding and marketing strategies. So, how do you make the most of integrated marketing communications? What is integrated marketing communications?

However, when it comes down to a basic definition, most experts agree that integrated marketing communications is just about making sure that all the information your brand puts out into the world is consistent with your brand identity. After all, when all of your company marketing elements work together in harmony, you create a more seamless journey from one communications channel to the next.

Every element of your brand communication plan supports the others. Communications are consistent and connected through all a description of the term integrated marketing and communication. Multiple messages within your brand reinforce and support each other.

All communications are logically connected. If we look at traditional approaches to marketing communications, most agencies and businesses plan separate campaigns for press releases, advertising, sales promotions, and direct marketing services. In other words, they get everything they need, but their strategies are disjointed. Because everything supports the same message and image, your integrated marketing communications reinforce your brand in advertising.

For instance, you can create an online campaignthen use direct mail and email to follow up inquiries from that advertising. You could help to convert prospects into customers by encouraging them to download an app that supports your website, or contact you through social media channels. An integrated marketing communications definition: The components of IMC An integrated marketing communications plan, whether conducted with an integrated marketing agency in Londonor constructed by your sales team, can join the dots in branding.

Your blog posts feed directly into your email marketing campaign, and supplement your activity on social media. When you create promotional material offline, those elements link into your online content, with literature referring to social media pages, and so on. Your branding and brand message Your branding needs to be the same across all channels, from your social media voice, to your website backstory, and your offline brochures.

Rather, it means that no matter what you create, everything links back to the fundamental experience that makes your brand unique. Relevancy and personalisation Integrated marketing communications naturally connect with personal and relevant communication solutions.

The customer journey For the most part, an integrated marketing communications plan can simplify your branding efforts by ensuring that you provide a seamless experience for your customers. However, that means that you first need to understand exactly where your customer is coming from, and where you want them to go.

Integrated Marketing Communications

A deep knowledge of the customer journey is crucial for your personal integrated marketing communications definition. Simply put, employing integrated marketing communications campaigns allows you to create a unified marketing strategy that potentially delivers incredible benefits.

integrated marketing communications (IMC)

Not only does it boost sales and profits, but it also sharpens your competitive edge, and improves brand loyalty. Here are just some of the biggest benefits of integrated marketing communications. Integrated marketing communications build trust Trust is basically the holy grail of all marketing strategies. When it comes to modern advertisements, customers are bored, sceptical, and ready to tear brands apart at the slightest hint of a mistake. By pulling your campaigns into a more cohesive bundle, your messages remain clear, improving the way your customer sees you.

Integrated marketing communications are effective Connecting your campaigns with the help of an integrated marketing agency can help to make your strategy more effective.

What is integrated marketing communications?

Uniformity in your image increases trust and awareness. Integrated marketing communications are efficient One particularly obvious benefit of creating an integrated marketing communications plan, is that it helps you to streamline your process. After all, you can use the same messaging and imagery across your campaign, and reduce everything from resource usage, to meeting, and planning time.

  • IMC also makes messages more consistent and therefore more credible;
  • In reality, marketers have to select communications tools that are most suitable for the stage which the target audience has reached;
  • IMC wraps communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process;
  • IMC can restrict creativity.

Integrated marketing communications save money Graphics, photography and content can be expensive for any business. However, when you integrate your campaigns, you eliminate any unnecessary duplication, sharing across various channels. Not only do you save money on creating campaigns, but you can also cut down on budget wasting that might occur due to disjointed and confusing campaigns. This means you get a better return on your investments. Integrated marketing communications improve morale Finally, though an integrated campaign can offer a lot in terms of building brand loyalty and boosting awareness, it can also benefit your corporate culture.

Running integrated campaigns pushes different parts of your team to work together towards the same, aligned goals. You can create better consistency and understanding among your workers, which often enhances morale and productivity. Designing an integrated marketing communications plan Now you know how effective an integrated marketing communications plan can be, you might be planning to contact your own creative partner or an integrated marketing agency in London.

Most integrated marketing communications strategies are focused around using the same thematic message across a host of promotions. The strategic nature of these plans means that a lot of research and careful consideration is involved. Here are just some of the steps you might need to cover when building your integrated marketing communications plan.

Understanding your audience Identifying, and understanding your target market is crucial to creating any successful marketing plan. You might begin by conducting a customer analysis to get a deeper look into your target market.

Alternatively, you could consider building a range of buyer personas that help to inform your marketing campaigns.

Integrated marketing communications: What it is and why it matters

Remember to look at both demographical features like income, age, gender, geographical location, and educational level, and psychographic features like attitude, interest, and behaviour. Creating a unique identity, and positioning your brand is crucial to distinguish your product or service from the competition. Knowing your specific goals will help you to choose which communication channels you should integrate to get the best results.

For instance, if your goal is to get more customer engagement, you might focus on delivering more people to your customer service pages. Pick the right channels Remember, not all your customers can be found in a magazine or on Facebook. Your analysis of your customers will have given you the information you need to start thinking about where your consumers spend most of their time. Wherever you choose to market yourself, make sure that you have enough man-power and planning to keep on top of the specifics.

Ensure that your team understands exactly which voice and imagery to use with a comprehensive branding guide. Usually, your platforms will include: