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A personal interview with people who had an abortion

In the research participated 1017 persons, 274 26. The average age was 26. In order to collect the information, it was used a 20? For the abortion was the companion in a percentage of 87. The a personal interview with people who had an abortion opinion has 64. Keywords Abortion, Greek nursing, percentage of abortion. Introduction Abortion is the early and technical termination of a pregnancy which is caused in several ways.

Abortion remains one of the biggest problems worldwide. Manuscripts of the 14th century reveal that abortion was ethically and legally accepted in some countries such as England and USA. In 1821 in America, was consisted the first law about abortion which not allows the drug use in order to cause an abortion. According to epidemiological results, in the last decades, millions of abortion is taking place every year, in the whole world.

There are many reasons for this to happen. The church refers to the termination of a pregnancy as it was the stop of life. Church confronts these situations as an organized murder. In the East Europe, in the end of 90s, around 75 abortions happened in a proportion of 1000 women aged between 15 - 44 years old, in comparison to less of 20 abortions in 1000 women in the rest Europe.

Abortion may have an organically and psychologically effect in women who decides to do that. A fact that cannot be doubted about Greece is the increased number of abortions around 300. The reason that leads a woman to have an abortion, is certain, that is not the lack of information, but mainly financial reasons. This study tries to have a global approach to this issue.

Purpose The purpose of this study was to estimate the attitude of Greek s citizens towards abortion. Methods 1017 persons participated to this study. The average age of the sample was 26.

In order to collect the information, it was used a 20 closed type questionnaire apart from the demographic characteristics which was based on Greek and foreign bibliography. The information were received and filed by the researchers, by a personal interview.

Personal testimonies from women (and men) who have gone through an abortion.

In order to participate in this study, it was necessary to know the Greek language and to have the agreement of the participants. Results Descriptive In this study participated, like mentioned, 1017 persons, 274 26. The age range of the participants was between 18 - 65 years with average age 26.

As far as the educational level, 52. Compared results The comparison was done a. According to women who have done or not an abortion and b.

Abortion Stories

The Group of women who have done an abortion and believe in God from now on will be Group A and who have not done an abortion and do not believe in God will be Group B. This comparison was judged necessary because according to our opinion, in that way, we can easily estimate the reasons that lead someone to this action.

The results that follows, seems to have a statistically difference between them. In the question if their companion agreed with this action, 88.

Attitudes towards Abortion

Picture 1 Picture 1: Picture 2 Picture 2: Picture 3 Picture 3: Do you believe that abortion is a murder? The same thing would do 21. In the question if an abortion is a dilemma, 80. Picture 4 Picture 4: Is an abortion a dilemma? After having an abortion, 78. Both, men and women are responsible for this action, declares 91. Picture 5 Picture 5: Is only the woman responsible for the decision of an abortion? This opinion is supported by 77. Picture 6 Picture 6: Picture 7 Picture 7: Picture 8 Picture 8: Do you believe that abortion is a sin?

Abortion is considered to be a murder, this is the opinion of 64. A high percentage of both of the Groups, 69. Picture 9 Picture 9: Picture 10 Picture 10: Would you feel guilty after having an abortion? Both companions are responsible for this action. This is the opinion of the 91. Picture 11 Picture 11: Is only the woman responsible for this action? If there was a chance for the couple to be financially encouraged by the state, so as to have a child, 71. Picture 12 Picture 12: If there was a financial help from the state, would you have an abortion?

  1. In a research that took place in Denmark, where 1080 persons participated , believed that social reasons were the reason for an abortion [ 5 ]. The reason why someone was having an abortion, in our sample, was the unwilling pregnancy and less, economical reasons or a child of an unmarried couple.
  2. Abortion is a dilemma.
  3. It's polemical you're a great polemicist but there's something both reasonable and funny about it.
  4. When I cry about it, I cry alone.

Discussion As it was mentioned, abortion is considered to be one of the major problems worldwide. In some countries, is legally accepted and in some others not. Abortion continues to cause a debate among scientists. In our study, a well respected percentage 13.

In Greece, it is referred that the number of abortion is twice higher that the number of births. The reason why someone was having an abortion, in our sample, was the unwilling pregnancy and less, economical reasons or a child of an unmarried couple. In a study of the Medical School of University of Athens and in one measurement of the abortions in Greece, for almost 20 years, the frequency of abortion in the age range of 14-19 remains huge, while the percentages of pregnancies in the early adolescence decline, without stop being a serious medical and social problem [ 3 ].

  1. He wrote that what both sides really needed was lots of birth control.
  2. In our study, a well respected percentage 13.
  3. First of all, if we did that, there would be a surplus of babies in about five minutes. It's getting raves everywhere.

In a research that took place in Denmark, where 1080 persons participatedbelieved that social reasons were the reason for an abortion [ 5 ]. In another study the reason was the postponement of a pregnancy [ 6 ].

In our research, we can see that in a high percentage the companion was for this movement. This disagreement may cause several problems in the couple and help is suggested from the specialists. The faith in God continues to be a significant factor of avoiding an abortion. In a research, among Greeks and Americans, in a sample of 3487 persons, it is referred that religion influences sexual liberalism and as consequence the attitude toward abortion.

Another study refers to religious background and believes that is a very important factor of having a negative attitude toward abortion [ 13 ]. In another study, where women of different ethical principals were compared and they, recently, had a child, both categories were FOR the termination of a pregnancy when it is about abnormality.

And, in the study of Denmark, most of the participants agreed with on time abortion in case of the abnormality of Syndrome Down [ 5 ]. There is not sufficient information from the Media, supports the participants of the study, in a high percentage.

In the same conclusion ended up the research in Crete [ 4 ]. According to this and all that was mentioned, someone can easily understand that it is not easy for a person to announce its intention to have an abortion.

May be, it is required more information about the goals and the philosophy of this association, in order to approach women and avoid probable abortions.

Abortion Is Not a Tragedy: An Interview With Katha Pollitt

Abortion is a dilemma. Norup M, Attitudes towards abortion in the Danish population, Bioethics.

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