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A review of our multi regional continuity


  • Southern or East African origin Support for an East African origin is provided by the discovery of the oldest unequivocally modern human fossils to date in Ethiopia;
  • Two main hypotheses dominated the discourse;
  • The authors highlight evidence suggesting that the ancestral African population from which modern humans arose was genetically structured, 34 — 37 so that extant populations at the time contributed unequally to the gene pool of individuals migrating out of the continent;
  • More recently, multilocus studies of genome-wide data have demonstrated that genetic diversity decreases as a function of geographic distance from East or South Africa, for example, as shown by an approximately linear decrease in heterozygosity and increase in linkage disequilibrium LD , 31 , 32 a finding consistent with the OoA model;
  • That said, these fossils are poorly preserved, and some authors have suggested that these anatomical characteristics are in fact shared by other Homo worldwide, and thus were not unique to Asia;
  • The replacement, or out of Africa OoA , model proposes a single and relatively recent transition from archaic hominins to AMH in Africa, followed by a later migration to the rest of the world, replacing other extant hominin populations.