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An introduction to the life and history of theodore seuss geisel

Now Pease Dartmouth College --who has held an endowed chair named for Geisel and his first wife, Helen--adds Geisel, i.

  1. This was the spring of 1925, and the dean put them all on probation for violating the laws of Prohibition.
  2. This one installment has sparked my interest in others in the series as well.
  3. This is a powerful lesson for young people to learn.
  4. Though his Oxford notebooks include some notes on the lectures, they reveal a much greater propensity for doodling. This is the most asked question of any successful author.
  5. He grew up in Springfield, MA, not far from where I am currently living Providence, RI and I am very motivated now to go visit the park and memorial there. A song was based on it.

Seuss, to that list. Geisel sold more books for children than any other American writer. His concern in much of his work was social justice. Pease reviews the modest corpus of scholarship on Geisel in his preface and then states his objective, which is to engage "the question of the relationship between Dr.

Early career and first Dr. Seuss books

Seuss's art and Geisel's life"--an approach no other scholar has taken. He accomplishes his goal handily, offering a compelling treatment that is accessible to any reader.


Among the book's valuable contributions: Among the book's pleasures: Scholars will regret the lack of bibliography. Review by Booklist Review Pease terms this entry in the Lives and Legacies series a modest effort to explore the relationship between Dr. Seuss' art and Geisel's life.


Despite its slim size, the biography offers a succinct, thoroughly researched, and engaging introduction to one of children's literature's most influential creators. Illustrated with photos and nicely reproduced artwork, the chapters begin with a nuanced look at Geisel's boyhood, citing real-life objects and events that influenced his later works.

Theodor Seuss Geisel [electronic book] /

Well-chosen anecdotes deliver a sense of Geisel's sly humor: Seuss was an armless man who drew with his toes. Pease also addresses personal tragedies head-on: Geisel's first wife's suicide note is printed in full.

  • If we add books illustrated by others, or written under another name, or co-authored, or published posthumously, then the total number of books is sixty-six, with only five in prose;
  • Again, publisher after publisher turned it down;
  • It all began when he happened to use a popular insecticide for a punchline;
  • See Article History Alternative Titles;
  • Several years later, he tried once more with a new book;
  • Seuss Foundation, which provides primary support for over one hundred medical, cultural, and socially active institutions.

Irreverent quotes from children's literature commentators add context and liveliness, such as poet Karla Kuskin's remark that Geisel's creatures had a smile that you might find on a Mona Lisa after her first martini. The result is a smoothly integrated portrait that humanizes an American icon and will appeal to casual readers and researchers alike.

Theodor Seuss Geisel

Review by Publisher's Weekly Review A celebrated academic and authority on Geisel's work, Pease presents a comprehensive look into the life of the artist and author best known as Dr. Born into a prominent German family and raised in Springfield, Mass.

  • So, he left higher education, they returned to the U;
  • Or both may be true;
  • Thinking that a trip might get him un-stuck, Audrey his second wife suggested that they go to Africa;
  • One day after class, his classmate Helen Palmer looked over at his notebook;
  • Today is your day!
  • Seuss as one of my literary inspirations.

As a student at Dartmouth, Geisel had limited enthusiasm for his studies, but fell in love with the Jack-O-Lantern, the college newspaper he wrote for and edited. Seuss persona that would define his profession and, to a great extent, his life.

On a tour of Geisel's prolific career he was, among other roles, an advertiser and political cartoonistPease analyzes the appeal and impact of Geisel's game-changing children's books The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, etc. Copyright Reed Business Information.

  • Seuss properties used by permission;
  • It centres on an elephant who is duped into sitting on the egg of a bird who goes on vacation;
  • He wrote nine more, each of which includes between a dozen to several dozen imaginary animals;
  • Reports the conversation between Audrey and Lark included in the final paragraph;
  • His concern in much of his work was social justice.