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An overview of the character celie in the novel the color purple by alice walker

The main character in The Color Purple is Celie a coloured woman with little or no education at all. She is one who has been used and abused by all the men in her life, and because of these men, she has very little courage or ambition in her life.

She has so little courage, that all she wants to do is just survive. Through the various women she meets throughout here life like: She finally learns enough and with the final straw she could no longer bare, she leaves her husband and becomes an independent happy woman.

Celie was an abused woman from all the men in her life. She was abused and raped by her stepfather and then by her own husband. That is why she refers to these men only known as Mister, for she had lost her feelings.

The Color Purple

She feared them so much that she would always do whatever she was told without hesitation, because she was fearful of being beaten. The first evidence comes from the opening line of the novel, You better not never tell nobody but God? That is why all her letters open with Dear God, because she fears what will happen to her if she does tell anyone. And it is because of these men, that she has very little courage or ambition, for they took the fight or will out of her.

One of the most important women that Celie meets in her life is Shug Avery. Shug Avery is not only a friend to Celie but also a lover.

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It is by being a lover that Celie learns self-respect and a little happiness in her life. The Color Purple by Alice Walker: Analysis of Character, Ceclie We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Like when Shug Avery showed Celie how to enjoy herself.

Listen she say, right down there in your?

  1. Lastly, I will examine the final stage and result of her development. Through the various women she meets throughout here life like.
  2. However, in my opinion, it seems as if Celie is stuck in a pre-mirror stage, because physical actions done to her body are always reflected as if they were only happening to a part of her. That epistolary character of the novel serves not only as an external feature of form and style, but also helps to understand her process, as it will be shown later.
  3. Breaking the Silence 4.

It get hotter and hotter and then it melt. That the good part. But other parts good too, she say? I found this real important as it showed Celie she can enjoy herself and there is more to her then just being a slave to Mister. She say all my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my brothers? The most important person to Celie was her sister Nettie.

The Development of Celie in 'The Color Purple'

Celie thought the world of Nettie, for Nettie was the one person Celie could tell anything to. Need Help With Your Essay? Like Helping me with the spelling and everything else she think I need to know. No matter what happen, Nettie steady try to teach me what go on in the world P.

  1. She was abused and raped by her stepfather and then by her own husband. Moreover, I will concentrate on one main problem Celie has to face during her life.
  2. Identification Process of Celie 4.
  3. Thus, she is not able nor has the desire to identify with her body and sexuality during puberty. Breaking the Silence 4.
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  5. She say all my life I had to fight. Identification Process of Celie 4.

This was real encouraging for Celie as it gave her confidence. This came to an end though, when Mister ran Nettie off his land and told Nettie to never comeback. For when Mister kicked Nettie off his farm, Celie say, Write.

She say, Nothing but death can keep me from it. She never write P. Celie thought Nettie never wrote, until with the help of Shug Avery, she found a whole bunch of the letters Nettie wrote to her. And when she thought about how Mister kept these letters from her, she got so mad that she wanted to kill Mister and that was the final straw, she was going to leave Mister!

Celie eventually went on to start her own successful business and ended up inheriting her parents farm, where she went on to live happily ever after with her own independence.