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Fitzgerald s the great gatsby a critique

Without a doubt, it is a fantastic representation of an age in American history wheneverything was possible, or at least people thought it was. The underlying cause for everything thathappens in the novel is an idea, an idea towards which everyone strives and dreams of.

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Thisidea is none other than the omnipresent notion of the American Dream. How fast would you like to get it?

The American Dream in the Great Gatsby

We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The actual natureof this dream and the manner in which people try to achieve it, as well as the moralimplications their actions bring, are some of the main themes explored in The Great Gatsby. This materialistic aspect of the American dream is the one presented in The Great Gatsby. In thenovel, there is a strong division between the rich and the poor. This division can beseen not merely as a division between the haves and the have-nots, since some people in West Egg are also rich.

Now, Americaitself is corrupted, so the characters in The Great Gatsby travel from west to east โ€” in search of wealth and sophistication โ€” leaving the moral values and stability of the west behind.

Fitzgerald uses this change indirection as a symbol for the deterioration of American ideals and the American Dream,helping to prove that our quest for wealth and sophistication is corrupting our culture, andcausing us to live in a wasteland of morals โ€” an ash heap of civilization. Thefamous image of the valley of ashes is not only a symbol for the corrupt society of East Egg, italso symbolizes the wasteland of humanity in a godless age.

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Furthermore, the West is usually associated withtraditional values like raising a family and providing for them, and in a sense that is still theAmerican Dream for many people who strive to nothing more than a secure and a fairly goodlife. However, the East, especially in the 1920s, represents the corruption of the originalnotion of the American Dream.

Everythingconcerning the lives of the people living in East Egg is connected with money and materialpossessions, the purpose of which is to ensure the easiness of their lives.

In The Great Gatsby this obsession with material possessions becomes absurd. Once this goal is achieved, preserving it becomes the only importantthing in life.

The only way to gain reputation and wealth, especially if you have a poor socialbackground, is to reinvent oneself. Perhaps the most prominent example in the novel of how a person reinvents oneself inorder to achieve a certain goal is the life of Jay Gatsby, who is actually James Gatz.

Comingfrom a modest family in North Dakota, as a seventeen year old boy James Gatz drifts fromone place to another, working his way to a better life.

Because of his obsession with Daisy, Gatsby deludes himself into thinkingthat he can buy love with money. Regardless of his riches, he is not a happy man.

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The mere fact that they thought Nick had money was enough forthem to accept him as their own. Through this, Fitzgerald demonstrates how empty and rottenhave become the lives of people who devote themselves to nothing more than accumulating money and social standing.

  • His books showed brilliancy in conception, but they were crude and even ignorant in detail;
  • It is a quite new Fitzgerald who emerges from this little book, and the qualities that he shows are dignified and solid.

Nick represents the opposite path that Gatsby could have taken from the Midwest. Much more than Gatsby, who is ultimately recognised as a good person by Nick, thebaseness of the American Dream in the novel is represented by Daisy Buchanan and herhusband Tom.

Even as a young girl, Daisy was heavily influenced by false splendour of a lifein rich society. The only thing that is different about her is that she hasbecome even more absorbed in her own world filled with money, parties, fast cars and new dressesFor Gatsby, Daisy is his American Dream.

From then on he does everything he can to achieve her. Fitzgerald usesGatsby and his dream as a symbol of the American Dream. In a way, what was once a dreambecame a nigh tmare. Need Help With Your Essay? However, we might ask ourselves whether Fitzgerald is portraying the American Dream ascorrupt and deceitful in itself, or is it that the people of that time are the ones who corruptedand twisted the dream?