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The christian church and crimes against paganism

The Christian Church and offenses against Paganism 1 When I started this study I knew that pagan religion existed as a faith before Christianity. I suspected that if Christianity developed after pagan religion so it would hold adopted some of the paganistic patterns to pull followings.

The Christian Church and crimes against Paganism

From my old surveies I knew there had been some signifier of propaganda against the heathen faith. Through out my life, my personal feelings toward the Christian Church, specifically the Catholic Church, were those of misgiving.

  • Christians havecalled pagans Satan worshipers because they did not take the time to find out thatto be pagan means to worship two or more gods and not one i;
  • His only Christian experience was as a child;
  • The wife of any missionary was called a vestal virgin.

The Christian Bible besides left much to be desired. For illustration, Christians are non supposed to worship any sculpted image connoting an graven image or a symbol yet they pray to a cross. Harmonizing to the Christian Bible, the old testament, God giveth and God taketh off. Yet in the new testament God gives and the Satan takes off. In fact, there were so many that I could non name them all without tiring you.

I will nevertheless discourse them all to one extent or the christian church and crimes against paganism. The first and first ground was the fact that the Christian faith refuses to accept where its roots came from and still slanders the beginning of its roots, pagan religion. Although the church has apologized for some of its atrociousnesss it continues to oppress people to this twenty-four hours. The church has stolen rites and symbols and claimed them for their ain piece naming those from whom they stole the symbols from as immorality.

Christians have called heathens Satan worshippers because they did non take the clip to happen out that to be heathen agencies to idolize two or more Gods and non one i. To this twenty-four hours Christians still decline to acknowledge they were and still are incorrect about pagan religion. The 3rd ground is that the Christian faith Tells people that if you do the christian church and crimes against paganism believe in my God so you are evil and incorrect. Finally, I personally have been told that every bit long as you are non Christian from the Catholic church specifically so you are welcome in their church but you are non allowed to take portion in the Holy sacrament.

The married woman of any missional was called a vestal virgin. However, when she was with her hubby they had sexual intercourse.

Yet because Joseph was a missional Mary was considered a virgin through the godly intercession of God. When Jesus started to prophesy he was a philosopher, He did non talk about how the Judaic or Roman Catholic Religion should be run. In fact there are no original transcripts because King James rewrote the new testament as he thought it should be. The Roman Catholic Church knows of the alterations but refuses to admit them.

While go oning my treatment with capable 1, he disclosed the chief grounds why he gravitated toward the heathen manner of life. As a kid he was told to idolize God and anything you want merely inquire from God and he will give it to you. He felt that was selfish. Then he eventually learned what the pentacle meant. Then he felt the demand to larn more. He got funny and started to believe on his ain.

To be heathen harmonizing to Subject 1 agencies to be unfastened to others about how you feel. He did non like the Church stating him that he should command how he feels. Equally shortly as he figured out how he felt he became a heathen. The heathen church, to him, is a church of free thought. He told me that you must non merely live you have to be unfastened or you are non truly alive.

The church told him to command his feelings. He did non hold with this. That is when he became heathen. However, he told me something of involvement, there could non be a heathen church because all heathens believe slightly otherwise because the heathen faith allows free thought.

As an illustration Subject 1 was accepted by his friends in the church but shunned by the grownups. Jehovah Witnesses tell him he is traveling to hell and they try to coerce him to alter his ways.

In the Satanic church they sacrifice a virgin by sodomising her with a wafer that is stolen from a church.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In pagan religion nil like that has of all time occurred. The Demonic church is a reversal of Christianity and they are being lawless. The Christian Church onslaughts the demonic groups because in the public oculus they are heathens and usage this one group out of 200 and say they are all immoralities. After the long treatment described above I wanted to hear the heathens version of the Salem tests. He told me that in Salem there were enchantresss but the enchantress tests resulted from a justice who did non like one individual and was upset with how the community was reacting to the individual.

I inquired if it was related to the miss holding ictuss.

The Christian Church And Crimes Against Paganism

He responded by saying that ictuss were common. The enchantress test was about taking the people that the justice disliked. He state me that most people were merely interested in a confederacy. The the christian church and crimes against paganism that were asked during the tests were worded in a manner that they could non be answered right. I asked Capable 1 about animate being and human forfeits. He responded by saying that people who did those things must hold been mentally sick. I so asked him about the cult of Charles Manson.

Harmonizing to him and many others, Charles Manson was a overzealous Christian. Capable 1 feels that Manson was merely being an Anarch. He thought it was because they were close.

He told me that people were afraid of the Order of the Golden Dawn because they were so close that they were making something incorrect. One regulation they had was that you do non unwrap secrets to those who are non initiated. This he felt caused intuition. The treatment turned to the rites Christianity took from pagan religion. He told me how the Eucharist is taken from a right called staff of life and ale. Harmonizing to him people become Christians because they are afraid of the unknown.

Peoples stay Christian because it is methodical and it is pounded into their caput. They do non cognize about rites and they do non cognize about heathens so they fear them. The ground people join Christianity over pagan religion is two crease. One is peer force per unit area, the demand to conform. Two, Heathens will non accept people who merely wish to fall in to be with their friends, as opposed to those who genuinely believe pagan religion is the right way for them.

The largest job that he had with Christianity is the selfishness of one God. I so asked him why he felt Christianity is incorrect. He replied by saying that no 1 should be told this is the one manner and that you must accept our manner of thought and conform to one set of rites.

Persecutions of so-called Pagans & Heathens

My Interview with Subject 2 started out by specifying his faith. He state me he is a Wiccan, a signifier of pagan religion. He told me that pagan religion made more sense than any other faith. His lone Christian experience was as a kid. He became world-weary and felt that the service was excessively drawn out. He agreed with Subject 1 when it came to the forfeit of animate beings. He explained the difference of symbols between a Satanist and a heathen.

The pentacle is reversed of that of the Satanist. The difference was that the heathen pentacle had one point up where as the Satanist had two points up. The five points base for air, fire, H2O, Earth, and spirit. Harmonizing to him, the Christians stole the cross.

The word picture of Satan was taken from the male heathen God who was the God of the Hunt. He mentioned that a Christian choir stands in a semi-circle which was taken from pagan religion.

He was attracted to pagan religion for the undermentioned grounds. First, he believes in more than one God.

The belief the christian church and crimes against paganism the power comes from you non from a Godhead power of something. Capable 2 felt people join Christianity because it is expected of them. Children follow their parents. He pointed out that Christians are really heathen in that they pray to Jesus and the Virgin Mary. I inquired if he had of all time been persecuted. He stated that he had been verbally abused by Christians and told purchase them he was traveling to fire in snake pit.

The inquiry on my head was that of what is the difference between a cult and a faith. My probe allow me to the start of Christianity. Harmonizing to the book Christianity started like all cults.

They discovered a new truth. The Church satisfied the demands of people that inspire a individual to fall in a cult. The Church satisfied the demand for supernatural and luxuriant rites.

In fact the Church filled with its miracles, saints, and martyrdom allowed religious orders to boom in side of the church.