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The influence and guidance that i have gotten from my college professor

John Carter philosophy and religion From: We always felt a very strong bond knowing that we had been lucky enough to see a small part of your practice of sharing in faith.

Years later, your name still often comes up as we discuss faith-inspired conflicts and misconceptions around the world and in our own experiences.

To that end, I was wondering if you might be willing to join us at our wedding on July 30, 2016, in Brookfield, CT. We would be so honored to have you there, and would consider ourselves fortunate to be in the company of your inspiring philosophy.

May 11, 2014, 6: Connie Soja geology Subject: Thank you from an old student for your awesome course on evolution Dear Professor Soja, I graduated with a degree in classics and French; I now teach Latin at a public high school in western Massachusetts. I took your course Evolution: Dinosaurs to Darwin in the fall semester of 1999.

The episode focused on the evolution of the planet. Ninety-six percent of all life on Earth perished!

  1. The problem is framed as merely transferring or applying theories from the university to classroom practice eg.
  2. There is still very little emphasis on reflection as a social practice that takes place within communities of teachers who support and sustain each other's growth.
  3. Here the question in the reflection is how well does my practice conform to what someone wants me to be doing?
  4. A number of different conceptual frameworks have been developed over the years in several countries to describe different ways to define the focus and quality of reflection.
  5. The most important point is that teaching can never be neutral.

And, of course, it was because I remembered it from your class. I wanted to say how interesting and fulfilling a course it was, and how dynamic you made it, that I still remember details a lot more than those two 15 years later. I hope I can incorporate some of these facts and information when I develop a unit on dinosaurs for my classes.

  • But something can be done to empower teachers to reflect upon their own life situations, to speak out in their own ways about the lacks that must be repaired, the possibilities to be acted upon in the name of what they deem to be decent, humane and just;
  • Preparing for reflective teaching;
  • I had this amazing teacher named Dean Cobb;
  • Reflection in teacher education;
  • Working with Cobb was as important to me socially as academically.

I am so pleased and grateful that I had the experience of your wonderful teaching and the intriguing course to help me make my own teaching better. Jul 19, 2010, 11: Nicole Simpson economics From: As summer analysts, we have to attend training sessions for whatever division we are in within the bank.

  • I then earned a spot from my home state of New Mexico and was on my way to the finals;
  • I would appreciate our conversations because Mr.

Being in the trading division, I have to attend sessions on FX, trading concepts etc. I was really worried that I was not going to do well since we do not have finance classes at Colgate. However, to my surprise, I turned out to get the highest scores in our evaluations, and my partner and I are ahead on the FX game mock currency trading competition — and it was all because of everything you taught me.

  • Teachers also need to know how to explain complex concepts, lead discussions, how to assess student learning, manage a classroom and many other things;
  • Reinhardt really helped me work through these struggles;
  • When theory meets practice;
  • International Journal of Educational Research, v.

So, thank you again.