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The influence of religion all over the world

There are many religions throughout the world. Some are faiths with a very concentrated following in specific geographic areas, while others span the entire globe and have enormous numbers of followers. These religions, however, all follow the same basic morals and guidelines that are quite similar.

The most widely followed faith on the planet is Christianity. Followers of Christianity believe that God sent his own son Jesus to earth to save them from their own sinful ways. They believe that Jesus was killed for his teachings and was then resurrected after lying in a tomb for three days.

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The main Christian holy day is celebrated on the day Jesus rose from the dead. The ultimate goal for Christians is to have their souls join God in heaven when they die where they will live forever in eternal happiness.

Christianity is broken up into three different groups that follow similar beliefs but do differ on some. Roman Catholics are the first type. They make up the largest single faith in Christianity. Catholics are united under their leader, the Pope who resides in Rome. They interpret meaning from the Bible to use in everyday life. Roman Catholic scholars, who spend their lives interpreting the Bible, do the interpreting. Protestants are another type of Christians. Although technically they make up the largest following, they are further broken up into other denominations that can have very different beliefs.

This term is really a generalization for any group that broke apart from Roman Catholicism beginning with Martin Luther who later founded the Protestant religions of Lutheranism. They are almost identical with Catholics except that they do not recognize the Pope as their leader.

For years, Catholics and Protestants have argued over various issues of faith. It has led to much tension between them.


The most striking of these tension is in Northern Ireland where the Protestant leaders are constantly at odds with one another. It has led to terrible violence, which continues even to this day. Jews feel that they are the Chosen People of Yahweh God because of the covenant that God made with the Jews through Abraham who was considered the founder of Judaism and later through The Ten Commandments that were handed down from God to Moses.

Jews consider the area around Jerusalem to be their sacred land because it was given to them by God thousands of years ago. Jews lived in this land called Israel for thousands of years until it was overrun by Muslims. It was not until after World War I that land was returned to the Jews.

Religion in Everyday Life

This land in the Middle East is know again as Israel and is where the main concentration of Jews live. This was done so that Jews could have a homeland after all the persecution that they had endured throughout the world. They believe in the teachings of Mohammed. Their main beliefs are that no God exists but Allah, each Muslim must pray five times a day, they must fast during the month of Ramadhan, and make a trip to Mecca at least once during their lives.

It is believed by Muslims that if these rules are followed that they will be united with Allah when they die. Muslims are mainly concentrated in the Middle East and the influence of religion all over the world northern Africa. This has led to tensions with the state of Israel because they also have claim to Israel as their holy land.

Violence has plagued the Middle East for much of the 20th Century between the Muslims and Jews over this land. Hinduism is the religions followed by most people in India. This religion believes in the art of reincarnation, which is being reborn into another creature. Each person begins as a lowly creature and through achieving karma, which is similar to a cause and affect principal; they progress through until they become humans.

After which, they reach Nirvana, which is their name from heaven. This religion varies vastly from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in that they believe in many gods and not just one. There has also been violence between the Hindus of India and a former part of India called Pakistan that is mainly Muslim. After years of fighting, Pakistan gained it independence but a terrible conflict still exists.

Buddhism is a belief followed by most people living in China and Southeast Asia. They believe in the teachings of Buddha, who was originally a Hindu until he became enlightened. His teachings say that all of life is suffering and that this suffering is caused by desire.

  • This Week in Bosnia Herzegovina;
  • Muslims live primarily in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

He said that the only way to end suffering is to end desire and to end desire you must follow the Eight Paths of Enlightenment. There are other smaller groups of religious beliefs like Confucianism, which is basically a respect for elders. Most people in Japan follow this belief.

Animism is a faith followed by more primitive cultures throughout Africa and Asia. Religion remains a crucial part of world politics. Conflict in Northern Ireland Ever since the Republic of Ireland was given its independence in 1921, a terrible conflict has raged in the northeastern part of Ireland known as Ulster.

  • This man Rich Geib is very strong in his beliefs and can be very vulgar and strong in the words he chooses to use;
  • The most famous missionary of the 20th Century was Mother Teresa, who dedicated her life to helping the starving people of India;
  • It gives a good foundation of what Jews basic principles of faith and how they practice their religion also.

There, Britain rules a Protestant majority, but the Republic of Ireland wants it to become a part of its country and unite all the Irish people. However, most of the people of what is known as Northern Ireland do not want to be ruled by The Republic of Ireland, which is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.

This has led to much tension and terrible acts of violence between Protestants and the Catholic minority in Northern Ireland. These people have committed terrible acts of violence against Protestants and British soldiers in Northern Ireland. For years, both sides have been entrenched in a violent squabble over who should the influence of religion all over the world the country. Only in the last few years has a peace treaty been agreed upon while a solution can be attained.

There are very many harsh words and references to the British and their control of Northern Ireland. This man Rich Geib is very strong in his beliefs and can be very vulgar and strong in the words he chooses to use. This proves how strongly many Irish feel on the subject, and what possible lengths they would go to get out of British rule in Northern Ireland.

The web site itself is very eye catching so that it immediately captures your attention, and then you are inclined to read and see what his political feelings are. It gives accounts of what eyewitnesses saw on that day and tells the horror of the incident. It really opens your eyes to the turmoil that has been going on in Northern Ireland for centuries.

It also serves to illustrate the tensions that each side has against one another. This site is very biased to Catholic perspectives on the incident, and it can be seen clearly by the wording and comments that are contained on the site. This just proves that there is still a great amount of resentment coming from both sides to this day.

Conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina Another terrible conflict exists in what are the former provinces of Yugoslavia that are now independent states. During the late 1990s, a group of people known as Serbs began to systematically kill the inhabitants of another state known as Bosnia. Serbs, who are Orthodox Christians, had always been very violent in dealing with the other groups of people in this region but during this time focused all their attention on the Muslim Bosnians.

The influence of religion all over the world was only after months of bombing by the United Nations that the Serbs ceased in their aggressions, but there is still much tension in that region to this day.

International Humanitarian Aid Concern 1996. It gives horrible accounts of the thing that Adam Laurie, who recorded the story, saw and lived through everyday. The pictures give a vivid account of what life must have been like for these people as they tried to make a life in the ruins of a once proud city. It really gives a personal view of things that most people do not even think about when speaking of that terrible crisis. This Week in Bosnia Herzegovina. He talked of how churches and mosques had been completely leveled and about the terrible atrocities that had happened to people in the land.

He spoke of trying to live peacefully in a land where that had never been an option before. It was a powerful speech that had a great deal of optimism for a peaceful future in the Balkans. India-Pakistan Conflict For years, India and Pakistan had been united under British rule, but on August 14, 1947 both were granted independence. It was Gandhi's idea for both to become separate nations because there had been so much religious turmoil between the two regions while they were united.

People of India are predominantly Hindu while those of Pakistan are Muslims. It was expected that perhaps peace could be reached if the two were separate nations, but that did not happen. For years, the two have fought for various reasons most prominently over a region called Kashmir that both lay claims to. Even to this very day, conflicts continue to wage on in this very troubled region. It could quite possibly turn into the most prominent conflict in our world today, because there is a serious threat of nuclear war that looms over this area.

The South Asia Forum.

  1. It is their belief that by understanding other religions that we will not only understand ours better, but we will also become closer with people of other faiths. Some prior studies also have found linkages between religious behavior and better health outcomes, though the reasons for this are debated.
  2. This book is a gives a complete timeline of all the major religions in the world.
  3. February 21 This website also shows how religions of the world go out and help others who may not be fortunate as them. They follow the teachings of Mohammed, who was considered their prophet.
  4. It really gives a personal view of things that most people do not even think about when speaking of that terrible crisis. It is an excellent site to visit if you want to learn about the faith of Islam and the teachings of Mohammed and his followers.

It is most worried about India and Pakistan because they seem to be the most threatening to use them right now. It seems to be a web site that is there for a good cause and is there to try to prevent ant type of a nuclear fallout between these two bitter enemies.

It gives information about ways to help in their cause. This web site feels that is crucial to try and work some truce out between the two very bitter nations. Many officials feel it is vital to continue to pressure Pakistan into stopping their nuclear weapons testing because it could be the only way to prevent a nuclear war.

Judaism Judaism is a religion that has existed for thousands of years. They believe that they were the chosen people of God, or Yahweh. Throughout the early times of Judaism, they lived in a part of the Middle East called Galilee, but it was eventually taken over by the Romans.

Jews eventually settled all over the world, but mainly in Europe and North America.

Religious Influence in Society

For years, the Jews had no homeland, but after World War I they were given land in the Middle East were they had originally lived which was now called Israel. Many moved back to the land of their ancestors, but the majority stayed where they had settled around the world.

  • It tells of how the different cultures have grown into traditions that the whole country celebrates, and how American culture has been affected by religion;
  • Other key findings in this report include:

Jews have the distinction of being the only people who are defined by race, creed, and nationality all in the same name. Because of this distinction, they have been persecuted throughout the 20th Century, but have been able to persevere and do very well in the world today. It gave an interesting account of how she came to this important decision and how it has affected her life as a person.