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Thesis statement for the cask of amontillado

Revenge of unknown reasons that leads to the gruesome murder of a friend.

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During some time Montresor has been plotting on murdering his friend Fortunato. Edgar Allen Poe does not explain for what the insult was that made him he decide that murder will suffice.

Punish with impunity he stated, plotting a death so horrific that no one can even imagine. Poe used the symbol of his family crest to represent that no one will be free from harm if they offend him.

What would be a good thesis statement about revenge in "The Cask of Amontillado?"

Poe represented the use of irony when he portrayed Montresor use the power of knowing that Fortunato needed to be the best at all, especially in the knowledge for the taste of wine. Amontillado, which was a very good wine that Fortunato did not believe he was able to have at that point in time. Montresor knew how much Fortunato needed to be better so he stated to him that he was going to ask Luchesi for his opinion. Knowing that he can use this reason to lure him to his catacombs, to his death.

  1. Therefore, a potential thesis could read. Poe 394 Olivera Sagarese 5 B.
  2. Montresor believes that "A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser.
  3. Even though Fortunato was chained up and behind a rock wall his obliviousness still showed as he believed that all was a joke.

In his deceit he tried to act as if he cared for Fortunato, pleading for him to turn back, even though knowing that he would want to prove that he was the best at knowing Amontillado.

Even though Fortunato was skeptical of the pipe of Amontillado Montresor claimed he had, his arrogance got the best of him and need to prove that he knew better than Luchesi. He really believed Montresor when he stated he was going to get the opinion of Luchesi.

Poe portrayed irony in how ignorant Fortunato was to the thought that Montresor had of him. He insulted him and he had no idea as to what was in stored for him.

No the cough did not but the ignorance will, because Fortunato not being able to see well beyond his nose, which led him to his death. The vault, catacombs was another symbol that Poe used to represent death.

I perceive you have an engagement. As he listened to Fortunato fighting the chains he felt a satisfaction, a satisfaction that his revenge and plot is coming to an end.

Even though Fortunato was chained up and behind a rock wall his obliviousness still showed as he believed that all was a joke. Being overly ignorant and arrogant are two traits that should be avoided especially when a person we believe is a friend that can plot, deceive and lead you to your death.

Especially when they have a need for revenge that is long overdue over an insult to their name. These traits can be a disadvantage that can bring a death so horrifying just for a taste of wine.

Edgar Allen Poe utilized irony and symbolism to express the longing for revenge of a family insult.

Imagine having to have to satisfy a taste for something that has been long overdue, the taste for death of a friend. Unknown reasons of revenge leads to the murder of a friend. Plotting of the murder, revenge. Deception of a friend. The ignorance of a person. Poe 394 Olivera Sagarese 5 B. Believing Montresor when he stated that he was going to get the opinion of Luchesi.


Even after being behind the rock wall Fortunato still believed that all was a joke. The death of a friend. Being overly ignorant is not always good. Cannot always trust a friend.

Using the longing for the taste of wine to satisfy the taste of revenge. An introduction to fiction, poetry, drama, and writing. X J Kennedy and Dana Gioia.