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A comparison of high school and middle school in the united states

Differences between British vs American Schools

In America, schools generally give students around 10-12 weeks of vacation. They can release students anywhere from the end of May to mid August, or mid-June to the beginning of September. British schools are quite different. They generally end their academic year in mid-July and begin the first week of September. This gives students about 6 weeks of a summer holiday. However, British students receive much more time away from school during the academic year, in comparison to American students.

Nearly all British schools have a half-term, one week break in October, February and May. They also receive at least two weeks holiday over both Christmas and Easter holidays. I always feel like the kids are spawns of wizards or muggles on their way to Hogwarts in their colourful uniforms.

However, I keep my chuckles to myself, in the event one of them actually pulls out a wand and aims it in my general direction. American kids can wear what they want to school.

The British school uniform nearly always consists of a: Most schools have pupils students wear a tie, regardless of gender. Prince Charles also attended this school, albeit much earlier than my British husband.

Sunny also went to the Parkside School, and at this boarding school the uniform was grey and purple. There are no school buses in London. Students rely on public transportation or a ride from their parents each day. In America, our school bus system is fairly standard.

  1. This is comical to me because every American associates a tater tot with a school cafeteria lunch.
  2. There are no middle schools, unlike America. Sunny also went to the Parkside School, and at this boarding school the uniform was grey and purple.
  3. Most schools have pupils students wear a tie, regardless of gender.

The big yellow buses chauffeur kids to and from their educational destination each and every day that school is in session. Most kids work part time jobs in an effort to buy a car so that they can transport themselves to school and other places. British students spend ages 5-10 in primary schools. Secondary schools have students ages 11-18. There are no middle schools, unlike America.

British vs American Schools- Off to Gryffindor

Until recently, British schools were compulsory for kids until they were only sixteen years old. British school years are further broken in to groups called Key Stages.

For example, Years 7-9 are classified as Key Stage 3. Schools unless they are independent must follow the National Curriculum. American school teachers experience a substantial amount of freedom in comparison to what they can teach and when against their British counterparts. It is quite honestly- dreadful. It features three sections: Most American expat students in London tend to receive their education at International Baccalaureate schools because the work is transferable in all countries and universities.

In America, when the bell rings, you run. This is comical to me because every American associates a tater tot with a school cafeteria lunch. American school cafeterias are not pleasant places. A random week at a British boarding school features Main Course lunch selections such as: They are also only allowed to drink fruit juices or water.

A fizzy drink soda is banned from a classroom.

British vs American Schools- Who has more Class?

American kids enjoy Red Bull or Mountain Dew with a hefty bag of Cheetos for breakfast in a first period class. British vs American Schools- Who gets more? Extra-curricular activities take place on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, in America, we tower above what the British offer. American students can choose from an array of sports like football, soccer, la crosse, hockey, swimming, tennis, track and field, baseball and basketball. We also have events like pep rallies, where the entire school gathers in the sports gym instead of going to class. This is for the purpose of seeing the football players, basketball players, cheerleaders, dance team, majorettes and band display school spirit in support of a big upcoming game.

American schools offer classes that are usually either general or advanced. This is not the case in British schools. Students are separated in to numerous ability levels and can be changed and regrouped throughout the year. Therefore, it is clear to everyone what type of progress a student is or is not making.

In comparison, American schools basically have kids take the same classes in the same order nearly every day of the week, with the exception of gym. Teachers in America must apply for teaching certification in every state they wish to work.

The requirements and process for each state is complicated and long. It also costs money for each certificate. They often need to be renewed every several years. This enables them to teach any subject for which a school feels they are suited.

Therefore, a teacher could teach English, Dance, Geography or Maths while working in one position at a school. Thanks to Hollywood, American students are perceived to be very segregated by popularity groups like cheerleaders, football players and band geeks.

So, I have to ask my American friends, do you think this is the case in American schools? What other differences between British vs American schools can you add?