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A comparison of the stanford prison experiment shock experiments and conditioning of little albert e

So politics, sociology, history, etc are also part of this story that has been documented. Colton Johnson The article provided some interesting insights, but failed to account for several key factors in the test. Of note, Milgram tested for proximity of the shocker to the learner.

Dimitri Ledkovsky So are we to believe that the reported horrors of Guantanamo are also staged exaggeration? Ryan McManus Tennisprayer mats and lemon chicken? JoeD Are you stupid or something? There are choices and a range of behaviors. It would be nice if Discover would point its readers to a digital copy of the original recordings of these experiments, as alluded to in this excerpt.


Having read the published paper multiple times, I would note that the main issues, with the actual report, were more mundane: Cole Davis Milgram-type experiments have been replicated over different eras and in different countries.

Also, anadotal information such as the wounded dog syndrome…and Schadenfreude.

  1. It would be nice if Discover would point its readers to a digital copy of the original recordings of these experiments, as alluded to in this excerpt.
  2. In the stanford prison experiment both the milgram and stanford experiments were by employing operant conditioning, for example obedience schools exist to.
  3. Ory but with the rock of classic experiments, such as the stanford prison experiment and his fear-conditioning of the little albert experiment so.
  4. Learn about the scope of conditioning and real the little albert experiment stanford prison same that albert got then compare these experimental.
  5. Except at points of the experiment, one confederate was instructed to disagree with majority, even if it was also a wrong answer.

How many of us had glee in our hearts when tony Weiner, the NYC mayor candidate was crucified. Also, we are herd animals… we have a genetic urge to follow… instructions, just like cow, led to the slaughter house. Or the Jews to the ovens. Lastly, the conclusions is not black or white… but a strong suggestion. So lets just leave it at this point… Can we ever reach an absolute when dealing with biological varibility?

This article is probably based on a recent book that the author had an agenda… The reality is that the facts speaks for themself. The Stanford experiments were by Zimbardo. We are talking about Milgram. What is the point of pontificating if you have only the faintest clue of what you are talking about?

I know that the writer of the article has a book out. It should be noted that her book is not reputed to be particularly objective. Having found some methodological holes in his work — which she was right to report about — she has tried to monster Milgram altogether and to detract from the importance and the validity of his findings. I would argue most of us need only reflect on our own lives at different times to see how we are influenced.

I believe the majority of people act like sheep, waiting for some herder to follow as to right or wrong… as opposed to actually thinking independently. I see it all the time! Jerry Kitich Then why conduct an experiment at all. Just tell us your opinion. And put it in some textbooks as an established fact. This experiment absolutely reeks of bias. Milgram clearly twisted the experiment to produce the results he wanted and failed to publish either an accurate description of his procedures or many of the observations that were contrary to desired result.

Socio-Cultural Level of Analysis

For those of you who think Milgram is being unfairly judged, would you take a medicine that was tested using such methodologically flawed experimental procedures — for instance if the receivers of the placebo were informed when they reported improvement of their condition?

Cole Davis This is not in fact true. If he wrote that the experiment may provide some insight into certain historical events, that can easily be put into the discussion section of the paper.

It is standard in a scientific study to speculate about possible real-world relationships here. I remain sceptical, however, christalamb Makes sense, its easier to believe then to accept there is a dark underbelly to human nature. You cannot conduct the study in America and then use this data to compare levels of obedience in a country that is thousands of miles away never mind the rest of the world.

Is that really non-obvious? Life is full of bullying! Police have power over citizens. Department chairs have power over researchers. While acknowledging that the studies would not be able to be performed today under our current research ethics standards, this does not undermine the research, in my opinion. One would expect the research subjects to dislike being characterized as weak-willed. One would expect them to rationalize their terribly unattractive and humiliating behavior in every conceivable way.

And I can understand this as normal, given that their consent to be filmed in the research would not stand muster today. So, does the research, itself, offend the sensibility of a modern researcher trained in our current iteration of the ethical treatment of the subjects of scientific research? He showed that Germans were not uniquely prone to atrocities. Americans have participated in our share. So, my request to the writer is to step back from the reductionist realm in which Milgram violated our contemporary standards of research ethics and look at his experiments and what they reveal.

There is much of vital import here, and it should not be suppressed by a modern day witch hunt. Trashing the important work of Milgram may yield a book contract, but that is an economic matter, not a scientific matter. Mari Back I like the authors contribution and yours.

But, if it says it used a method, e. GABA hi, very interesting, loving the blog dudes!! He looked at factors such as proximity, physical presence of the authority, double authority figures, changed status of authority etc.

He was systematically going through possible additional factors which effect obedience, to discount them. Jerry Kitich Participants in even the simplest form of the experiment had their doubts as to what was really happening. Milgram relies on everyone believing that all test participants were duped and that none of them saw through the experiment for what it was.

Do you really believe all test participants were duped all the time? His variations seem more like efforts to increase the duping factor. An effort to salvage his experiments because if most subjects were not duped, then he had nothing.

Or call it out on film? This is ultimately what sealed the fate of the Jews of Europe. Those that are left are the ones who have made the choice to live at all costs. The seemingly obedient ones.

This takes a lot of work on the part of the totalitarian rulers to be able to harness peoples natural fear of the other and focus it on the intended victims. They needed to exploit the low self esteem of the german people after ww 1 and tie their new nationalist zeal to the concept that Germany deserved to rule and the Jews were the conspiracy trying to keep them down.

This was the true evil of Nazism. The racial purity concept was already in place, it just needed to be turned up a lot and they knew just how to do it. This should be a lesson to always question authority in a civil manner at first but when it becomes obvious the authority is attempting to make you do things you know are not civilized in nature, strong and even armed resistance is required less we get another Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao….

It is just another anecdote, like Nazi Germany or Abu Garib, that tells what some people under some circumstances are capable of.

We want to know what percent and under what conditions. The results are nearly useless. In the end, his experiment was just messing around.

It is very welcome however we rarely hear about the opposing side to the prevailing paradigm for example the GMO studies that showed tumors in mice was heavily criticized and publicized, studies on cannabis healings never mentioned in the mainstream press. Why do we have named psychological conditions for childhood behavioral problems but none for billionaires that ravage the environment, pay their workers low wages and use their wealth to circumvent the democratic system?

Rod Look, despite whatever flaws may have been in the original, the experiment has been repeated since, and with similar results. Mohammed Elnaiem This is absolutely ridiculous. The whole point of the experiment is to prove in fact that certain institutional structures, and strict obedience to authority would make people amenable to commiting the worst of atrocities. LawGeekNYC If they did not believe they were hurting anyone, the fact that they continued means something far different.

LawGeekNYC I believe many participants in the original and subsequent studies might have suspected the shocks were fake even when the mentioned tip-offs were repaired. Did they really think they were hired for an hour just to push a button? Many of the other variations had lower obedience rates. But if this is such a big reveal, I must remember it wrong.

Now I have to find that book again. But I have one question: As far as I remember, Milgram wrote that his experiment was repeated in several countries with similar results. How is this explained?

Harold Von Spuneridge While obedience is demanded in various forms, religion is the genesis. In the end religious obedience frames the mindset for the military: And as such the chain-of-command leads to nothing and the military mind becomes devoid of personal responsibility; enabling them to torture and murder without conscience.

I am a Vietnam era vet, and have found people very repulsed by that harsh reality of the psychopathic mercenaries who run this world. A billion people non-combatants lost their lives in the 20th century https: Our blind obedience to authority has got to be the most suppressed area of exploration in our educational system.

After all, ignorance is bliss just as surely as knowledge is power. We have been gorging ourselves in the trough of cognitive dissonance. Besides, we should scrutinize then the most hard-core religious groups, as they are going to be the biggest instigators of the obedience paradigm.

Who would that be? The Amish—and talk about war-like!