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A description of the comparison between school and work

If college sounds pretty great, that's because it is.

Working life is different. For students who are more independent, this is an enormous relief.

  1. My daughter is in her final year at Oxford studying English and my son is doing his A-levels and hopes to study chemistry.
  2. Saving money also falls into this category, as some tasks just don't bring in money, but are required for legal or business reasons. In high school, you had a curfew you had to follow.
  3. There may be some grin and bear it moments involved in learning to dress for work.
  4. We have far more variety than school. You wake up early in the morning for class in high school.
  5. There seems to be much more choice and it puts increased pressure on them to make the right choices. You get to live with your friends in college.

For those who are still getting their footing in the real world, this may be a challenge. Whichever category you fall into, working life is different.

In college, you had a ready-made social life of peers who had similar interests as you.

  • There are a lot of ways to continue learning after college;
  • The terms were short, just eight weeks, and, though I did the necessary labs, my priority was the rowing team;
  • I know you do -- and get out the red pencil and correct;
  • High School High school books are provided are little to no cost;
  • We don't hire to give people chances;
  • If you are a slacker and don't want to straighten up, you better darn well be a genius.

It was easy to find time to hang out and socialize, even with a heavy academic schedule. You lived together in a dorm, shared meals and walked together to and from classes. Social events were filled with the same faces you saw every day.

  1. In college, you plan your schedule to your liking. Whichever category you fall into, working life is different.
  2. If your student is aware of some of these differences, they will be better prepared for the changes in attitudes and behaviours necessary for success. In college, balance is the key.
  3. I get the impression that student life is no longer the rite of passage it used to be.
  4. Email Today is the first day of school in my town, or as parents like to call it, "The most wonderful day of the year! Familiarity with library resources and effective use of libraries is essential.

Which is a great opportunity for you to expand your interests and continue learning after school! College was full of sponsored activities — sports events, plays and performances, trips and other events.

10 ways school is different than the working world

If you wanted to practice a sport, the equipment and the coach were paid for by the school. In college, if you drank too much the night before and had a hangover, or stayed up late and were too tired to make your morning class, you could skip it and get the notes later from a friend.

Differences between school and university transcript

Showing up on time, paying attention to instructions and being accountable are all important aspects of job responsibility. Most companies have a dress code.

Differences between High School and University

Maybe this will be the best part of work for you — dressing and feeling as a professional. There may be some grin and bear it moments involved in learning to dress for work.

  • Student progress and attendance is not generally closely monitored by instructors;
  • I went home in the summer and got a job or claimed benefit.

While a lot of people have the image of college students living on ramen noodles, in fact, most colleges have pretty generous meal plans that offer a variety of options for students. Developing good eating habits is another responsibility that comes with working life and being on your own.

Make sure to take care of yourself by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water and eating lean proteins. You may decide to go for a masters degree or take classes at a community college or online. There are a lot of ways to continue learning after college.

For many, their first job out of college will be the first time they make a real salary, not just minimum wage from flipping burgers or babysitting. Whatever your salary, this may be the first time you have to learn to budget your money.

  • If you can explain how you can make a business more money, we're interested in hiring you;
  • In college, you get to choose who you spend time around;
  • Whether that's wrong or right, you can't expect managers to be concerned with how you feel about anything.

It can be exhilarating to be making money for the first time. Finding the balance between what you want and what you can afford is another part of the post-college learning curve. He provides students and recent graduates with career and resume writing advice.