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A discussion on the gun control and peoples right to defend themselves

Some Gun Control Opponents Cite Fear Of Government Tyranny

The man called 911, with panic in his voice. The 911 recordings reveal the man breathing heavily as he talks to his partner.

Just stay inside your apartment. Do not go out. When the national narrative is a story of conquering, dominating, force and power, an atavistic attachment to the gun can have more pull than a rational case against it. Trump refuses to talk about gun control laws — video In a society that fetishises self-reliance, the gun speaks to rugged individualism — each person should be responsible for saving themselves.

It underpins a certain sense of masculinity and homestead — a real man should be able to protect his family and home.

The dispatcher told him to sit and wait; the NRA told him to stand and fight. But the myths are also powerful. What the gun lobby lacks in breadth of support it makes up for in depth of commitment These claims for the gun are of course nonsense. Most people who are killed by guns kill themselves.

If more guns really made you safer, America would be one of the safest places in the world. As it is seven children or teenagers are shot dead on average every day. Once a week a toddler injures someone with a gun.

A Challenge to Gun Rights

It would be easy to blame all of this on the NRA. The gun lobby has been central to stonewalling even the most basic commonsense reforms. Its capacity to lobby and fund politicians, locally and nationally, is unparalleled. It is because of the NRA that people on the no-fly list can still buy guns and there is no government funding for research into how to prevent gun deaths. Yet while the NRA should not be underestimated, its role should not be exaggerated either.

The NRA has far more power in the polity than influence outside it. NRA breaks silence after Vegas shooting to call for 'additional regulations' on bump stocks Read more But it has been able to tap into many of the core themes of the broader American narrative in a way that gun-control advocates have not.

There is nothing inevitable about this. When a gunman shot children in Dunblane in 1996 Britain tightened its gun laws ; when a shooter ran amok in Port Arthur that same year Australia did the same. But in America, appeals to freedom, masculinity, small government and individualism, even when they are flawed, have more purchase than arguments for background checks and weapons bans, even when those arguments are right.

The problem goes all the way to the top.

Gun Control Speech Examples

But we think government should be subservient to us. These charts show the scale of the problem Read more These myths are, of course, partial.

In a nation that became possible through genocide and slavery, among other things, the gun was central to a particular notion of racial power. If gun enthusiasts were seriously concerned about state tyranny they would have been marching alongside Black Lives Matter demonstrators protesting police shootings and calling for the mass armament of poor, black neighbourhoods. What the gun lobby lacks in breadth of support it makes up for in depth of commitment.

Why Americans won’t give up their guns

In 2013 — after the Sandy Hook shootings — gun advocates were far more likely to have contributed money to a pro-gun group or contacted a public official about guns than those who support gun control. Gun-control advocates, for the most part, want to change laws. They have proved themselves more motivated because long after those distressing scenes from Vegas are a distant memory, these myths will remain vivid. Americans need new gun laws. But in order to get them they will have to start telling themselves a new story about the country it is, has been and wants to be.

Their lives depend on it.