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A personal experience as a teacher in an orphanage in haiti

Send money to a charity you trust working on the ground. Even better, set up a micro-credit loan for a single mother so she can rebuild her shattered market stall and send her kids to school.

  • What made me feel safe while I was in Haiti?
  • I taught yoga to kids at a local school that is in desperate need of assistance;
  • But your good intentions might have the opposite effect:

Mona Remy used the micro-finance institution Fonkoze to build a thriving business in Carrefour, Haiti. Micro-credit does more good than going to Haiti to volunteer.

But your good intentions might have the opposite effect: Those are big statements. Let me uncrate them. Voluntourism is the new ecotourism. One 2008 survey revealed that one in five travellers had volunteered on their vacation — most of them working on small construction sites, but some helping in orphanages, teaching English, protecting egg-laying turtles in Costa Rica, cleaning up garbage at the base of Mount Everest.

Porter: Don’t go to Haiti to volunteer

Most were with church groups planning to rebuild a school or orphanage. Others planned to play with babies in orphanages, teach English in schools or help out in tent camps around the city.

Think of it this way: A Haitian should be paid to do it. The number one request from residents in refugee camps around the capital writing to the International Organization of Migration?

Help us build a permanent Madinah Orphanage!

Many readers write to me about the orphans in Haiti. The stories break their hearts, and mine, too. But Haitian kids, like Canadian kids, need to be played with for more than two weeks. They need stable, full-time caregivers who make them feel secure and act as role models. They need their parents, who are often still alive but just poor.

Remember those American missionaries caught at the Dominican border shortly after the earthquake with 33 orphans they intended to save?

Your two-week cuddling trip could be doing them more harm than good. Imagine if our foster homes were packed with non-English speaking Khmers and Costa Ricans, looking to help and gain insight into our culture for two weeks. Or if your kid came home from school to tell you that a Chinese teenager was in the class teaching Mandarin. My Haitian translator Dimitri says this reinforces the slavery mentality —— that anyone from the developed world who can afford to come to Haiti and is white has something to teach.

Haiti Orphanage, Teaching & Community Health Volunteering

There are plenty of unemployed and underpaid teachers in Haiti. Of course, there are exceptions. Many had no medical training, but they still could dig for people in the rubble, hand out food and hold hands. Article Continued Below A team of North American neurologists has been travelling to Haiti since 2003 to perform difficult surgeries and train Haitian doctors, since there is no formal neurosurgery program in Haiti.

  • What made me feel safe while I was in Haiti?
  • Of course, for me, traveling to new foreign lands makes me feel so alive;
  • This is how my first trip to Haiti with Project House of Hope began;
  • During that time, in 2014, I met this American missionary;
  • First of all, Amy has been to Haiti countless times and speaks basic Creole to meet your needs around town, at the orphanage, and at the hotel.

Then, once home, they keep giving. It might even change your life. If you are interested in funding a teacher or microcredit loan in Haiti, I recommend the Sawatzky Family Foundation.

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