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A review of elizabeth a 1998 movie about the virgin queen of england

Cult of virginity Now make a portrait of Elizabeth based on what you have learned. This could be a drawing, a character analysis, a personal text, poem, in story or drama form etc. Form groups of four and share and discuss your portraits. Introduction It is important to realise that the film Elizabeth, from 1998, is not always historically accurate.

  • It was only after this time that Elizabeth was finally able to return to Hatfield;
  • For instance, the film depicts Mary I of England as being pregnant prior to Elizabeth's imprisonment;
  • Work with a least one question among each of the following headings;
  • At the end of the film, Elizabeth is shown as having decided permanently against marriage;
  • This was not so.

But what the film does do well is capture the spirit, atmosphere and political climate of the times. It also shows us just how deep the divide between Catholics and Protestants was.

The story for more on the history see pages 12 to 14 in your textbook Henry VIII is dead 1547and a little over a decade later, in 1558, his successor, Queen Mary, dies of an illness. Queen Mary was staunchly Catholic, while her half sister, Elizabeth, has been raised as a Protestant.

The proposals of marriage are more the result of political alliances than any great feelings of love.

Her advisors, chief among them William Cecil, encourage her to marry one or the other of the suitors so she can secure her throne. Elizabeth has to grow into her role as queen very quickly. Members of her own court, the Duke of Norfolk, for example, conspire against her. Perhaps he wants to be king, while one who would not mind being queen is Mary of Guise, who is Governor of Scotland and a definite threat to Elizabeth.

  • The costumes took equal liberties with historical accuracy;
  • The costumes took equal liberties with historical accuracy;
  • In one scene the Duke D'Anjou, as a suitor for the hand of the Queen of England, speaks in an outrageously sexual way to her;
  • Write down answers for each question that you can later share with the whole class;
  • Likewise she never compelled him to retire, as is depicted in the film.

Elizabeth allies herself with Sir Francis Walsingham and Dudley falls out of favour with the queen. After ridding herself of the main conspirators, Elizabeth decides to become the virgin queen and rules England for 40 years or so.

Stop the film and discuss the following points in groups. Write down answers for each question that you can later share with the whole class. What effect does the setting throughout this part of the film have?

What contrasts in setting have there been? What is the overall atmosphere? What have we learned about the political state of affairs in England so far? How does the film depict Elizabeth up to this point? What impression are we left of religion at this point in the film?

9 Working with a film - Elizabeth (p. 18)

After you have seen the whole film Discussion topics Form groups of four. Work with a least one question among each of the following headings. Character is central to the development of films and plays. Are there any major deviations between the two? We can learn about characters in many ways, some of the main ways in film are: The way they dress.