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Advantages and disadvantages of scientific approaches and social reality

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MERGE exists and is an alternate of. The disadvantages are that it is cold and that it cannot read peoples minds. Therefore you can not know for certain why someone did it and that your results will be devoid of empathy 1 person found this useful What are the disadvantages and advantages of socialism?

In environments with plentiful resources, socialism provides all members with their survival needs, creating a stable social environment. Membe…rs that cannot participate economically - due to disabilities, age, or periods of poor health - can still impart wisdom, emotional support and continuity of experience to the system. Freedom from work provides opportunity for some societal members to explore non-economically-productive pursuits, such as pure science, math and non-popular arts.

Since there is no culling and no economic advantage to working harder, socialistic systems provide no inherent incentive to participate. This makes socialism internally unstable. Due to a lack of incentives, socialistic systems tend not to be competitive, making them externally unstable. In times of plenty, immigrants are drawn to the free resources offered by socialistic systems, while potentially adding nothing economically advantages and disadvantages of scientific approaches and social reality.

In times of scarcity, resentment of non-economically-productive members of society increases, causing a destabilizing effect on the society and economy. What are the scientific approach in social research? The social scientific approach is trying to model the minds as the inner worlds of the members of past and dead civilizations. This helps to understand their worlds in posi…tively and negatively unbiased way. Social scientific approach belongs to the naturalist approaches and is currently being partly overcome by the cognitive approach.

What are the advantages and disadvatages of the humanistc approach? What are the disadvantages and advantages of reality shows?

Advantages for watching reality TV shows are that teenagers get god enjoyment out of it, disadvantages may be that they are a bad influence on the audience ANSWER Advantages…: Giving chance to everyone public forum 2.

A major boost in self confidence 3. Something new,not same old prepared program non-monotonous Disadvantages: Extreme profit motive 2. Emotional drawback audience and participants tend to forget that it's a media show end of the day: Hmmm sounds to me some1 was looking to the ans for their SOF assignment Share to: What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality?

It is great for situations where you must train for dangerous situations or situations where you may put people's lives in jeopardy. If you die in virtual reality, you don't …die in real life. So if you crash a plane, get killed by a criminal, or kill a patient, there won't be real life consequences. Such technology also helps to reduce the amount of cruelty in science, since you can just as easily dissect a virtual frog as you can a real one.

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The disadvantages would be that things are not quite like the real situations and that they can only present scenarios that have been programmed into the system. This is partly why the best role-playing games still involve dice, a manual, and a deck of cards, since the situations and scenarios are endless when they come from real human interactions.

  • Producing a test which has high reliability and validity can prove difficult;
  • Since there is no culling and no economic advantage to working harder, socialistic systems provide no inherent incentive to participate;
  • VR also helps those that can't get out of the houseexperience a much fuller life;
  • In a controlled observation, there is more control over the environment which leads to more accurate observations;
  • This means that even ifsomeone does well with simulated tasks in a VR environment, thatperson might not do well in the real world.

To even come close to such possibilities, a computer would have to store tremendous amounts of data. Advantages and disadvantages of the database approach? The data is held in such a way that changes to the structure of the database do not effect any of the programs used to access the data.

Each item of data is held only once therefore no danger of item being updated on one system and not on another. In a non-database system, the same information may be held on several files. This wastes space and makes updating more time-consuming. A database system minimizes these effects. The DBMS provides users with the ability to specify constraints on data such as making a field entry essential or using a validation routine.

Greater Security of Data: The DBMS can ensure only authorized users are allowed access to the data. Centralized Control of Data: The Database Administrator will control who has access to what and will structure the database with the needs of the 7.

More Information Available to Users: Users have access to a wider range of data that was previously held in seperate departments andsometimes on incompatible systems.

The DBMS provides an easy to use query language that allows users to get immediate response from their queries rather than having to use a specialist "programmer" to write queries for them. More disk space is required and probably a larger and more powerful computer.

For optimum use the database must be very carefully designed. If not done well, the new system may fail to satisfy anyone. Greater Impact of System Failure: More Complex Recovery Procedures: If a system failure occurs it is vital that no data is lost.

Hope it will help. Advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality? What is Virtual Reality? Often the user of VR isfully advantages and disadvantages of scientific approaches and social reality partially immersed in the environment.

F…ull immersionrefers to someone using a machine to shield herself from the realworld. Partial immersion happens when a person can manipulate a VRenvironment but isn't tucked or locked away in a machine.

However,virtual reality doesn't necessarily have to be "full immersion" tobe considered a true VR simulation.

These items let users interact with a VR environment thatis a computer simulation. These VR environments can be anythingfrom a typical game, such as Super Mario Brothers, to a fullydetailed city reconstitution or a fictional fantasy land.

The onlylimit to a VR environment is the imagination and the resources thatthe creator has available. The disadvantages of VR are numerous. The hardware needed to createa fully immersed VR experience is still cost prohibitive.

The technology for such an experienceis still new and experimental. VR is becoming much more commonplacebut programmers are still grappling with how to interact withvirtual environments. The idea of escapism is common place amongthose that use VR environments and people often live in the virtualworld instead of dealing with the real one. This happens even inthe low quality and fairly hard to use VR environments that areonline right now.

One worry is that as VR environments become muchhigher quality and immersive, they will become attractive to thosewishing to escape real life. Another concern is VR training. Training with a VR environment does not have the same consequencesas training and working in the real world.

This means that even ifsomeone does well with simulated tasks in a VR environment, thatperson might not do well in the real world. Although the disadvantages of VR are numerous, so are theadvantages.

Many different fields can use VR as a way to trainstudents without actually putting anyone in advantages and disadvantages of scientific approaches and social reality way. Thisincludes the fields of medicine, law enforcement, architecture andaviation.

VR also helps those that can't get out of the houseexperience a much fuller life. These patients can explore the worldthrough virtual environments like Second Life, a VR community onthe Internet, exploring virtual cities as well as more fancifulenvironments like J. VR also helpspatients recover from stroke and other injuries. Doctors are usingVR to help reteach muscle movement such as walking and grabbing aswell as smaller physical movements such as pointing.

The doctorsuse the malleable computerized environments to increase or decreasethe motion needed to grab or move an object. This also helps recordexactly how quickly a patient is learning and recovering. Another advantage of Virtual Reality is that it can be appliedfor positive purposes, such as Education. It's not every day that students cantravel to places like Egypt, to see the pyramids, but now VirtualReality can help bridge the gap, to help students see and learnmore.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of socialism? Advantages--people's needs are a priority. Food, housing, education and health are paramount in a socialist society. You would not have million dollar mansions subsidized and …lying vacant while homeless people abound. If you are poor you can get required medical treatment.

Education is free and available to all. Disadvantages--Corporations and rich people are not the priority in a socialist country; they would pay a considerable tax so that the above advantages can be realized.


You could not develop a piece of land in opposition to people's wishes in the community. If you have resources you are expected to pitch in for the less fortunate. Taxes will be higher. Corporations would be subject to democratic control. The above is an idealization; the practice in reality probably varies.