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Asda manpower planning demand and supply of labour

It is the second largest organization that provides retail services in the world which provide services through smart apps and through online platform. The report evaluates model of flexibility applied in the organization. It identifies the types of flexibility that is developed in the organization and evaluate the benefits of flexible working practices for both staff managers and management as well the impact that changes the in the labour market have flexible working activities.

The study explains the forms of discrimination faced the employee at the workplace and provide the information about the benefits of developing and implementing the equal legislations for ADSA. Moreover, report compares the process of maintaining equal opportunities and diversity in the business and compares the performance management methods used in organization and asses the approaches used to manage the employee welfare in the organization.

At the end, report will analyze the significance of other topical issues that have major impact on the Human Resources practices and explain the implications of health and safety legislations.

It organization differentiate HRM from personnel management. By using this model managers are able to find the skill and potential in the employees Sanders.

ASDA as a large supermarket retail store use this model of HRM so that the employees can trust the organization and improves their productivity. Human resources are important to every organization like take the example of ASDA therefore managing the same is also necessary need.

Unit 22 Managing Human Resource Assignment - ASDA

The guest model of HRM: The model mainly analyse the result and if any problem is analysed then suitable course of action is followed to solve the problem.

The brief explanation on the above model that is applied in ASDA: Differentiation means always provides something new and innovative products and focus should be on consumer with the cost control criteria. HRM practices- For the appointment of human resource in ASDA the practices such as selection, training, appraisal, reward, involvement, status etc is used. Behavioural outcomes- The behaviour of the employee in the retail stores plays the important part in the organisation.

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Ethics and cultural values should be clearly defined in the model. Financial outcomes-For any organisation whether retail or service sector the final outcome is important i.

For the success of the ASDA retail organisation, the model should be applies in the efficiently manner and it would have benefits like less absenteeism and turnovers. The objective of the model is proper utilization of HR with higher quality and commitment with reduction in cost. He has divided the model in two parts i. Hard form evaluates the objectives of the employees to achieve the competitive advantage.

And soft form means treating employees as a valuable and precious asset of the organization. In personnel management, it includes management of the employees to follow the guidelines according to the requirement of the organization. It gives more emphasis on the number of employees rather than on other issues. IR practices maintain efficiency of the management decisions according to the needs of organization. It emphasis on the need of the employees and provide flexibility in working Story.

The comparison in HRM, personnel and IR practices between the two leading people supermarket stores i. The implications of line manager are important to execute the plan. ASDA use the benefits of line manager in their retail business by their expertise in the variety of the products and manages the coordination between the top and lower management. ASDA line managers also deals with the customer directly and providing a quality services to satisfying their customer and this only possible because they have quality to control cost, allocate the work to the employees and also check their performances Pearlson.

The role of employees in ASDA is also important. The employees are given roles and responsibilities for their work and they are encouraged and trained to provide the services in the dynamic environment.

Asda manpower planning demand and supply of labour

This type of initiatives would bring the ASDA with the competitive edge to deals in any situation by providing effective services to their customers. The term flexibility is providing the luxury to top management to assign different role and responsibilities to the employees through proper training and monitoring.

  1. Internal factors to consider in human resource planning include the structure of the business or organization, some positions are demand-sensitive,.
  2. The ASDA is facing this problem and spending the huge money to resolve this issue due to which the financial activities are affecting the business. ASDA using this flexibility would have positive impacts on the entire functioning department like accounts department, sales and marketing department etc.
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  4. This impact affects the prosperity and growth of the business due to shortage of the human resource.

Two types of flexibility model are functional and sequential flexibility. Functional flexibility is key aspect to organization that helps in changing in roles and responsibility according to change in environment to learn the new task. By using this model organization could be able to maintain the functional skills of staff members and to assign them responsibility.

The main focus is on the individual trainings and development programme so that the efficiency can be improved and expected outcomes can be generated.

In ASDA, workplace flexibility helps in objectives and goals in appropriate manner but execution and acceptance of change affects the whole working. The model involves the proper implementation of the plan, overtime schedule and involvement of staff members to achieve the standards Hill. The different models of flexibility applied in workplace are flexible time, work from home, job sharing, mobile working etc. For ASDA functional flexibility is appropriate.


In the current organization ASDA uses two main types of flexibility for managing the operations and development of new phase in the organization process. ASDA using this flexibility would have positive impacts on the entire functioning department like accounts department, sales and marketing department etc.

The manager of ASDA can use the different types of flexibility due to non availability of human resource at the urgency in that situation moving of staff from other department will be better option available at the time.

According to analysis this flexibility improves the efficiency of the staff as the managers have trained staff for performing the similar task McCracken and Morley, 2014. Training the staff could be done by frequent transfer of the staff from one department to another. In ASDA, this type of flexibility is helpful to deal with different types of customers. Through analysis it is been also asda manpower planning demand and supply of labour understood that process of organization get changes according to time and trends of target market which cannot be maintain as per the benchmarking standard.

Although ASDA is using functional flexibility, but by using this flexibility, management can make use of the number of employees according to the requirements of the organization. By using numerical flexibility the organization can hire talented and skilled employee for the short term when there is peak season in the market to overcome the economic fluctuation.

The demand and supply activity would also be maintained in the market by using this flexibility Bock. ASDA is also working on the development and the training of staff to fulfill the staff demand to meet the required output. Team work is important element in ASDA to achieve the desired objectives and profits.

And proper utilization of available resources also plays a critical role in the contribution made by employer and employees. Both employer and employees have different flexibility perspective that would be dependent upon the work profile and need of the organization. Use of workplace flexibility for the organization and for the employees: It has been observed in ASDA that organizational approach about the flexible working have both positive and negative impacts.

However organization is offering flexibility in working but lack of monitoring and quality candidates organization is facing issues in self owned services or business.

In the current situation due to change in labour market it has significant impact on human resource planning and development. The retention of the labour is also becoming difficult due to other similar organisation are offering higher wages to attract them to their organisation.

This impact affects the prosperity and growth of the business due to shortage of the human resource. They would happy doing the same daily constant work rather than to adopt the new challenges. However organisation could overcome the impact of labour by knowing their needs and requirement and anticipating the market demand and supply.

And its normal when the demand would be higher for the labour supply would not be available for labour both have inverse relation that can be seen in above figure 5. The only solution to the impact is that to prepare the existing staff with training and educating them to work in flexible working. The ASDA is facing this problem and spending the huge money to resolve this issue due to which the financial activities are affecting the business. By bringing in life cycle expectancy there would be rise in supply of group of matured working people for a longer period of time after retirement.

The other impacts are changes in salary, promotion policies and use of excess online tools and techniques. Women more participant would have positive and negative impacts like negative impact would be that organisation has to adjust and change its HR theories, policies and flexibility facilities and positive impact would be that inequalities would be eliminated and women or female staff are generally more loyal to their jobs Shaw. With flexibility staff could improve their balance between the demand of their work and demand of their home life and would be more satisfied at work and be more productive.