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Brand naming kraft foods isnack 2 o

Email Vegemite, one of the most popular savory spread brands from Australia, unveiled a product extension in 2009. Both the media and consumers have criticized the naming of the new product iSnack 2. How a company so customer focused could get this so wrong and so publicly wrong was a shock to everyone — but there are lessons to be learnt and from a branding perspective there are some elements that were intentionally part of a well-informed strategy. It is a nutritious product, one of the richest known sources of Vitamin B.

Crowdsourcing Done Wrong: the Vegemite iSnack Naming Disaster

It has its own story to tell and for Australians they have built it into a big part of their culture. But as a brand it had also not changed in decades. Even changing your marketing and approach to selling to your target audience can help. But for Vegemite they kept everything the same. Some explanations to this decline are: Because of the creation and ingredients it contained, it had no expiry date, which meant an everlasting shelf life.

Australian households were getting smaller There was an increasing number of immigrants, who were not familiar with the product. For Kraft with this brand and product it was as if time stood still. Talbot, understood that he needed to do something with the aging brand. Social listening For Talbot at the beginning it was simple, he felt that as a company they needed to get closer to their consumers in order to understand what they expected from Vegemite. Kraft searched for valuable insights for the development of a potential Vegemite product extension.

Not only that, they were able to tap in to what visitors to the country were also talking about. The findings of this market research This social media market research allowed the brand to understand the following: This intelligence provided all of the brand information the team needed to focus their efforts on a hard-hitting campaign which embodied everything that people loved about the Vegemite brand and product.

But the most valuable insight, was perhaps the identification of 32 different ways people consume their Vegemite, which reflected how consumers enjoyed having their unique way to eat the iconic product. This inspired the marketing team to create a new campaign.

Campaign Brief The objective of this campaign was to satisfy the need to connect with the product by giving the power to consumers, and allow them to share their thoughts and opinion about their Vegemite consumption. The campaign was a great success, with over 300,000 submissions and plenty brand naming kraft foods isnack 2 o new insights about the consumption of the product.

The Sydney Morning Herald

One step further — the product extension Due to the success of the marketing campaign Kraft foods decided to take this one step further and offer consumers an alternative product — a product extension. They found that people were consuming Vegemite with other tastes — even more so, some Moms were using it with their other popular brand Philadelphia Cream Cheese, in order to dilute the bitter taste and give it to their children.

This insight encouraged the brand to move from breakfast to snacks. Snacks can happen any time. Kraft foods developed the new snack product in record breaking time, not losing momentum on their marketing strategy success.

And to continue the customer engagement theme and to help with their brand extension they actually launched their new product with no name. They wanted to keep the bond with their customer, which they had created. But, and there is of course a huge but with this strategy. Ad Age All of a sudden the brand product extension had caused a media storm and for days iSnack 2.

The new name has simply not resonated with Australians. Things change every second of everyday and to stand still, allows someone else to move in front.

How not to re-create another Vegemite iSnack 2.0 branding disaster

Listen to your consumers For Kraft Foods, they had the customer engagement, their marketing campaign showed that. This is where for any brand, when it comes to product extensions, market testing is a must.

Yes it is going to be targeted at a new consumer audience but to still have the strong affiliation with the original brand it has to be accepted by the original audience too.

Brand Naming: Kraft Foods

But when you refresh a brand through a new product, you never throw everything out. There are some elements you need to keep to enable the customer to link the two and have the same connection. Unfortunately with iSnack 2. It seems like an absurd thing to say, but because of social media now reactions are much quicker and especially knee jerk reactions.

The company soon changed the name due to customer demand and it seems that was the right decision to make but it also has to be recognised in that week of media hell, the company was still selling iSnack 2.

So they had to weigh up the pros and cons. Was the increase in sales due to a rush to see what it was like due to all of the media attention or did the name actually resonate with the younger generation they were aiming for?

Don't blame Dean: iSnack 2.0 creator cops it

You need to be ready for the PR but your strategy should be well thought out before making any hasty decisions. This is your brand and your reputation and sometimes you simply have to take a step back from it all before you can move forward again. Vegemite should have listened to the customer until the end to ensure a smoother acceptance of the new product!

  1. Flickr rebranding is a tricky business for any company, and yet in many cases its decision to re-name its international division mondelez has been met with it doesn't when you agree to rename the product isnack 20.
  2. The company soon changed the name due to customer demand and it seems that was the right decision to make but it also has to be recognised in that week of media hell, the company was still selling iSnack 2.
  3. Kraft has denied the naming disaster was an attempt to gain free publicity for the product, which was due to go on sale with the new label today. It is a nutritious product, one of the richest known sources of Vitamin B.