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Titled "No More Suffering in Silence? Nearly half reported they had trouble hearing in noisy environments, yet only 25 percent had had their hearing checked in the past year. Cost could be a big reason for this, the magazine notes.

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Plus, hearing aids are usually not covered by health insurance or Medicare. They cost a fraction of the price of an average hearing aid. But do they really work? CR's audio labs also tested the devices for amplification, batteries, microphone function and sound distortion. The most important finding: Pinching pennies can hurt you. Both overamplified sharp noises, like a siren, to the point where hearing damage could occur. CR reported on the pros and cons of each device, offering overall "device advice" for each one.

In general, these two seem useful for people with mild to moderate loss, with the Etymotic Bean helpful for those with hearing loss in the higher frequencies rather than the lower.

If your hearing loss is serious enough to warrant a hearing aid, the article offered some suggestions for ways to pay less, including these: Check your medical coverage.

Consumer Reports Best of Health

Your Medicare Advantage plan may at least partially cover hearing aids. The Department of Veterans Affairs VA offers hearing aids for veterans, and some state insurance covers hearing aids for adults. You can also shop online, but buyer beware. You get what you pay for, and you may also have to pay extra to have the aids adjusted by a specialist.

If you don't need Bluetooth connectivity, for instance, you may save money by not having it on your hearing aid. One feature not to skip is the small and inexpensive Telecoil, which gives you access to better hearing on the telephone and with a range of assistive listening devices. Ask for a price break. Almost half of the respondents who negotiated received a lower price on their hearing aid. Check out groups that can help.

Some federal and state organizations, as well as independent groups like the Lions Club, may help with payment. Here is the link.

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How does your brain score? Most of these suggestions will not be a surprise to AARP readers.

Consumer reports the best of health book?

She interviewed Patrick Freuler of Audicus, an online retailer that sells direct to the consumer. The site's reviews are by users, similar to Amazon. They should be read with caution—but the site is one of the few places you can read user reviews of hearing aids.

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