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Distinctively visual images are intended to impact the responder

The question I answered was: Could you please let me know if the related text I have chosen is appropriate and if I have analysed well enough? Also, this module really confused me so I wasn't entirely sure how to structure it, do you have any tips on how to structure essays for this particular module? Thanks in advance, Tina Spoiler Distinctive voices have the ability to impact the responder in many ways.

A simple Thesis, I think you could do something a little more interesting with it, WHY can they do this for example? Think about ways you can make this a little more interesting. Consequently, this affects the interpretation of the text and shapes meaning for the responder. More than affects, it "controls" it! Make the voices the absolute focus! Distinctive voices have the ability to bring challenging experiences to life, allowing the responder to develop sympathy for the speaker.

Distinctive voices are created through language and structure in texts which will compel the responder to understand more about the world around them.

Careful not to bring in a new concept; focus on bringing challenging experiences to life, the links to curiosity here don't follow that focus.

  • Tests Your HSC English Exam Paper 2 is made up entirely of modules-based questions and will end up asking you to write three essays — one on each of the modules you studied;
  • This means to give a structured response;
  • Topic, Time, Texts and Tests;
  • These things will be shaped by language in texts designed to be read, listened to, or visualised;
  • The use of repetition reinforces how sincerely sorry Australians are for past mistreatment and assists Kevin Rudd to successfully convey his message;
  • Human and social interaction based upon the differing considerations of context, environment, location, individuals, culture, religion, spirituality.

Through using the voice of a woman, Zervos reveals the difficulties of being the minority in Australia. Good analysis, but what does it reveal in general?

The use of an ellipsis fades her thought and her voice into silence to depict how her husband has silenced her within the community. However, she decides to stay silent in order to keep her family together. The use of rhetorical questions creates a distressed and confused voice as the speaker is faced with a moral dilemma. Through this voice, the responder develops sympathy for her but also applaud her resilience as they are exposed to the cruel nature of abuse.

Good links to audience, however this is importantI don't really care about the characters as much as I care about what I am taught about the nature of challenging experiences, through techniques!

This module explores how this is achieved, be sure to stress the techniques not what happens! Hence, the responder does not only develop sympathy but also empathy through engaging with the distinctive voice and learning the negative impact of domestic violence on individuals. Thus through learning this, the responder will understand more about the world which will evoke the renewal of their perceptions. Again, this conclusion doesn't match your last sentence, there is a conceptual issue in this paragraph, you lose focus somewhere!

Distinctive voices are projected by a speaker to provoke emotions that may influence the responder. Doesn't add much to the introduction, be sure the amplification doesn't just say the same thing in a different way!

Be specific, but good audience link. Consequently, the responder develops sympathy for the aboriginal people through being exposed to the injustices that they experienced in the past. Excellent, what does this exemplify about how composers create a distinctive voice? A tad retell here. The use of repetition reinforces how sincerely sorry Australians are for past mistreatment and assists Kevin Rudd to successfully convey his message.

Hence, through empathising with the Aboriginal people the responder understands the pain and mistreatment that they experienced which influence the responder to alter their perspective towards the white people as well as the Aboriginal people. Great audience links and techniques here; I'm looking for some more general ramifications, how does this exemplify the idea of impacts on responder through distinctive voices?

A distinctive voice has the power and control to manipulate the responder by influencing their perceptions.

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This is very similar to the prior paragraph, you may want to think of a way to make them more distinct? Through the use of language in texts, distinctive voices of the minority and those misjudged by society are projected to evoke strong responses from the responder.

Don't waste time saying "it happens," show me examples immediately!

  1. The language of a text is the style of communication used in a text. Texts designed to be in the written and read form, such as a poem, short story or essay.
  2. Be specific, but good audience link. How exactly does something which is visually distinct help me to experience through language?
  3. Time As mentioned before your modules are shorter courses than your Area of Study.
  4. Spielberg imposes an additional display of determinism as the camera angles upwards with Anderton looking down upon the sphere, producing an almost omnipotent god-like image of Anderton against the individual. This means to give a structured response.

What are these views? However, the speaker has lost their voice due to their lack of education and low socioeconomic status which is denoted in the informal language used. Ensure that you don't get too locked into taking within the text, step back a little bit and talk purely about the composers choices.

The details of the plot of the text aren't relevant! The silenced voice influences the responder to connect with the speaker.

Through this, the responder is encouraged to empathise with the speaker as they gain a deeper understanding of police corruption. Hence, the responder develops anger and sympathy for the speaker which prompts the responder to alter their initial perceptions of the police as they are manipulated through the distinctive voice of victims who feel powerless in the face of police abuse. Thus, through extending their understanding of police corruption, the responder reflects on their awareness of the world and renew their preconceived beliefs of police and discover their true role in society.

Your conclusion definitely needs more than one sentence. Normally, I would restate my Thesis, re-link to the module, re-introduce the texts, re-introduce the themes, then put in a sentence like this to finish. Have a read of my comments distinctively visual images are intended to impact the responder let me know if you have any questions, I'll address your specific feedback requests below I can't really comment on the suitability of your ORT, it definitely seems like a good choice on the surface!

It seems like you have a good amount of examples from it, though I do think your essay is a close to being too Prescribed Text focused; so you might want a few more Your analysis is, on the whole, effective!!

You do miss different things at different times, remember effective analysis involves a nice crumpet and a bit of TEA: What technique does the composer use in the quote? What is the composer trying to say?

  1. What perspectives or points of view does the text present?
  2. Diagrams, mind maps, tables, dot points, paragraphs, sources are included to aid your learning.
  3. But nobody becomes good at essay writing overnight and no first draft is ever a masterpiece.
  4. L is one of the most effective essay scaffolds as it is easy to prepare, collate and compose a response.
  5. This distinctively visual recurring motif throughout both texts provides an in-depth exploration into the inconclusive philosophical tension between free will and determinism. You hit all these marks at different times!

Why is the technique used? For you, how does the technique create a distinctive voice? Ensuring you keep the focus on distinctive voices would be beneficial for you.

What is the impact on the audience? This is in your question, so absolutely essential, and crucially, I need general audience impacts. You want universal relevance, how do the distinctive voices impact the audience in a real way beyond the text itself, what do they learn in general?

Understanding HSC Standard English Module A – Distinctively Visual

You hit all these marks at different times! Your job now is to hit them all at once. Sometimes you miss the audience impact either completely or its too text specificsometimes you slip into retell, sometimes you don't link to the question: You can do it all, but now you need to do it all the time Structuring essays in Module B is definitely the toughest of the three!

Here is an idea for you: This essay is about the impacts on the audience due to distinctive voices. If you could summarise the things you learned from your prescribed text, in 3 different sentences, what would they be? I'm not talking text related stuff, I mean actual lessons about things that are actually relevant in real life, like, "Challenging experiences can be overcome through determination," or something.

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I'll help you turn this into some paragraph ideas, because if the block response each text one at a time isn't quite clicking with you, we can turn it into an integrated response. Quick final comment, ensure your essay matches your Thesis. You talk about voices for the voiceless, this doesn't resonant the whole way through Logged.