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Evaluate the success of existing operations management processes in meeting an organisation s overal

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In many companies, operations consume a large part of the company resources and generate most of the revenue. The strategic importance of operations means that an evaluation of operations strategy is critical. The operations strategy must support the overall company goals, supply operational targets that are realistic and propose a plan that the company can implement to achieve the goals and reach the targets.

  • According to Wall et al;
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As the company carries out the plan, it must continually evaluate the operations strategy in terms of performance. If operations doesn't meet its performance goals, the strategy has to be updated with corrective action to put it back on track.

Determine whether the operations strategy is internally consistent.

  1. In addition, channel management is also an important interface between marketing and supply chain.
  2. In this regard, Cai et al.
  3. According to quality guru, Joseph Juran, the management of quality consists of three parts. In addition to this growth in turnovers, the number of customers, the number of yearly accomplished marketing campaigns and the amount of needed staff also increased.
  4. Nowadays, such topics might include city logistics, emergency logistics, and agriculture supply chain. Lau [ 69 ] on supply chain model with return policy, Buzacott et al.
  5. The complexity of logistics can be modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized by dedicated simulation software. An important issue in supply chain management is that companies will not seek to achieve cost reductions or profit improvement at the expense of their supply chain partners but rather seek to make the supply chain as a whole more competitive.

Check the different elements of the strategy to make sure they match and reinforce each other. Check that the cost structure specified by the strategy supports the level of quality it requires.

Make sure that production targets are realistic in terms of past performance.

Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society

Verify that the company can meet the projected manpower needs. Compare the operations strategy targets to company goals in terms of sales, profit and investment to make sure they are consistent.

Evaluate the operations strategy in terms of external consonance. Check that operations has plans to offer the products and services demanded by the market.

Operations Management of Logistics and Supply Chain: Issues and Directions

Verify that planned company pricing can cover projected production costs. Make sure that demand projections for the various products and services match production targets.

If there are trends or expected disruptions in the target markets served by the company, look for operations strategy contingency plans to address such events.

Check that the operations strategy has taken into account company projections for supplier or material cost increases and for changes in demand.

  1. This dynamic change of supply costs affects the negotiation of sourcing contracts. Chen and Vulcano [ 23 ] study a supply chain where an upstream supplier auctions his inventory or capacity as a bundle, which formulates the problem as a two-stage supply chain comprising a single supplier and two resellers.
  2. Since then, considerable attention has been paid to this line of research.
  3. Green Logistics and Supply Chain Green logistics refers to a logistics form which plans and implements green transport, green storage, green packaging, green circulation processing, green recovery, and other activities via advanced logistics technology. Kelle and Silver [ 39 ] consider a different model with independent demand and return processes, where all returned products should be remanufactured.

Verify the feasibility of the operations strategy. Make sure the company can satisfy the financing and resource requirements for any capacity increases.

Evaluation of an Operations Strategy

Verify supplier pricing estimates and hourly wage projections to see that they are in line with reasonable expectations. Check that operations has the expertise to carry out any new development that the strategy specifies and that it has the required personnel for coordination and execution.

Look for advantages for the business that the operations strategy creates. Check for new, low-cost initiatives or new procedures that will improve quality. Check whether the strategy creates any new competitive advantages or whether it leverages existing unique qualities to increase product differentiation.

Operations Management – Toyota Essay

Verify that it maintains existing strategic marketing propositions and strengthens them. Make sure that overall product and service characteristics clearly reflect the company marketing strategy. Compare the strategic goals and targets with actual results at regular intervals during implementation of the operations strategy and the corresponding plans. If there are continuing discrepancies, institute corrective action to bring the performance back to planned levels.

Keep track of corrective actions to incorporate them into future versions of the operations strategy. Warning An operations strategy that doesn't mesh with the strategies of the marketing, financial and human resources sectors of the business can put the company at risk for substantial losses.