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Keywords employers look for in cover letters

Web sites Ladders included devote thousands of pages to discussing the best practices of resume writing.

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Meanwhile, a cottage industry has grown up around certified professional resume writers CPRWs who study the art and technique of producing a resume with the best chance of navigating the software and human readers who review and judge your document. While experts talk less about cover letters, they must navigate the same course as your resume.

If the sources are quiet on cover letters, do they matter anymore? Like your resume, your cover letter has little room for error and demands exacting attention to structure and usage of keywords.

Top Adjectives to Use on a Cover Letter

To determine the best rules for writing a cover letter, Ladders asked the experts how cover letters are handled throughout the process. Do you need a cover letter? To start with, do you even need a cover letter?

Cover letters are a concise way to communicate your value to a company, and some recruiters and hiring managers do use them to winnow candidates.

  1. In those cases, the ATS renders the content of your e-mail as the cover letter and assumes any attachment is your resume.
  2. ATS reads resumes, looking for keywords. Like this resume keywords guide?
  3. My training and experience appear to match your job requirements.

Shackles said that, like many ATSes, the application accepts cover letters as text pasted into its online form, not as an attachment. Therefore, the application stores cover letters with the resume as searchable text.

  • Thus, when asked to e-mail a resume as an attachment, assume your e-mail content will be saved as a cover letter and write it accordingly;
  • I look forward to discussing;;;
  • You can also do the same when talking about your education, if applicable;
  • I am a detail-oriented secretary who carefully proofreads my emails, correspondence and reports;
  • List relevant skills to show them how broad your skill set is for their industry;
  • If the job description is vague, then go with adjectives that employers commonly prefer.

In those cases, the ATS renders the content of your e-mail as the cover letter and assumes any attachment is your resume. Thus, when asked to e-mail a resume as an attachment, assume your e-mail content will be saved as a cover letter and write it accordingly.

On the flip side are ATSes that only process resumes, not cover letters. What happens to your cover letter once it reaches human hands?

  • Ethics and Integrity If you are hoping to work in a job that involves handling confidential information, you should note any previous training and experience working in the area of data privacy, if any;
  • I would like to meet with you and discuss how my experience and abilities match your job requirements;
  • Pursue jobs that sound like they were written with someone like you in mind;
  • In this case, robots mean the ATS , or the Applicant Tracking System, which is software that hiring managers can use to help them sift through resumes and identify those with particular resume keywords.

His experience is backed up by research conducted by Phil Rosenberg, president of reCareeredan executive career-coaching service. Over the past two years, Rosenberg has surveyed hundreds of HR managers and recruiters and interviewed management at the Top 10 job boards.

155 Key Words For Resume and Cover Letter Construction

Less than 10 percent of HR departments scan cover letters. Eighty percent of HR staff, hiring managers and recruiters read the resume first. According to the survey: Most hiring managers have denied interviews to candidates qualified by their resumes, but disqualified by additional information in their cover letters Tailor the resume as well as the cover letter Couper advises his clients that you just never know whether someone is going to read the cover letter and whether it will make or break your application.

  • What is a keyword?
  • With this in view, I will call you next week;
  • About 6K users use C.

Hence, he advises clients to spend more time customizing their resumes than tinkering with their cover letters. Tailor both your resume and your cover letter to match specific job listings.

  1. How to use keywords When preparing your resume, use keywords liberally throughout but try to load them towards the beginning, especially in your Summary of Qualifications or Professional Profile. Use the resulting list of skill keywords as guide, not gospel.
  2. In your cover letter, insert at least three personal qualities that best describe you.
  3. Change their interest into desire by presenting fact after fact using key-need words and action verbs.
  4. State the response you want and state it with anticipation! I thoroughly understand the importance of storing sensitive data securely, out of respect for patient privacy.

Mandy Minor, a resume writer with J Allan Studioshandles the possibility of ATS scanning by giving her clients several choices of what to use in a cover letter: