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Mrs satan as my favorite teacher of the year

September 02, 2013 15: June 02, 2016 08: This is a day to honour your teachers and thank them for all that they have done mrs satan as my favorite teacher of the year you.

It is also a day to remember one of the greatest teachers of India Dr. Students from all over the country tell us about teachers who made a difference in their lives Inspiring My favourite teacher is Ms. She teaches Social Science. Though it is a difficult subject she makes it seem easy. She has been teaching us for the past three years. But this year, she is not teaching us and this makes me sad. The teacher who inspires me is Ms.

She teaches us English. She has been teaching us from the beginning of this academic year. She teaches in an interesting way, giving meaning to every line. I was happy that day. She made me feel really special that day! Is it possible to admire a person to such an extent that whatever they do, it just seems perfect? Why yes, without doubt, one can say that she knows a person who is perfect in everything they do, say or think. I too knew someone who made an impact on me.

A few years back. She was quite short and had a very pretty face with eyes that looked like almonds, and the most striking feature was her smile!

A smile that could brighten your day. She was exactly the kind of person whom children would love to see on their first day in class at a new school.

She knew how to make people feel special. We were in Kenya at that time. New school, new people, an altogether new life. I was feeling lost amidst all the happy chattering children. That was the most embarrassing moment on the first day at a new school. I somehow managed to stutter and stammer and talk to her.

I was sure I made a bad impression on her. But she found it rather amusing. I know you are feeling a bit low at the moment.

Just be happy with how things are going on. Keep that sweet smile of yours on and everyone would want to talk to you. By the end of the first day, two girls came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be their friend.

  • She made me feel really special that day!
  • And once she helped me in my speech;
  • I remember my mother, age 90 or so, cooking in her condominium kitchen and then exiting with a tray of food;
  • I remember the cards he would keep in his shirt pocket with quotes of the scriptures and Shakespeare and new words that he would memorize and learn;
  • She has all those qualities, which a good teacher is expected to have.

And I obviously agreed. Classes were going on fine. Since I used to reach early to class, I used to talk to her. She helped improve my English. We used have a creative writing period. She was impressed with my writing and encouraged me to write more.

And little by little she built up my English and made me confident. I really miss her. I tried to get in touch with her a couple of years ago only to learn that she had been suffering from cancer and had passed away.

  • She teaches us a lot of new things;
  • Her name is Naga Pramila.

How I wish I could spend more days with her, just to let her know how she changed my life, how she influenced me. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. I was fascinated by her. Any lesson that she took in class was not taught but narrated. She taught us from her heart and encouraged us by giving us gifts when we got good ranks.

A good school owned by Christine. She was characterised by a lot of good things. She never shouted at children. She was good to all. She never insulted or teased children. She loved me immensely. She encouraged me to read a lot of books. She is special to me. It is with pleasure I look back on the days we shared together. I miss you Christine. You are a mother turned into a teacher.

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She was my first grade class teacher. Those were hard times, when my mother, a first generation entrepreneur was struggling to stabilise her business. She would be immersed in work in her office and I, her only daughter, would be immersed in self-pity. When all my classmates would leave with their darling mothers at the stroke of the evening bell, I would have to wait for my mother to pick me up after all her official meetings were over.

Priya Aunty, as she was affectionately called by us would watch me mope. She would call me near her and give me a lot of work, as she corrected our workbooks. She would engage me in a conversation, and would keep on telling me that parents are great, all sacrificing, especially when they do a lot for the future of the kids, often casually hinting at my mom and dad. She soon made me realise the worth of my parents and kicked self-pity out of me. She encouraged my curricular and extracurricular activities, and honed my talents.

I cherish the memories of her classes because I deem that education is not filling up of a pail, it is the kindling of a fire. I am ever indebted to her for helping me develop my virtues and discard my vices. My teacher taught me to learn.

Celebrate your favourite teacher

My teacher taught me good and bad. My teacher taught me to write. My teacher taught me discipline. My teacher gave me advice and helped solve my problems. This teacher is Mrs. She teaches us a lot of new things. I thank you for guiding us, for improving our knowledge and giving us an opportunity to get to know about our skills.

X Social Science teacher. Among all the teachers I have seen and listened to she is by far the most inspiring and dedicated. She is a unique and radiant lady. She never showed any special care or consideration to me or to anyone, but the way she behaves makes her special. Positive energy sparkles as she walks by.

  1. With some frequency Sarah raised her hand and answered the questions. How I wish I could spend more days with her, just to let her know how she changed my life, how she influenced me.
  2. The good teacher explains.
  3. No doubt most of our youth have their evening prayers, but perhaps many of them struggle with the habit of personal morning prayer.
  4. This forces her to, in a last ditch effort, try to marry a blind guy.

Whenever I see her she is energetic and responsible, doing the work assigned to her with high speed and accuracy.

Her teaching is marvellous and she never scolds us. But the fact is that we never disturb her in class and one look is enough to make any naughty child sit quietly. She was the one who said that I have a different handwriting, even now others comment that it's so weird which resembles calligraphy.

And once she helped me in my speech. She is has a rich vocabulary and speaks well. Truly special The teacher who makes me feel special is my school principal Sudha Ramanan. She makes children understand how they should behave and the qualities necessary in life. In the Assembly Hall she communicates with all children and tells us important things about being respectful to our teachers, being friendly with everyone, showing an interest in others and many more things. She says the main point is to study well.

She also tells us that besides studies we should participate in co-curricular activities. During the Assembly she asks us questions related to meanings of certain words and also corrects our grammar mistakes. She appreciates and encourages us whenever we do good things. She makes me feel special because she is a teacher who understands the child well.