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The establishment objectives and the impact of the defenders of wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife

Background[ edit ] Defenders of Wildlife is a major national conservation organization dedicated to conserving wildlife, protecting wildlife habitat and safeguarding biodiversity. Founded in 1947, Defenders of Wildlife was originally called Defenders of Fur Bearers, with its primary mission to preserve wild animals.

Although its mission has broadened to include wildlife habitat and biodiversity, protecting wild animals--especially large carnivores--remains a central part of its mission.

The organization is headquartered in Washington, D. Clark holds a B. Prior to her time at Defenders, she worked more than 20 years in conservation positions for the federal government, including serving as director of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service. Goals[ edit ] Defenders' aim is to conserve the full range of vulnerable North American biodiversity, from plants and pollinators to predators.

The organization operates from the premise that in order for diverse wildlife populations in North America to be secure and thriving, they must be sustained by a transnational network of healthy lands and waters, including public and private lands, rivers and coastal waters, core natural areas and working landscapes.

Defenders of Wildlife focuses on three core methods to achieve its conservation goals: Prevent species and their habitats from becoming imperiled. Protect endangered and threatened species and their habitats. Restore the health of once-vulnerable species and their habitats. The most powerful tools for accomplishing the protection and recovery of imperiled and at-risk species is through influencing local, state and federal policy and laws, most especially the Endangered Species Act.

Specifically, the organization has identified "key species" that play a broader role in their ecosystems and serve as ambassador wildlife species.

The establishment objectives and the impact of the defenders of wildlife

Endangered Species Act — the organization is a leading voice on the Endangered Species Act and the protection and defense of threatened and endangered species in North America. However, Defenders also, works on other federal public lands and waters as well as with private lands owners where imperiled wildlife habitat could be affected.

Specifically, the organization has identified "featured landscapes" of special importance for wildlife conservation: Promoting Coexistence — a major focus of the organization is their focus on coexistence efforts to mitigate conflict between people, livestock and predators where their paths intersect. They have done pioneering work especially with wolves and bears to dispel intolerance, limit negative interactions, reduce depredations of livestock and promote nonlethal tools, strategies and solutions for dealing with wildlife.

Combating Climate Change — Climate change is the single biggest threat to wildlife facing the planet today and it is already having devastating effects on ecosystems and wildlife populations. Defenders works with wildlife and natural resource managers to address the impacts of climate change and to develop adaptive strategies to incorporate into conservation plans.

Advocating for International Species — the organization works internationally to combat the illegal wildlife trade and wildlife trafficking. Related organizations[ edit ] Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund is a 501 c 4 that works to influence policy at the federal level, persuading elected officials to protect our natural heritage and holding our leaders accountable. The action fund is affiliated with Defenders of Wildlife and shares the same conservation vision to secure thriving, diverse wildlife populations in North America, sustained by a network of healthy lands and waters.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund fulfills its part of this shared vision through hard-hitting accountability campaigns, petition drives and grassroots advocacy. Defenders Action Fund complies with all disclosure laws and voluntarily discloses large political contributions. Awards[ edit ] Defenders of Wildlife was listed as one of the best wildlife charities in 2006 by the magazine Reader's Digest.