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The evolution of the characters in the movie whats eating gilbert grape

A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie.

Parents say

He resists any temptations to simply pack up and leave their small Iowa town like his older brother. Violence A developmentally-disabled teenage boy is slapped in the face repeatedly by his older brother during a moment of overwhelming frustration.

This same boy is arrested by the police after climbing the town's water tower one-too-many times; he is forced into the back of the squad car and bumps his head upon entry. Reference made to the hanging suicide of the family's father. A stressed-out father has a heart attack not shown that is discussed among characters.

Three friends discussing the mortician work one of the friends does leads to a talk as to whether or not the morticians "mess with" the bodies. A house is set ablaze by the lead characters.

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Sex The lead character is having an affair with an older married woman. Oral sex is nearly initiated by her as he's on the phone with her husband. Jokes and cruel remarks whispered or mentioned offhand by people in the town at the expense of the Grape family's morbidly obese mother and developmentally-disabled son.

The developmentally-disabled son laughs maniacally at the mention of their father, then repeats over and over again "He's dead!

Consumerism The theme of the homogenization of America is explored through minor subplots: Some beer drinking from adults -- no one acts drunk.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

The mother, who has been morbidly obese since the suicide of her husband, is presented as a fully-developed character, but is also the victim of taunting from both children and adults. The teenage son Arnie Leonardo DiCaprio is developmentally disabled, which causes him to repeat words and phrases overheard while being incapable of understanding how these words might be hurtful to others, such as repeating "Dad's dead!

  1. Sie ist auf der Durchfahrt und bleibt gerade lang genug, dass eine Romanze zwischen ihr und Gilbert entstehen kann. His jaw dropping performance as Arnie, Gilberts mentally disabled younger brother, is spectacular.
  2. Artie at the beginning of the movie was the same Artie that was at the end of the movie. He resists any temptations to simply pack up and leave their small Iowa town like his older brother.
  3. Not saying she is a bad actress, but this was probably the best performance that I have seen her do. Arnie chases the vehicles, arms flailing, excited to see Becky again.

Gilbert is in the midst of an affair with an older married woman -- at one point she tries to initiate oral sex on him while he's on the phone with her husband. This husband, overwhelmed and stressed-out, loses his temper on his kids, forcing them into their kiddie pool before he dies of a heart attack not shown. Death and dying is discussed.


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