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The gratifying extra curricular activities of voluntary service all over the world

Offers PTO for Volunteering: Yes Offers Employee Matching Funds: Yes Learn more in the Great Place to Work review here.

  • I hope Volunteers' Week is a great success and that many more people, young and old, can begin to enjoy the benefits of volunteering;
  • Sam Dudman, Haslemere, Surrey, UK We tithe, directed towards specific orphanages, retirement homes and shelters for battered women;
  • Although I'm busy I still love to volunteer as I meet new people and contribute to society in something other than monetary value;
  • It would be more prudent to be paid for doing the stuff that I do as a volunteer which I do well and with pride as it has a greater contribution to society than a boring office job in which I stare half-heartedly at a computer all day;
  • Liz, Netherlands Having volunteered in a couple of hospices working with the terminally ill , I agree that volunteers benefit as much as the people they're helping;
  • We feel empowered to give back to the community and know Intuit supports us.

Intuit Courtesy of Intuit Employees say: I was always resistant to working for a big corporation, but joining Intuit was the best career decision I have ever made. I truly love it and intend to spend the rest of my working days here. People truly care about each other and our customers. I am personally a leader of an employee network and am given the time and support needed to effectively manage the network and plan and execute activities supporting our community.

The 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back

We are known in the area as a very giving organization, and that is really important to me. My friends and family get tired of hearing me talk about how awesome this company is and how much I love my job. It believes so much in giving back that each employee is given 32 paid hours to help out local organizations. In addition, the company will match monetary contributions dollar for dollar as long as the contribution is made to a 501c3.

  • I spent a summer trying to collect signatures for a pedestrian crossing, and despite avoiding a bucket of water thrown at me at one point by someone who disagreed, it gave me a lot of courage to talk to people;
  • However, volunteering is good for my soul!
  • The 20 boys come from four or five schools in the town and their only connection with each other is the team.

We feel empowered to give back to the community and know Intuit supports us. Autodesk Courtesy of Autodesk Employees say: Also, it offers volunteer work that you can do from your office. The Autodesk Foundation grants thousands of licenses each year to nonprofits and startups meeting our criteria.

  • It's quite a lot of work but, on the other hand, it's hugely rewarding and I really do feel that our governing body makes a difference to the lives of the children and staff at our school;
  • Mark Balaam, Cheadle, UK I use my spare time in the evenings and weekends to help fundraise for children's education in India, through the organization Asha for Education.

In addition, each June we host a Global Month of Impact where events are set up at many of the offices and employees are encouraged to donate their time. This year we assembled 3D-printed prosthetic hands.

Extra-curricular activities are worth the extra effort

Deloitte Courtesy of Deloitte Employees say: Every year, we have an Impact Day where we take time away from client service to perform community service. We also conduct fun events like golf tournaments that benefit a charity or foundation in the area. The one that makes me feel the most rewarded and proud is the commitment to giving back. When a call to donate goes out, the employees always come through with payroll contributions, time, or donating needed items.

With charity walks, charity raffles, drives for clothing, school supplies, and food, everyone has the opportunity to contribute in their own way.