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What is the main objectives and vision mission of the jollibee interprises

For two years, business was looking good and Tony eventually added savory foods to satisfy customers with more than ice cream.

After a year, Jollibee Foods Corporation was founded and soon became a market leader. They understand how their taste buds work. They pay respect to what their customers want, and they use this to help provide food items that will attract and keep a customer for the coming days, months and even years. They also promote the importance of family relationships, which is very relevant to the close family ties expressed and practiced by most Filipinos.

Today, Jollibee has more than 760 branches operating in the Philippines. They have also branched out into international markets.

McDonald’s Mission Statement & Vision Statement (An Analysis)

It has been stated by Jollibee that they are firmly establishing themselves as a growing competitor in the international quick service industry Jollibee Foods Corporation, 2014.

It also contains the operations of the company and their audience or market. Strategies can be formulated from just the mission statement for it provides a framework for strategists to work upon Duke University, 2013.

Vision, Mission, Values and Corporate Objectives

As the company grows, it is possible that their mission statement gets updated occasionally. However, it is important that the mission keeps true to the company as it is updated. It must also be concise and written well to avoid any miscommunication towards stakeholders Duke University, 2013. It also serves to inspire employees and executives to perform better.

The vision and mission must go hand in hand. If not, the employees and executives will be confused as to what their purpose as a company really is.

  1. As stated before, more people are becoming busier with their lifestyles.
  2. With this rate, the price of goods will not increase as fast Rappler, 2015. The company has already reached the P500 million sales mark.
  3. He is president of JFC. We can close gap between opportunities and threats.
  4. Jollibee takes advantage of this trend by opening branches near corporations and inside malls— locally and internationally.

This may cause lack in productivity, and brand awareness will not be so spread out. This is true because if the employees do not understand who they are, what more with the customers.

Objectives and Goals Objectives and goals have been mistaken to be synonymous, but there is a significant similarity and differences. The goal is broader. It defines what the organization is exerting itself to accomplish.

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The goal is accomplished only in the long run for it is too big to be accomplished quickly. The goal involves the major actions done by the organization. On the other hand, objectives are more specific and measurable. It is always concise and understandable. Usually, objectives have a deadline for its completion because these are accomplished in a shorter period.

Therefore, strategists tailor the necessary strategies to the goals and objectives of the company. Core Competencies In 1997, Coyne, Hall and Clifford stated and proposed that "a core competence is a combination of complementary skills and knowledge bases embedded in a group or team that results in the ability to execute one or more critical processes to a world class standard.

These aggregates are able to generate a sustainable synergy amongst workers. These help inform strategic planning by being able to communicate with the people within the company as to how they should perform.

When core competencies are written out, it will help promote healthy competition in the workplace. Hypothetically, this will be able to boost productivity and work relations.

Jollibee Foods Corporation

This is crucial to a strategic plan for the organization is only as good as its employees. Overall the mission, vision, objectives, goals and core competencies of a company are guides and provide a framework for strategists to apply in strategic planning.

If done correctly, the company must effectively use this plan to reach their desired outcome in the near future. If research is done on whether JFC has a different vision, mission, goals and business strategy between its a local and b global operations.

Not only is the name different but also the mission and vision.

McDonald’s Corporate Mission Statement

The mission and vision of JFC is: To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone Jollibee Foods Corporation, 2014. We strive to become a model corporate citizen by being relevant to the communities we serve.

Our brands are either 1 or 2 in each of our market segments. It is the vision of JFC to become one of the three largest and most profitable restaurant companies in the world by 2020 Jollibee Foods Corporation, 2014.

To provide quality business services at a speed and cost better than competition, enabling our business partners to achieve global market leadership.

  1. The employee then thinks of an alternative to this and rushes to Jollibee.
  2. Outline the different sections of a strategic plan, and explain each briefly, according to your own understanding. However, their vision statements are closely similar to one another.
  3. Skip to main content 10 most important business objectives vision statements, mission statements and objectives.
  4. This would mean that people would spend less on luxuries and rather spend it on necessities such as food. Therefore, Jollibee need to help farmers for stable resource of material.
  5. Besides that, Jollibee also has reward system for employee.

To be a leading shared services organization creating value to business partners through customer focus, cost leadership, and organizational excellence Jollibee Worldwide Services, 2014. This has given them the confidence to branch out internationally with the name Jollibee Worldwide Services. They provide quick and inexpensive services that help their partners become global market leaders. However, their vision statements are closely similar to one another.

They have both stated that they are striving to become one of the best and leading players in their industry. But stated ways in how they will do so and they are different. Their statements are different for it cannot be the same for both local and international markets. Jollibee must be able to alter certain statements and strategies when they are competing internationally. In addition, the company also faces more competitors internationally; that is why their goals and objectives are different.

They have to come up with more creative and outstanding ideas to become better than their competitors and rivals. It shows how the companies should handle decisions and actions that will be taken in the next few years since this plan is for long-term Rousey, 2013. The plan guides the company in where they should focus their resources, funds, operations and priorities. This is to make sure that the stakeholders such as the 4 employees are working in line with the plan.

What is the main objectives and vision mission of the jollibee interprises

It is important for the managers to keep this as a standard for the completion of the plan is solely on their hands Rousey, 2013. In the composition of the plan, the company takes into consideration factors that have a significant impact.

These factors come from internal and external environments. Internal environment is composed of factors housed within the company: The external environment is composed factors that happen outside the company and have no control over: Since the capabilities, knowledge and experiences have a key role in determining success, companies pay close attention in recruitment.

They see to it that every employee is an asset to them. Organizational Culture — The attitudes and personalities of the people within the organization and how they are handled play an important part in the success of a company.

Negative attitudes and personalities will make execution of the plan more difficult than it should be because employees with these are prone to being stubborn what is the main objectives and vision mission of the jollibee interprises sluggish. However, their positive counterparts make it easier and smoother. In addition to this, customers will also experience great service due to the willingness of some employees.

Management — The leadership styles practiced by managers are of great importance. The managers must find the leadership style that is suitable to the attitudes and personalities of those under him. It is known that engaging employees in minor decision-making events. This gives them a sense of trust and accountability from their superiors, which will strengthen their relationship with one another.

Economy — The economy of the country where the company is or will be operating on will dictate certain actions and decisions of a company. The economy dictates the 5 spending power of the people within the country.

If the economy is down, interest rates go up. This would mean that people would spend less on luxuries and rather spend it on necessities such as food. If so, the company must formulate ways in doing it better than their competition. This is so because if they are to adapt to the culture, they will be more effective and appealing to the locals of the country. Given these factors and issues, determine how JFC has aligned its strategic plan to meet its objectives and goals.

JFC aims to be a leader in the quick service industry, and they will reach this faster if they were to address these factors and issues accordingly. By doing so, JFC will have a better understanding of what their strategic plan should be executed.

This division focuses on having regular checkups on the performance of international branches. The division also addresses any problems by providing solutions. The FSM handles the factors arising from the internal environment of the company.

JFC sees to it that project managers of international branches are locals, and the FSM helps the project managers by assessing their performance and providing help. The FSM and project managers work together in making the right decisions during the startup process such as the location of the site. With the native project managers, the management would know the best style in handling the employees under him who are locals, as well.

Since the managers and employees are of the same culture as those with the locals, the branch will become more accommodating towards customers. Other food item staples such as the Chickenjoy are available in most menus around the world.

In Brunei, Jollibee has added chicken curry to their menu due to the heavy Singaporean, Indonesian and Malaysian influence. In Qatar, the people are meat-lovers, which is why Jollibee added meat wraps with beef or chicken strips. What is the main objectives and vision mission of the jollibee interprises adding these to their menus, Jollibee becomes more appealing towards the customers, and this is also done due to the tight competition with competitors having cheaper alternatives and these are more in tune with the local taste buds.

Jollibee then takes the time to research the flavors that appeal to the locals and formulating unique recipes for local dishes to be added into the menu. The Boston Consulting Group formulated the BCG Matrix or growth-share matrix to help categorize the many products of a company and helps formulate strategies in what to do with the categorized products.

The products are classified according to their market growth and share rates. Market growth rate is the increase in the sales of a company in a certain consumer group within a given time frame. This means that if sales go up, then demand goes higher as well. This may go down if the consumers do not like what the company is offering to them. Therefore, a high market growth rate is good for this indicates an increase in revenue. An increase in their market share would indicate that there is a positive cash flow for the company, and the opposite happens when there is a decrease.