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What is the theme of always a motive

Widgets Introduction Thank you for purchasing our product! We are very glad that you have decided on our Motive WordPress Theme. This documentation will help you to set up and use the Motive WordPress Theme. The theme is very easy to use and we are here to guide and help you, so please read and follow the documentation, if there are some other issues you want to discuss then do not hesitate to contact us on support teslathemes.

This documentation is more of a reference work if you do not know what to do, or if you are not familiar to WordPress. Please read the following very carefully as it will help you set the theme up, we have gone through the setup process multiple times and provided the best possible instructions.

We strongly recommend you to use a fresh install of WordPress and integrate your content into the pages according to the documentation. Of course, you can try to implement the theme into your current WordPress, but we will not provide in-depth support for it.

The theme has specific settings that may conflict with your current setup of categories, plugins, javascript use, and more. We wish you good luck in your work with Motive WordPress Theme, and of course we would love to see your website and what you come up with by using this theme.

The theme is very easy to use and we are here to guide and help you, so please read and follow the instructions and if you have further questions write us a email support teslathemes. This documentation is more of a reference work if you do not know what to do and need a better understanding on how the template is built write us an email.

You can click on small images to zoom in and then move the mouse to the position you need. Browser and Devices support Since Motive is built on the Bootstrap 3 framework, it supports the same browsers as Bootstrap. This template is responsive and should look fine on all standard mobile devices. Installing WordPress To start working with Motive you first need to have WordPress installed on your server local,dev or production Step 1: Upload Copy the extracted contents of wordpress-ver.

Make sure WordPress has permissions to write to the folder it is located in. Now when accessing the corresponding URL you should see the following message: Edit the Configuration File Auto Mode: After clicking on "Create a configuration file" then "Let's Go" you will get the configuration page: If the information is correct and everything works fine you will receive: If it's successful then skip the "Manual Mode" if not, follow the instructions bellow.

You can either rename the file wp-config-sample. Don't change this if in doubt. Site name and login data If it's all sparky then you click Run the Install and fill all the lines shown bellow: This being the last step you will see a success message.

Click Log in and now you can proceed to you site. Now you can go to installing your Motive WordPress Theme.

  • Loads options from an earlier exported file;
  • Shortcode "About" This shortcode has a second type:

Option A Follow the steps and upload the Theme's installation zip file through the WordPress admin backend: Download the theme archive, Motive. Then, when prompted activate the theme. Now you are ready to customize your theme.

Browser and Devices support

Also, select "Home" as the template used by the page. Make sure that the permalink slug is "blog" only. Also, select "Default Template" as the template used by the page. Set the front page to display as a static page: Choose your posts page from the drop-down menu. It should be the "Blog" page we have just created. Your page should look something like: Tesla Framework All our themes are powered by Tesla Framework Tesla Framework Toura powerful administration tool that comprises all our great features and allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your theme, without advanced knowledge of programming.

It gives you the possibility to customize and manage your theme settings from a dedicated area within your WordPress Admin. Tesla Framework works smoothly, is intuitive and easy to use, once you install one of our themes you will be able to personalize its logo, site background and color, SEO options, social media networks and more; all from one place.

Our Framework is in continuous development and improvement process, we are working hard to provide you an easy administration tool, and we're guided by the latest UX trends and new technologies. To personalize your theme you need to follow the instructions below.

Motive WP Theme

Options will vary from theme to theme depending on their features. General Settings Use these settings to customize the logo,favicon and to insert custom css. Site Colors Use these settings to change available theme colors and background image. Typography Use these settings to change available theme typography fonts and colors. Also you can insert a tracking code that will be appended in the body of your website.

Contact Info These options tweak your Contact page template and your Contact widget. The options left blank will not appear. Additional Options This section of the framework differs the most from theme to theme. Most of the settings have descriptions or are pretty self explanatory, so please try to play with them before asking for support: Fields left blank will not apear. Here is an example on the Motive's 404 error page with the colors corresponding to the image above.

Footer Style 1 close version. Footer Style 1 open version. Footer Style 2 close version.


Footer Style 2 open version. Here is an example of Related Posts from the Blog Page with the colors corresponding to the image above. Subscription If you use the subscribe for on your project, all incoming data will be showed in thie section.

It is highly recommended that you perform a backup of your what is the theme of always a motive by using the Export Options button, and then saving the file to a safe location, before proceeding with any of the other options located here. If you use the built in Export Options feature to create a backup, Tesla Themes Support can assist with any issues that you may encounter.

If you use a third party backup product, i. Restores all the inputs to default values. You will lose all customization made in the theme options tabs. Imports the options predefined by our developers as seen on demo page. Importing demo options will not make your website look entirely as on our demo. You still need to import demo content and use specific plugins and widgets if theme requires so. Saves the current options to a file. This file can be later used to import options as described below.

Useful when migrating to a new server. Loads options from an earlier exported file. Importing or clearing options will erase your theme current settings from Tesla Theme page. Make sure you make a backup first by "Exporting Options". Importing Demo Content will add posts and media files to your WordPress database. It is not recommended to do it if you already have your own content. If you have already created your own content in this theme and still want to import the demo content, then It would be better if you back up your data before importing the demo content.

You may encounter an error s due to permissions or to duplicate content. If the final message is green and successful just ignore them. If it fails or takes longer than 15 min to load please contact our support team and send your WordPress login, as well as any FTP login.

Theme Updates WordPress will check for updates each hour and our themes will be displayed on the WP's updates page automatically. Your Tesla Theme will have updates made available from time to time and you should update your theme when you see that an update is available. A Child Theme inherits all functionality from the Parent Theme i. If you are an experienced user of WordPress and already know how to create a child theme, please do so before customization, and then do all customization on the child theme i.

If you are a beginner, or have never created a child theme, then please refer to the WordPress Codex for more information: Child Theme and for instructions on how to manually crate a child theme. You will lose all the customizations made in the parent theme if you make this update. Make sure that you work with Child Theme to keep the customizations during updates. For the sake of clarity: Although you can customize this Parent Theme directly, you must always bear in mind that when Motive theme updates are made available, and you choose to update your theme, most or all of your theme customizations will what is the theme of always a motive lost!

If an update is available, the newest version will be displayed and the "Go to updates page" button will appear, clicking on it will lead you to the WordPress' updates page. Click on View Changelog before updating to see what has been added or changed.

  • This documentation is more of a reference work if you do not know what to do and need a better understanding on how the template is built write us an email;
  • Also, select "Home" as the template used by the page;
  • When adding a new page you can choose from the four templates below;
  • The options left blank will not appear.

Contact Form Builder This feature is not available on all themes. Tesla Contact Form Builder is meant to give the user as much customizability of the structure and appearance of your contact forms in the theme as the layout permits.

To create a contact form, go to the Forms menu and begin customizing the default form that has already been created. Be sure to fill in the: The email address where you want the form data to be sent.