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A comparison of christianity in the past and now

And I don't know how they found it, either by watching madmen or something, but since that time they have used it and it became what is known as Christianity. There was no Christ.

But the man on the cross is shown as Everyman. So of course each person seeing a crucified man, has an immediate feeling of sympathy for this man. Therefore you get many PCs who says they are Christ. Now, there's two reasons for that, one is the Roman Empire was prone to crucify people, so a person can have been crucified, but in R6 he is shown as crucified.

Hear it in Hubbard's own words! These implants cause us to do all sorts of crazy things, and of course Hubbard's auditing procedures a comparison of christianity in the past and now break the power of the implants. Here, Hubbard says that Christianity is a religious system built on parts of the R6 implants, with the behavior of the mentally ill used as its model.

After establishing the origins of Christianity upon the ravings of the mentally ill, Hubbard goes on to deny the existence of Christ, saying instead that all men share the implant of the cross, which is part of R6. Thus, according to Hubbard, responding to Christ is simply being under the control of a false memory implant.

In the quote Hubbard explains why many people at some point in auditing sessions seem to remember that they were Jesus, but that that is not the case, but people are either remembering the part of the R6 implant where everyone sees themselves as a crucified man, or are remembering a former life in Roman times when crucifiction was used as punishment.

Hubbard suggests that Christ's popularity may be due to many Christians' previous lives in the Roman Empire, where they themselves may have been crucified.

While Hubbard never specifies "somebody" or "somewhere", he does specify the time 600 BC. It is difficult to guess what actual event to which he may be referring.

If anyone else can make a connection to 600 BC, please contact me. Geoff Burling suggests Hubbard may be referring unattributed, as was his custom to Will Durant's multivolume work, The Story of Civilization. The death of Christ on the cross of course happened after 600 BC.

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However, it was prophesied in Psalm 22, which is dated at around 1000 BC during the reign of King David: These auditors then go on to "counsel" lower-level church members with this "knowledge" of R6 and God. In an example of showmanship, Hubbard can be heard in the audio taking a puff of his cigarette before delivering his punchline. Hubbard on the Basis of Christianity "The whole Christian movement is based on the victim. Compulsion of the overt-motivator sequence.

They won by appealing to victims. We can win by converting victims. Christianity succeeded by making people into victims. We can succeed by making victims into people. According to Hubbard, victims are at effect, which is antithetical to the objectives of Scientology "making the able more able". The overt-motivator sequence is Scientology jargon. According to Hubbard, thinking bad thoughts about someone is a "motivator" to commit an overt act against that person.

Since Christ was crucifed an overtthere must be a bad thought preceding it. Perhaps Hubbard is saying people compulsively join Christianity because they are sorry for their overt against Christ because their bad thoughts sin caused his crucifixion.

While Christ was certainly a victim, Hubbard misses the point of Christianity - that God came to us to offer reconciliation, and that Christ's death satisfied the Jewish laws regarding atonement for sins See Paul's letter to the Hebrews.

Hubbard mocks Christ's "victimhood" as being powerlessness again entirely missing the point. Christianity does not teach Christians to be victims, as Hubbard implies. However, scripture is full of repressed peoples, hoping for God's deliverance e.

Hubbard's theory of R6 includes the command "to forget" and Hubbard is claiming that parts of R6 occasionally surface. The Roman Catholic Church apparently saw these and invented Christianity.

Note that Hubbard's time line is incorrect; Christianity preceeded the Church of Rome. Choosing the Church of Rome as the progenitor of Christianity is like saying clams were the progenitors of human beings which Hubbard also happened to claim in History of Man.

This reference is quite close to the previous reference and could be another interpretation of the same passage. However, the mention of the Roman Catholic Church by name makes this sentence appear to be unique and therefore genuine. Hubbard on the Leaders of the Christian Church " Also the Christian Church used and uses implanting with a squirrel version of the "7s".

These gangsters were the Nicomidians from lower Egypt who were chased out for criminal practices implanting officials. They took over the Niocene Creed before the year zero, invented Christ who comes from the crucifixion in R6 75m years ago and implanted their way to "power". The original Nicomidians date about 600 BC and people who were Christ date at 75m years ago.

Not known for his technical accuracy, Hubbard surpasses himself in this passage. Hubbard's knowledge of Christianity was quite limited, and it shows in this and other writings on the subject. Hubbard misstates a comparison of christianity in the past and now the time and place. Hubbard has the chain of events a comparison of christianity in the past and now backward in an attempt to invalidate Christianity.

  • One exception is Uganda, where roughly one-third of respondents who were raised Muslim now describe themselves as Christian, while far fewer Ugandans who were raised Christian now describe themselves as Muslim;
  • Hubbard on the Soul "Now we say this thing called a thetan is capable of producing all sorts of things, and we say this is THE person;
  • Thus, Hubbard implies that the Christian Church exerts mind control over its followers.

In fact, Christianity existed first, then met at Nicea, and created the Creed. Nicomidia[sic] is really "Nicomedia" and was located next to Nicea. The Nicene Creed is a statement of belief that is common to all Christian churches.

It cannot be "taken over" any more than the Gospel of Matthew can be "taken over". This belief is unique to Christianity. There were no Christ ca 1 A. D, therefore there were no Christians in Byzantium, therefore there was no Creed to be "taken" by the Nicomedians that were not in lower Egypt.

Comparison of Buddhism & Christianity

There is no year zero; January 1, 1 A. The reference to Egypt may stem from Hubbard's mentor, Aleister Crowley, who studied Egyptian magick cults.

Global Christianity – A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population

Hubbard studied these same cults prior to writing Dianetics. One of the bishops at the Council of Nicea was from Egypt, which could also explain Hubbard's misperception. Consistent with other Advanced Technology passages, Hubbard asserts that Christ never existed and is part of R6, the bad movies that were shown to everyone on Earth 75 million years ago.

Thus, according to Hubbard, the real Crucifixion occurred 75 million years ago and is only an implant false memory. Hubbard's "proof" of R6 is based on auditing engrams. However, "An Experimental Investigation of Hubbard's Engram Hypothesis Dianetics "showed that Hubbard could not retrieve an engram, therefore his R6 hypothesis is baseless.

There is no physical evidence in the fossil record from 75 mya for R6's hydrogen bombs. The 7s refers to a Scientology auditing process. Hubbard and Scientology does not allow religious dissent; standing orders are to "smash the squirrels" - persecute non-orthodox splinter groups into bankruptcy. Thus, Hubbard implies that the Christian Church exerts mind control over its followers. It is untrue that the Christian Church in general and as a matter of doctrine uses mind control.

To be in power means to be at cause over others. Hubbard on Heaven "For a long while, some people have been cross with me for my lack of co-operation in believing in a Christian Heaven, God and Christ. I have never said I didn't disbelieve in a Big Thetan but there was certainly something very corny about Heaven et al. Now I have to apologize. There was a Heaven.

Not too unlike, in cruel betrayal, the heaven of the Assassins in the 12th Century who, like everyone else, dramatized the whole track implants - if a bit more so. The symbol of the crucified Christ is very apt indeed.

It's the symbol of a thetan betrayed. Apparently, Hubbard had been denying God and Christ for quite some time, upsetting Scientologists who were Christian.

  • On the Tone Scale, death is below other emotions such as antagonism, hostility, anger, and hate;
  • Geoff Burling suggests Hubbard may be referring unattributed, as was his custom to Will Durant's multivolume work, The Story of Civilization.

Hubbard employs a triple negative "never said I didn't disbelieve". While this might be expected in a lecture, HCOBs are written on paper and are presumably proofread by Hubbard. Hubbard may be slyly saying that he does not believe in God while making it sound like he might. Hubbard says the Christian believe in the wrong kind of Heaven, that Heaven is a betrayal. In HCOB 11 May, 1963 [at end of post]Hubbard talks about Heaven as a series of implants, the earlier version looking beautiful, but a later version looking shabby and unkempt.

Tolerance and Tension: Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Note that Hubbard says "there was [emphasis added] a heaven", implying it no longer exists. Hubbard Again on Heaven "Further, we have our hands on an appalling bit of technology where the world is concerned. With rapidity and a Meter it can be shown that Heaven is a false dream and that the old religion was based on very painful lie, cynical betrayal. HCOB 11 May, 1963 [at end of post] describes an implant [false memory] that Hubbard claims to have "discovered".

Hubbard says this implant lies at the root of religion's "appearance of insanity". Heaven is vividly described in the implant, which at first appears like Bush Gardens in Pasadena. Hubbard then describes a "shabby" form of Heaven, which has been transformed by "one trillion years" of betrayal. Hubbard finishes with the above quote. Hubbard and by extension Scientology maligns other religions in their upper-level courses while publicly claiming to be "tolerant" of other religions.

Hubbard on the Cross and Christ "Religion does much to keep the assumption in restimulation, being basically a control mechanism used by those who have sent the preclear into a body. You will find the cross as a symbol all over the universe, and the Christ legend as implant in preclears a million years ago. Here, Hubbard claims that the cross is a common symbol.

Taken with Hubbard's teaching of Past Lives, the implication is that the cross is just part of the baggage we carry around in our Reactive Mind. Thus, it's appearance in Christianity is spurious. This is at odds with the historical record; this form of execution is documented outside of Christianity.