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A look at americas most wanted sweethearts

Critics who had heard the recordings referred to the tracks as "her best recordings yet. Non-US versions of the album feature — though uncredited — Brody Dalle and Kim Deal on a different recording of "Sunset Strip" with slightly altered lyricssinging and playing guitar.

The wrong sweethearts for America

Dalle claims she is also a co-writer of the song. However, recordings from the 2003 sessions were distributed to four different record labels after their completion. However, upon purchasing the album, Virgin demanded that the album be re-recorded so it would make their fiscal-year deadline of March 31.

Also, amidst the several controversies surrounding America's Sweetheart's release, Love accused Virgin Records of putting the final product out before it was finished. According to her, the record company chose the songs, the cover, the recorded vocals and the final arrangements without her participation: I made five good songs.

I had twelve songs, but they're not on the album. I had no creative control.

By late 2006, the legal status of all of them seemed to have been corrected. Music and composition[ edit ] Love, on various occasions, has stated her disappointment with the album. She demonstrated her extreme regret about the record in a September 2006 interview: The production was a nightmare. Linda and I had written some really good songs, but they were rendered lazily and sound like shit.

The art was horrific and not my idea and the label didn't back it at all. I was busy taking drugs to dull the pain of having lost everything and made a shit album to boot [.

It almost had a moment of being Exile on Main Street — almost — but that's like almost winning a race.

America's Most Eligible Season 10 Choices

You either do or you do not. And in this case it's a delightfully written record in parts and sonically untenable with two of the most pretentious songs I have ever written. They just were produced crap and the songs weren't taken further than demo status. The art still makes me seethe. At least make it look cool, and instead there's me as a Playboy pinup.

I love Olivia 's art but that was personal for me — not art for a record. After adding drum takes to the album, Maloney travelled back to the US and was put in charge of assembling Love's live band, which later became known as The Chelsea.

After auditions, Maloney reconnected with guitarist Radio Sloanfound guitarist Lisa Leveridge, bassist Dvin Kirakosian, [13] and the four women formed the core of Love's backing band.

Violinist Emilie Autumn later joined the band.