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A research on the mechanical engineering career

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery Instruments and Controls Advanced computer programming Students should try to land a paid or unpaid engineering internship.

Why Study Mechanical Engineering?

An internship can help the student understand the "real world" of engineering and apply the theories and principles that were taught in the classroom. An internship can also help the student determine his or her professional preferences, strengths and weaknesses.

Once again, because good oral and written communication skills are essential to a successful career in mechanical engineering, the student should not neglect the liberal arts and humanities. Moreover, because many large industrial companies that employ mechanical engineers are international, a second language can be invaluable. Salaries and Trends in Mechanical Engineering Careers According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics BLSemployment in the field is expected to grow about nine percent over the next decade, bringing along 21,300 new positions.

Mechanical Engineers

Additionally, many openings will result from the natural replacement of workers who transfer to other occupations or retire. Industries that paid the highest annual mean wage include: In particular, medical biotechnology is becoming more attractive to mechanical engineers who specialize in design mechanics. This area involves the design of prosthetic devices and artificial organs.

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Mechanical engineers work with medical doctors to design and develop these products that will withstand stress and be compatible with the human body. Ask yourself these questions to help you evaluate your potential future as a mechanical engineering major: Do you struggle in math and science?

Mechanical engineering

Are you naturally curious about how things work? Do you take things apart and put them back them back together? This is a natural trait of a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineering

Do you enjoy discovering new or better ways to do things? If so, mechanical engineering may be the right path for you.

  1. Do people trust your decisions?
  2. ABET accredits programs in engineering and engineering technology.
  3. Most employers prefer to hire students from an accredited program. These programs take up to 6 years to complete, and provide the student with valuable industry experience while helping to pay for their schooling.

Can you process visual information and create mental images of objects that are yet to be developed? These abilities are critical to engineering, especially in the area of product design.

What jobs can you do with a mechanical engineering degree?

Do people trust your decisions? If so, then you have demonstrated the ability to make rational decisions, a necessary requirement for the mechanical engineer.

The following trade associations are great sources of information about the field of mechanical engineering: