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A review of the story griffins egg

Griffin’s Egg: A semi-ambitious novella

The story of a industrial worker on the moon who must deal with the spillover of violence from Earth to the point of post-humanism, the effort succeeds for as much as it could be improved, proving the combination at least marginally effective. Gunther Weil is an employee of G5, one of the biggest industries mining the moon for metals and raw materials. But he is more afraid of political turmoil on Earth; governments continually with fingers on the button, Weil considers life on the moon a worthy sacrifice.

World governments reacting in kind, the effects eventually reach the moon. A terrorist unleashing a chemical agent into one of the mining complexes, Weil and the others must find a way to bring normalcy back to their isolated colony. The choice they ultimately face amidst the evolving chaos, however, is anything but.

A review of the story griffins egg

The plot fast-paced, no time is wasted moving story along. At the same time, Swanwick gives tale a modern edge. Stylistically competent, there are, however, a couple large concerns. As Swanwick never delimits the situation or technology in detail, the future scene is rife with possibility. The continual reveal of game changing elements when the clock has already started running may be interesting from a tech point of view, but can be frustrating, and is particularly noticeable upon the conclusion.

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The characters faced with a difficult choice, there is a lack of drama given that the subject of the choice has evolved so frequently. Working like magic not technology, it gets mixed in with all of the other random items, leading to such questions as: Or, if I wait to the next page, will another element appear to negate this option?

Another matter is that several of the scenes have a weak connection to the main storyline.

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The characters and premise seeming to buffet rather than drive the story, the result is a feeling that the novella could have been expanded into a novel such that the scenes which only loosely fit would have been better situated, or conversely, the digressive scenes deleted in order not to distract from the whole.

Swanwick bursting with opinion, there are also doses, mostly cynical, of commentary regarding humanity and its perception of itself.

Set on the moon, the scenery and plot elements have a strong Silver Age feel. Check out the cover.

I found the story focused only at times, the continual appearance of game changers subverting the overall thematic aim. But for those looking for mini-space opera, it will certainly satisfy. Posted by Jesse at.