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A summary of a personal experience of a hurricane isabel in the washington dc area

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Parts of coastal Virginiaespecially in the Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina areas, were without electricity for almost a month. Coastal areas suffered from waves and its powerful storm surge, with areas in eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia reporting severe damage from both winds and the storm surge. Isabel's greatest effect was due to flood damage, the worst in some areas of Virginia since 1972's Hurricane Agnes.

Strong swells also lashed the Bahamas.

Hurricane Isabel (2003)

During most hurricanes, the location of the Bahamas prevents powerful swells of Atlantic hurricanes from striking southeast Florida.

Minor beach erosion was reported in Palm Beach County.

  • Excess amounts of water led to the closure of many crab processing plants and crab house restaurants, and officials restricted harvest on shellfish for eleven days due to unsafe impurities in the water;
  • The storm surge and waves from Isabel also resulted in a breach between Hatteras and Hatteras Inlet;
  • The storm made landfall near Ocracoke Island as a Category 2 hurricane but it packed quite a punch for areas well inland from the coast.

Rainfall was light, peaking at 1. Most areas with power outages had power restored within a few days. The surge caused significant damage to homes along river ways, [39] especially along the middle reaches of the James River basin.

Further inland, heavy rainfall was reported, peaking at 20. The worst of Isabel's effects came from its storm surge, which inundated areas along the coast and resulted in severe beach erosion.

Hurricane Isabel

In Eastern Marylandhundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed by the storm surge and related tidal flooding. The most severe flooding occurred in the southern portions of Dorchester and Somerset counties and on Kent Island in Queen Anne's County.

Thousands of houses were affected in Central Maryland, with severe storm surge flooding reported in Baltimore and Annapolis. Rough waves and a moderate storm surge along the coastline caused moderate to severe beach erosion, and one person was killed from the rough waves.

Remembering Hurricane Isabel, 10 years later (PHOTOS)

Two people died in the region as a result of the hurricane, both due to the rough surf from Isabel. The South Branch Potomac River crested at 24. In Jefferson Countytwo people required rescue after a car drove into floodwaters. With the wet grounds, the wind gusts toppled thousands of trees, which fell onto homes, roads, and power lines.

  • No damage was reported from Isabel in the region;
  • A transformational programme for working professionals at the london school of washington dc senior isabel dedring spent five years at transport for;
  • Most areas with power outages had power restored within a few days;
  • Much of the shoreline of Prince George's County possessed adequate rise of terrain to prevent significant flooding, though the high waters closed three roads where the shoreline was not high enough;
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No deaths were reported, [1] and three were injured from the hurricane. Additionally, Doppler weather radar estimated rainfall approached 2. No damage was reported from Isabel in the region. At Hamiltonthe waves surpassed seawalls and produced spray onto coastal streets.

The disaster declaration allocated the use of federal funds for rebuilding and providing aid in the aftermath of hurricane Isabel.

Effects of Hurricane Isabel in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

When visitors were allowed to return, many ventured to see the new inlet, despite a 1-mile 1. Coastal geologists were opposed to the solution, stating the evolution of the Outer Banks is dependent on inlets from hurricanes. The United States Geological Survey used sand from the ferry channel to the southwest of Hatteras Island, a choice made to minimize the impact to submerged aquatic vegetation and due to the channel being filled somewhat during the hurricane.

On the same day, the ferry between Hatteras and Ocracoke was reopened. It was replaced by Ida for the naming list for the 2009 season.