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Case 3 2 volkswagen of america managing it priorities

Hire Writer The shortage of sufficient funds was the major issue that Volkswagen America was facing. However, a more in-depth analysis it was a lack of awareness of how IT could benefit the business. In other words, the implementation of IT not only costs money, but also is a functional and indispensable business component that helps a business earn more money.

Volkswagen of America: Managing It Priorities

The management of Volkswagen was hesitant to adopt IT, thinking that it may become problematic and expensive to implement. Resulting from this lack of funding, a prioritisation of expenses became crucial.

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  • This understandably frustrates those whose proposals america receiving no funding, and if this prioritization system has any hope of future success, the business units being consistently funded will need to work better at recognizing other priorities, or the system priority need to volkswagen restructured to allow for volkswagen projects to be phased 3-2 at the very least to maintain integration;
  • If the rollout is successful, more funds can be allocated to IT projects;
  • These classifications would influence how particular investments would be treated in the selection and prioritization process.

Some projects either received partial funding 2 Case Study 2 Volkswagen of America: The best approach would have been to prove that IS alignment would be beneficial to business, especially in terms of return on investment, causing more finds to be allocated to IT. This can helped be achieved in a variety of ways: With the growth of business and more brands added to the product line, the management of pricing, distribution, and after-sale service has become more complex.

With the implementation of information systems, sales figures and ongoing problems could easily be reported to headquarters, which assists in better decision-making. This will result in less phone calls and face-to-face meetings, enabling staff to spend more time focusing on sales.

A Customer Relationship Management system could help Volkswagen understand consumer behaviour by engaging with current clients, enabling the company to provide more personalised service. The prevailing Big Data technology can collect consumer data and help identify potential customers so that the marketing activities can be more targeted. Given the high quality of the cars they produce, with better service provided, more targeted marketing, and efficient stock rotation, Volkswagen could stay ahead of the competition.

Sales could be increased and more revenue could be generated.

Case study 3-2 volkswagen of america managing it priorities

Volkswagen currently has a prioritisation procedure and process for every proposed project due to budget limitations. With limited financial resources, vast implantations of IT appear not be infeasible while other projects take financial priority.

Because this is a monetary issue, the business should focus more on receiving greater Returns on Investments ROIand implement projects that would see a quicker return on investment by saving costs or generating more income.

If the rollout is successful, more funds can be allocated to IT projects.

  1. So the primary question is how to classify the activities?
  2. Problem statement — should include describing relevant key symptoms of the problem e. However, the IT management must deal with change in every technology implementation undertaken.
  3. The DBC was responsible for the project filtering process which decided which projects were most in line with the companies business strategy. There study four specific teams that were involved in this process.

For other investments, if funds allows, small trials could be funded, and once proven effective, more funds could be considered. Projects that are costly and take a long time to see a return should be postponed until more funds are available.

Regardless of other investments in IT projects, internal IT personnel are essential for the business as they retain the valuable knowledge and experience, which cannot be purchased elsewhere. Therefore, maintaining at least 20 staff in the IT department is necessary, even if IT has been outsourced although this situation is less than ideal.

In addition to the great quality product, with the correct prioritisation of investment, and adequate human resource and knowledge base, Volkswagen will retain its leading position in automotive industry and see a growth in the forthcoming future. The efficiency of their business, as well as their ability to provide high quality customer satisfaction would be greatly improved.

Volkswagen should not fear the implementation of technology, but embrace the possibilities for business expansion that come with it.

Volkswagen of America: Managing IT Priorities Essay

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