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Cause and effects of going to college

Sample cause and effect essay on the value of college education A person can immediately tell if a person has had a college education or not. Many of us who have completed their college education think of it as 'making the jump'.

  1. The education is what you make of it.
  2. The truth is that good money is hard to come by---even with a degree. Below are some common excuses that high school students give and the reasons why they no longer hold water.
  3. This allows the stratosphere to cool and thus deplete ozone.
  4. Climate change will affect the composition and geographic areas of forests as well as product health and productivity. What are some cause and effects for Hitler's actions?

A big difference does exist between the people who have completed their college education and those who have not. This difference might not be instantly apparent but it can be as clear as day if you get to spend some time with the person and talk to them for a while. A college education can affect a person in many ways and this paper shall discuss how getting a college education the cause changes a person the effects.

A college education makes a person stronger and more confident. College education has a profound effect on a person and his or her life. It helps people choose their careers more wisely and the college experience makes people become more confident and can make better and well judged decisions.

To get a higher education is perhaps crossing the biggest milestone of your life. A college education is a very valuable thing and everyone should get one so that we can all be enlightened and help make our society a better place. A college is a place where people come together in an environment that helps nurture their educational and professional curiosities.

  • I can't afford it;
  • The cost of basic food will rise, especially with temperature rises of more than 2;
  • This is known as the enhanced, or runaway greenhouse effect;
  • Global Warming is caused by the greenhouse effect in Earth's atmosphere;
  • In many countries, young girls between the ages of seven and fifteen are often married to older men by the force of their families;
  • What are some cause and effects for Hitler's actions?

People learn to read, reflect, explore, listen, argue, and especially, stretch their known boundaries. A college education helps people and prepares them for the entry into the real world of economics and social bindings. Students learn what exactly personal freedom is and then they learn how to enjoy that freedom in the real world once the education has been completed.

College teaches people to dream of, to reach their highest aspirations, to choose well, and to choose wisely. It is sometimes very perplexing to think that many people undermine the value of a college education. A college is where people go so that their mental capabilities can be thoroughly challenged, where they can grow and mature as individuals and as future carriers of the society.

People who complete their college education can be spotted out from a group instantly. Such people appear more poised and confident in every aspect of their lives. I believe that people who complete their college education are the ones who are most responsible in making a society a better place to live in.

  1. What we have to stop is theenhanced or accelerated greenhouse effect which is causing globalwarming. There is evidence that mankind had accelerated the present cycle by adding 'greenhouse gasses' to the atmosphere.
  2. Research and personal experience, has proven that in today's society, divorce is more common amongst newlyweds. Many high school students today are aware that their parents cannot afford to foot their tuition bill.
  3. Every year the number of high school students going on to college increases despite the fact the tuition also continues to rise.
  4. People at colleges come from every aspect of life; a person going to college is bound to interact with his classmates who can come from all sorts of different countries, cultures and generations. There are a number of reasons why students don't attend college but here's the reality that many will only begrudgingly admit.
  5. Farm animals are affected by warmer temperatures, influencing their performances in growth, milk and wool production, reproduction, health and well-being. The growth of agricultural pests weeds, insects and pathogens under climate change is being studied with varying results.

If everyone in a society gets a college education, the society can be improved tenfold because of the values and the traditions that a person learns in college.

A college education can teach a person about his or her moral obligations and helps the people to realize what it is that is missing from their lives.

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It is evident that people who have had a college education are generally happier in life and that they appear more sophisticated and enlightened. Such people have a better quality of life as they understand more about the world and can appreciate the finer things in life such as art, music and theatre much more than a non-graduate.

It has also been noted that people who have a college education tend to be more satisfied as individuals. They are more at ease within themselves and enjoy more prosperity than others enjoy.

Cause and Effect of Not Going to College.

They find great satisfaction in the knowledge that they have achieved their education in life and they tend to take great pride in that. Other than this, another biggest advantage of having a bachelor's degree is that one can build up on it.

A person can pursue his or her master's or doctorate degree only after he or she has completed her bachelor's. Thus, it is vital for further study to have at least a bachelor's degree.

People meet many different kinds of people at college and this helps prepare them for the life in the field where one has to interact with all sorts of people who are working.

This aids in a person's personal development as well. Students attending a college learn to write more effectively and to express themselves more clearly. Studying with students from all different kinds of economic, ethnic and social backgrounds also help the person attending college into learning more about the world and this brings the people of the world closer as well.

People at colleges come from every aspect of life; a person going to college is bound to interact with his classmates who can come from all sorts of different countries, cultures and generations.

Sample cause and effect essay on the value of college education

This interaction is another valuable aspect of a college education and it helps shape a person's personality in a way that is unmatched by any other kind of an institution, whether it be a church or a home. A person, perhaps, learns the most throughout his or her college years and this not only includes academic education but also education in the social and political realms. This is why I believe that getting a college education is important as it is gives a person the chance to lead a happier and brighter life.