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Halimbawa ng thesis sa filipino tungkol sa wika

Ang Wikang Gamit sa Pagtuturo by Engr. Ang suliranin ng pag-aaral sa ating bayan ay hindi kung paano maunawaan ang at ng mundo kundi kung paano isasalin ang kaalaman mula sa paaralan patungo sa masa. Ang wikang English ay hindi siyang lunas. Upang maunawaan tayo ng mundo at maunawaan natin ang mundo kailangang turuan ang ating mga kabataan hindi lamang ng English bagkus ng iba pang wika tulad ng Intsik, Hindi, Ruso, Niponggo, Bahasa, Pranses at iba pa.

Ito ang halimbawa na ipinamalas sa atin ni Jose Rizal.

Mga Tagalog Na Thesis

Siya ay marunong hindi lamang ng isa kundi maraming wikang banyaga. Upang maunawaan tayo ng ating mga kababayan na hindi nagkapalad na makapag-aral, kailangang gamitin natin ang sariling mga wika. Itong huli ang higit na rnahalaga sa ngayon kung nais nating patunayan na tunay ang ating mithi na paunlarin ang bansa. Ilang mga usapin ang naglilitawan kapag pinag-uusapan ang wikang gamit sa pag-aaral: Paano isasalin ang mga salitang pang-agham?

Tulad ng chlorophyll, photosynthesis, electron, alcohol at iba pa, ang mga salitang pang-agham ay hindi taal na English.

Mga Tagalog Na Thesis

Marami sa kanila ang hiniram at di na isinauli sa Griyego, Latin, Arabo at iba pang wika. Ang "robot", halimbawa, ay galing sa dating Czechoslovakia. Kung ako ang tatanungin. Ang mga salitang pang-agham ay hindi ari ng English kundi ang mga ito ay pandaigdigan o sila ay mga "international words. Mayaman ang talasalitaang Filipino. Nakakabuo tayo ng mga salita sa pamamagitan ng mga alituntunin tulad ng sa paggamit ng rnga panimula, panloob at panapos na mga pantig.

Hindi ang talasalitaan ng ating mga wika ang kulang kundi ang alaala ng ating mga kababayan. Higit pa nilang naaalala ang rnga salitang banyaga kaysa katutubo kung sila ay nagpapahayag nang mabilisan.

Halimbawa sabi sa telebisyon, "Game Ka Na Ba? Lalong yayaman ang talasalitaan ng ating mga wika kung manghihiram din tayo sa Griyego, Latin at iba pang wika. Isa lamang ang dapat tandaan: Ang layunin ng tao sa pagbuo ng wika ay pagkakaintindihan. Nagkakaunawaan naman tayo sa "eroplano" at "upuan" bakit pa ipagpipilitan ang salipawpaw at salumpuwit?

Marahil darating ang panahon na matatanggap na rin ang mga salitang ito.

TVUP on Demand

Iyan ay kung nagkakaunawaan na tayo sa kahulugan nila. Isabel sa Lungsod ng Naga noong Hulyo 30,1998: Is it time we reviewed our medium of instruction?

Can our students not learn science and technology better through our own languages?

Ang wika ng katotohanan

In all our efforts towards development we have recommended the use of indigenous materials. Ironically, our local languages are the indigenous materials we have for so long disregarded in teaching and learning science and technology. As a result we are engaged in a perpetual struggle to renew every generation's skills in the use of English.

It is a struggle we are losing, with the often cited inability of younger generations to come up to the level of the older ones in terms of grammar, fluency and vocabulary. If I think English is inappropriate then why do I communicate to you in it? Why did Rizal use Spanish in writing the Noli and Fill?

The problem is not how to speak English better. It is how to communicate better. As 1 speak halimbawa ng thesis sa filipino tungkol sa wika English. I am confident that you can understand me.

The situation inside our classrooms is different. There, communication is most effective in Bicol or Filipino. I say, in communicating we should use the medium well understood by the receiver.

Filipino students have two hurdles to go over in their learning experience. They have to cross over English and then Mathematics, for example. Do we study English to learn Math or do we learn Math to practice our English?

Our Asian neighbors have to grapple only with Math. If ever they study Math in English in the morning, they supplement it with an afternoon Math session in Chinese.

With one hurdle, they have a double preparation. Look at our Asian neighbors. They are poor in English but they make world-class products. The grammar was terrible but the technology was terrific. The Taiwanese make computers; the Malaysians, cars and the world's currently tallest skyscraper; the Indonesians, jumbo jets. The financial crisis is not in any way due to their inability to use correct English. Do we need excellent English to build ships in Cebu? We need science and technology which we can better learn through our own languages.

Pacheco of the UP College of Engineering said, "Ang suma ng dalawang lakas na magkatugma at magkabangga kalumbas ay wala. In the July 1998 issue of Reader's Digest, on page 64, this anecdote is narrated: American and Japanese businessmen were discussing the world economy. The Americans assumed that the most important language of trade was English. However, when they asked, a Japanese answered with a smile: The most important language of trade is "my customer's language.

It has been said that the world has shrunk into a global barangay. What is our role there'? Are we the global barangay captain? However, we can be members of the global barangay council with a rightful share in decision-making. If we must be global citizens we must share our cultural treasures, our languages among them.

  1. Isabel sa Lungsod ng Naga noong Hulyo 30,1998.
  2. Huwang mong lilimutin ang iyong wika. Subalit sabi ni Tolentino na nakahiligan ito ng mga unang estudyante ni Ferriols at hindi gaanong nahirapan.
  3. I am confident that you can understand me.
  4. It is part of genuine freedom. Our Asian neighbors have to grapple only with Math.
  5. However, 1 believe it will only be short-lived.

It has also been said that the language of the computer world is English. I have also seen a webpage written not in English. The computer was invented not for English but for better communication. Using our own languages is going to be hard initially. However, 1 believe it will only be short-lived.

  1. Linggwistika Tumayo si Calano upang ayusin ang jacket na nakabalabal kay Ferriols.
  2. Nag-i-Ilokano sila tungkol sa temperatura ng kwarto.
  3. Lumalala ang problema kapag may maling naituro sa seminarista, magiging guro siya at palalaguin ang kamalian. What is our role there'?
  4. Ang suliranin ng pag-aaral sa ating bayan ay hindi kung paano maunawaan ang at ng mundo kundi kung paano isasalin ang kaalaman mula sa paaralan patungo sa masa.

The long-term benefits will far outweigh the initial hardships. It is part of genuine freedom. It is much like the birth of a child. In one movie it is asserted: Ang kalayaan tulad sa pagsilang ng sunggol kakambal ay dugo. Maging si Padre Pedro V. For a good education likewise, the present Philippine policy of using English as a medium of instruction should be abolished.

For if other nations like Japan. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, etc. The use of an alien tongue as medium of instruction actually stunts the development of the thinking and reasoning power of the young. Why waste so many years when students have a language of their own which immediately they can use for deep thinking and analysis!

Halimbawa ng thesis tungkol sa wika

The use of a foreign language as medium of instruction also makes of education the exclusive preserve of an elite few. Its use in the Philippines effectively cuts from the mainstream of education all those who do not know English, namely the masses of Filipinos.

Who indeed is the Filipino farmer or worker who dares stand up in a symposium, seminar or conference, to ventilate his ideas on how education should be or how the country be run, etc? The education should be democratic, encompassing as far as halimbawa ng thesis sa filipino tungkol sa wika all the inhabitants of the land, with each individual contributing his share to the welfare of the nation.

There's no question then that we are quite weak with our science and math, trailing behind Asian neighbors. But does this relate to our poor grasp of English? Note that of the four countries that did best in the IMST3, only Singapore uses English as a medium of instruction in schools.

South Korea and Japan both use their national languages as the main medium of instruction in school while Hong Kong mixes Chinese and English. There's more evidence to show that science and math skills are not tied to English proficiency alone. The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development OECDwhich is composed of the world's 32 leading industrial nations, recently conducted an assessment of 15-year-old students' reading, mathematical and scientific literacy.

The 10 countries that had the highest average scores, which I'm giving in parenthesis, were Japan 543South Korea 541Finland 540Canada 532.

New Zealand 531Australia 529Britain 528Ireland 514. Austria 514 and Sweden 512. The three countries that fared best do not use English as their medium of instruction. Macapagal-Arroyo's announcement does allow us to tackle this quest ion of a medium of instruction. Here, it'd be useful to look at a position paper dated Feb. The paper points out that the President's announcement about English as being "in complete disregard of scientific and modern learning principles.