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Helping your child with creative writing assignments

Reddit 48 Shares Creative Writing Activities for Kids— Creative writing is more than just a critical component of your lesson plan: Whether you are an elementary school teacher who wants to add creative writing activities to your various lesson plans, or you are a middle school science teacher who wants to show students that writing is a part of daily life, these ideas will help you spark interest and innovation in your students.

Activity 2 — Transform Healthy Snacks into a Fun Treat This would be an ideal creative writing assignment for a health and fitness class. Give your students the freedom to create and describe a healthy snack that would also be colorful, delicious and fun! Ask students to write out directions from their home to their school, using proper directions as well as descriptive symbols that can help guide people along the way.

After the assignments are complete, have the students test their directions to see if they were complete enough to get someone from one point to another! Activity 4— Free writing This is a creative writing activity that could be used in any subject.

As the teacher, you should come up with one word or phrase that is relevant to your current lesson plan. Give the students five minutes to write anything that comes to mind after hearing that particular word. Ask students to write about whatever comes to mind as they are helping your child with creative writing assignments to the music, noting that they should pay particular attention to the emotions and feelings that the music invokes in them.

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Encourage them to get descriptive while also incorporating the important storytelling elements, such as an inciting incident, a conflict, a climax and a solution. You could provide them with an online news article or ask them to watch a TV news documentary. After they have studied the event, ask them to write a journal that explains their own feelings and relationship to the current event that is taking place.

In addition, ask them to look forward to the future and explore how the current event could be addressed in society. Perhaps they want to contact a past president, like Abraham Lincoln, or maybe they want to write a letter to their future children.

Creative Writing Activities for Kids

Encourage them to ask questions within their letter, and to also describe their own current situations. This helps them develop letter writing skills as well as creative writing skills. Activity 9 —Living in a Different Country This could be a creative writing assignment for a social studies or world history class.

Kids Creative Writing Ideas

Ask the students to study a particular country in the world, one that they are not familiar with. After their research is complete, have them write a first-person account from the perspective of a child their own age living in that country.

Have them explain the cultural traditions, their typical school day and the types of foods that they enjoy on a regular basis in order to give them a perspective on how life is similar and different in other parts of the world.