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Ima educational case journal volume1 issue 4

National Association of Accountants. Titles, Pages and Topics 1. Standard cost system objectives 2. The Electronics Assembly Plant: Problems with MRP and inventory control 3. The High Yield Fertilizer Company: Inaccurate cost without a cost system 5. Standard cost, attainable standards, setup costs 6. Cost estimation, lower of cost or market, etc. The pricing decision in a decentralized firm 8.

The Atlantic City Casino: Relevant cost, cost estimation, data availability 2. Traditional cost allocation 3. Problems with restructuring 4. The Hotel Ima educational case journal volume1 issue 4 Department: The Information Services Div.: Forward pricing and transfer pricing 8. Allocating joint costs 9. Performance evaluations Moriarity, S. Changes in a railroad accounting system after deregulation 2.

Changing strategy after deregulation 3. The New Brunswick Company: The Sardy Trunk Company: Cash management and transfer pricing 6. Cash flow projections and relations with local government and creditors Moriarity, S. West Life Insurance Company: Ethical, moral, legal and political issues 3. The Marian County Memorial Hospital: Budget, financial statements, and ratio analysis 4.

Financial projections, spreadsheets Robinson, M. Cost allocation prior to ABC 2. JIT, increased scrap, cost system changes 3. Indirect cost allocation prior to ABC 4. Standyne Diesel Services A: JIT process control and accounting 5. Standyne Diesel Services B: Institute of Management Accountants. Need for new cost system - ABC 2. Accounting problems implementing new system 3.

Responsibility accounting after decenralization 4. The Superior Valve Division: Contribution margin analysis Robinson, M. Busting the Reporting Bureaucracy: Changing from monthly to quarterly closing 2.

Need for new system after total quality control 3. Cash management at Southwestern Bell 4. The theory of constraints 1. Factory shop, control, capital budgeting etc. Appling the theory of constraints 3. Implementing TOC, drum-buffer-rope 4. Performance measures, control, cost behavior 2. Tall Tree Hotel Casino: Performance evaluation issues Carr, L.

IMA Cases, Volumes 1-17, 1985-2002

Reengineering a financial system 2. Kenco Engineering Corporation A: Kenco Engineering Corporation B: Bidding, control, constraining resource 4. ABC, product diversity 6. The Repertory Theatre of St.

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East River Manufacturing A: Investment in CIM, implications for accounting 9. East River Manufacturing B: ABC, computer integrated engineering 10. Cost behavior in healthcare 11. ABC, value chain 12.

Cost of quality Nanni, A. Total quality management 2. Activity based management, new technology 4. Fixed-fee reimbursements, cost system 5.

Service dept cost allocations 6. Physician's view and cost efficient procedures 7. Ethical issues from placing limits on healthcare Volume 13: The Boeing Company A: The Boeing Company B: Process based management, incentives 3.

Performance evaluation, overhead rates and billing 5. Velky Potraviny - Prague: Warehouse management, discount grocery Juras, P. The Aristocrat Furniture Company: Investment, divestiture, valuation, family business 2. Economic value added EVA 3. Budgeting, performance measures 4. Changes in the scorecard and strategy 6. Evaluating Product Line Performance: Strategy and target costing 2. Balanced scorecard implementation problems 3. Balanced scorecard implementation and EVA 4.

ABC used for marketing support costs 2001. Figure 8 Island Association: Performance evaluation and incentives 3. Implementing the balanced scorecard 4. Balancing the Corporate Scorecard Interactive Simulation: Harvard Business School balanced scorecard supplement 5.

From simple billing to ABC 6. Strategic cost management, balanced scorecard 8. Activity based management 9. Linking Accounting, Marketing and Production in an Experimental: Scheduling, work flow, inventory management, TOC 10. Titles and Topics 1.