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Lectionary Scripture Psalm 51: Bryan Hovey A Note from the Pastor There are many things that we have to be thankful for and I cannot begin to list them all.

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But one thing that I hope we give thanks for daily is our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus came to save the world and to guide us on a path of righteousness. Some people believe that when they give their life to Christ everything will change. What will change is our relationship with Christ, how we see ourselves, how we serve, and how we treat our fellow humans.

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Lent is the perfect time to begin that transformation. Admittedly, we are coming to the end of Lent in just a couple of weeks. Is now a good time to reflect on what we have learned about ourselves?

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  3. Bible verses about being yourself we have to be careful when we say things god says true faith in christ will humbly think of others as being better than.
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What have we changed that will deepen our relationship with Christ and one another? Will these changes making us a better Christian disciple?

It is never too late to change an old habit, especially those habits that lead us away from our belief in Christ Jesus and his teachings.

Yes, some of those old habits and beliefs may cause concern and maybe even hurt when we give them up.

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Last week in worship I reminded you that God gave Jesus Christ to the world for the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus, the Son of God, was publicly humiliated, he was whipped with a flagrum a whip containing sharp objects interwoven into its thongs and condemned to death.

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Not just any death but a public death on a cross between two criminals. Death on a cross by asphyxiation.

Essay about superstition in oman

God did all of this for sinful humanity, so God could have a relationship with the people of creation. From 1 Corinthians 15: Have you been wanting to get back into Sunday school or deepen your walk of faith? Now is the perfect time to jump start that journey! Class time starts at 9: A hearty breakfast will be served and Steve Zimmerman will share a devotion from Luke 15: Put this on your calendar and join us at the church on Saturday, April 7th at 8: Please contact Dave Moulton at xmoulton skybest.

Beyond the Walls We have finished up the current short story collection for Beyond the Walls and following a short break, we will begin another book on April 3rd.

Gerontion ts eliot

We will again read one story each week and meet every Tuesday at 4: This is a fun, casual and creative discussion and all are welcome. Come as you are and when you can without the pressure of a long-term commitment and enjoy the fellowship as we look for God in the everyday! These classes will help you to: Learn how to plan shop for and prepare healthy meals Discover delicious, healthy recipes Explore simple ways to be physically active Talk about the connections between food, physical activity and faith Kick start a healthier lifestyle for the summer months ahead This is a FREE 9 week program, led by NC Extension Agent, Carmen Long Classes are Tuesdays at 5: To sign up, contact Sheryl James, Debbie Brady or the church office.

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  • Put this on your calendar and join us at the church on Saturday, April 7th at 8:

There are only a specific number of tickets to be sold each year and they can sell out quickly. They wanted to make the event more local and community influenced, so they engaged Rob Mangum as the first potter, to honor his late wife.