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The da vinci code controversy book banning

  1. In Singapore, the book was removed from state libraries and destroyed. After the Crucifixion, she moved to the south of France, and founded the Merovingian line of kings.
  2. Father Thomas Eitenhower isn't laughing. The film - like the best-selling novel it's based on - is a mystery story involving a dark conspiracy by the Catholic Church to suppress some all-too-human truths about the life of Jesus Christ.
  3. Father Thomas Eitenhower isn't laughing. The Da Vinci Code.

While Mizoram, where the Church has strong influence over both the society and polity, is game to wait and watch, Nagaland is not willing to take any chances while Meghalaya is at loss about what to do with the film. The Da Vinci Code: Complete Coverage The minority Christian population in Arunachal Pradesh, however, sounds unhappy over the movie's depiction of Christ being a married man with an existing bloodline.

Nagaland government has issued an 'advisory' to all the cinema hall owners, video parlours and cable operators not to receive, distribute or screen the film in any form in Nagaland. The Nagaland cabinet was of the view that while the Ron Howard's film is, 'blasphemous and offensive' for portraying Jesus Christ and Christian in a 'objectionable' manner, Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code is an assault on Christianity.

However, Church leaders in Mizoram have preferred to wait and see.

Catholic Church Responds to 'The Da Vinci Code'

The Mizos have apparently remained cool towards the film that has raked up a global controversy. Mizoram-based Christian scholar Rev Chuauthuama said that the book or film should not have much affect on life of Mizo people.

He said he had read the book and that the main story was based on Gnostic beliefs. I believe the book to be a challenge to the Christian beliefs. What do you think about the story?

  • Seuss titles to schools across the United States;
  • On the first day of publication, 200,000 copies were sold;
  • Lawrence was banned in the UK until 1960 when the publishers won the right to publish the novel after a famous court case;
  • If Sony profits from anti-Catholic bigotry this week, what can we expect in the future?

Read what others have to say: Number of User Comments: Da Vinci Why are people so worried about screening this movie. Aren't they sure of their own faith? Why do they think that their beliefs will change.

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