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The important role of mass media in my life

Mass media in our life

People from different walks of life have become nowadays listeners, readers, viewers. Reading newspapers and magazines, watching TV, listening to the news on the radio is our main means of getting information in all its variety. Newspapers with their enormous circulation report different kinds of news. They carry articles which cover the latest international and national events. There are special newspapers which gave a full coverage of commercial, financial and publish afffairs. There are newspapers and magazines for young people.

Radio broadcasts are valued mainly for their music news.

Mass Media Plays A Crucial Role In Influencing People’s Mind

TV is the most popular kind of mass media now. Viewers are fond of watching different kinds of shows, films, sports, plays and games, educational and cultural programmes.

Although there are many interesting and exciting TV shows, but some of them encourages indecency, foul laanguage, drug and alcohol abuse. There are a wide variety of opinions how television affects young people.

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It is believed that violent behaviour in later life could be linked to teenage viewing habits. US researchers say that adolescents who watch mo ore than one hour of television a day are more likely to become violent adults. Effects of media may be particularly sensitive in early adolescence, because it is a time for the development of socials skills and personalities.

  1. The most common platforms for mass media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. Is social media mass media?
  2. Some Other Mass Media Platforms a. TV brings the world to our room.
  3. Since the late 20th century also through video and computer games.
  4. Many instances of various types of recorded discs or tapes. Many of them also cover sports events.

The behaviour also depends on living conditions, relationship with family members and other factors. With reference to all theses facts, we could give a question: Youth are becoming the offspring of the television. Usually they turn into reality whatever they see on TV. Kids like to become the people they see on television.

Media plays an important role in our everyday lives. Why is it important to us?

After the invention of television, the problem had become inevitable. Talking about mass media, we should discuss on the hole the effects of mass media on society. The media virus of the 21st century will influence your opinions, it will eventually begin to tell you what clothes to wear, how to style your hair, how you should look, who you should like and etc. Mass media has the overwhelming impact on our lives. Press, television, radio prescribes us how to live.

The birth of the newspapers industry brought a new concept of social awareness down to the average working-class family. Technological advances and decreasing paper prices not only helped the newspaper industry flourish, but appear other forms of print such as books and magazines. It was succeeded in turning many families into a bunch of overweight couch potatoes.

The introduction of the Internet completely revolutionized the ways in which we do business. These days you can get practically anything off the Internet. However, mass media plays a big role in our life and affects us more than we think. In the en nd, I could say that TV, radio, press reflect the present day life. Every year the influence of mass media is becoming greater and greater. The amount we spend immersing in mass media is not only going to shape who we are as persons, but it will eventually sever our connection to the real world.