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The reasons for the gradual decline of interest in community service over the years

  • High schools and colleges are already requiring volunteer service, and many employers are offering paid time off to volunteer or including it as a part of their wellness plans;
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Did you know there is a relationship between volunteering and improved physical health and cognitive function? Research also shows that volunteers report elevated mood and less depression, and that volunteers report increased social interactions and social support, better relationship quality, and decreased loneliness.

Research has found 3 common barriers: Which is interesting because retirees who presumably have enough time do not volunteer at higher rates than employees, and people ages 35 to 44 those most likely to have young children at home and be employed actually volunteer at slightly higher rates.

What is community development?

In contrast, only about a third of retirees who did not volunteer while working begin to volunteer in retirement. Another possible solution is to make volunteering more accessible and automatic.

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Employers could encourage volunteerism on-site or in a proximate location. Organizations could be more flexible in the way they use volunteer work, including work that could be done at home, or during evening or weekend hours. While motivation to volunteer can vary by age, with younger volunteers more motivated by future preparation such as increasing skills, knowledge, and advancing careers and older volunteers more likely to cite generativity as a reason for volunteering, most people are motivated to volunteer by personal gratification and having a meaningful experience.

A solution would be for organizations who utilize volunteers to make sure they are matching the skills and experience of their volunteers to the roles they have available.

Making copies and coffee are certainly not meaningful to most. Some organizations have a short interview process where they discuss the background of the potential volunteer to closely match it to the needs they have.

The Reasons for the Gradual Decline of Interest in Community Service Over the Years

The Stanford Center on Longevity produced a report on ways to support intergenerational volunteerism, which included five best-practices strategies. In addition, there are several websites that help individuals find volunteer roles in their area and interest. Research shows the organizations that are most successful at recruiting and retaining volunteers have a full-time paid volunteer coordinator.

  1. Community development emphasizes participation, initiative and self help by local communities but is usually sponsored by national governments as part of a national plan.
  2. Stated to create a "Property-owning democracy".
  3. This includes extending services into the community, giving these services and the staff who are responsible for them a physical presence in a neighbourhood. The problem was that many of those interested in capacity building located it within a particular paradigm.
  4. However, the radicalism of many of the workers attracted into the work in the late 1960s and early 1970s in many northern countries was not to last.

This is the person who invites them to be a volunteer and oversees them throughout the application and training process as well as connects with them routinely during their tenure as a volunteer. Volunteers want to feel included in the goals of the organization, and that their work even if unpaid is valued and appreciated. Employers and schools can help with asking as well.

High schools and colleges are already requiring volunteer service, and many employers are offering paid time off to volunteer or including it as a part of their wellness plans.

Creating a new social norm of volunteering Potential for increasing volunteerism is high if we are able to address these common barriers. In the pre-retirement years, employers could encourage increasing volunteer hours as they slowly decrease their work hours, so that retirees would be fully integrated into their meaningful volunteer roles in a gradual and seamless transition.