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The significance of nick carraway in the great gatsby a novel by f scott fitzgerald

Hire Writer Nick uses the Great War as a backdrop throughout the book as a way stressing that you can never truelly escape your past or your roots. This is personified in Gatsby with his pseudo European mannerisms. The romanticised view of Europe is evident within the novel. Nick takes the role of a storyteller early on. He is not objective in his narration and comes from a coloured perspective. Nick, as an observer allows Fitzgerald to pursue his interest in vision.

The eyes of Dr. Eckleburg provide their eternal presence looming above the ash-heaps. It provides a warped vision where the eyes of mass manufacturing dominate life.

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He uses it as a constant reminder of the reality that the other characters are ignorant of. Nick is a bookish character and represents the intellectual side of the 1920s. A popular idea in America as an isolationist country with its inhabitants influenced by the American Dream; this also explains why Gatsby changed his name.

Fitzgerald uses Nick to stress the academic undertones in the novel. Nick is an unreliable narrator who allows himself to be caught up with the lifestyle of those he is describing. Fitzgerald uses Nick to emphasise conflicting points of view, he fluctuates from affectionate descriptions of the characters to satirising them.

  • Unfortunately for Nick, it looks like he may not be able to go home again;
  • Doesn't he seem to enjoy being around the wealthy, careless people who party at Gatsby's house?
  • This resulted in many people would moving to the outer parts of the city, or suburbs, and this is obviously what these characters had done;
  • That Tom and Daisy are living acceptable lives?
  • Nick is the only individual sympathetic to Gatsby.

He occasionally lets his guard down to describe, fondly, aspects of each of the other characters. Nick is subjectively objective.

He uses satire to distance himself from the other characters. Unlike Gatsby and Myrtle who want to be part of the meretricious society that the Buchanans belong to, Fitzgerald is aware of the superficiality of the society and yet through his experiences could tell that they entice people and then discard them.

What is the significance of Nick Carraway's background in the novel, The Great Gatsby?

Nick uses humour to convey a profound point and convey an underlying resentment towards those who treated Gatsby with such disrespect. Nick represents the traditional moral codes of America. Tom tells Myrtle that Daisy is a Catholic and can not divorce her. What he penetrates to is corruption, grossness, and cowardice.

Nick is the only individual sympathetic to Gatsby. Fitzgerald uses the character of Nick Carraway as a portrayal of a society, other than the socially privileged exemplified by his pathos towards Gatsby.

Nick shows ambivalence in his dedication to satirising American society. He detests them and yet thrives off them.

The Great Gatsby

Nick is used as the modernist viewpoint with his first person narration and condemnation of contemporary society. He allows the story to have an intellectual depth as well as showing that F. Scott Fitzgerald was a writer of his time. How to cite this page Choose cite format: