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The social outcast in light in august a novel by william faulkner

August 14, 2015 at 5: Though these characters are very different they also have one common trait, society has casted them aside and turned them into outcasts; yet they continue to capably live out their lives as loners. The first of the main characters the readers are introduced to is the young woman Lena Grove. In this society this was a taboo and it was a disgrace, women were expected to marry before partaking in the activities necessary to create a child and to only have children after they have been married with their husbands.

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This caused her to be shunned and to become an outcast of society, she did not fit the standard mold for how a woman should think and act. An example of society not approving of her situation can be seen when Mrs.

Armstid making this statement to her husband shows just how socially unacceptable it is in this society to be pregnant without a husband.

Light in August

That a couple cannot even be seen with Lena in fear that they will be associated with her and it will bring a bad name to their family as well. The next notorious loner in this classic novel would be Reverend Hightower who was obsessed with his grandfather who was in the civil war. Reverend Hightower is a unique character that was a little too eccentric for this traditionalist society to understand and accept.

  1. Vickery and Olga W. Being the object of interest of the press, Hightower lost his job as a minister, and fell into oblivion.
  2. Human nature is too complex to foresee. Numbly, I named the Crematorium I had chosen.
  3. This corporate disorder has its origins in a mind of a one or several men who are strong enough to impose their individual points of view on the whole society.
  4. It is a memory that haunts me to this day. Fifteen year olds get not belonging anywhere.
  5. What Oxford hasn't torn down and replaced with high rise apartments and condominiums still leaves traces of William Faulkner that are there for anyone to see if they take the time to look for it. I figured it was a safe bet she remembered being fifteen pretty well.

His obsession over his grandfather in the war often caused Reverend Hightower to lose the line defining reality and these stories of his grandfather in the war. This shows how society found Reverend Hightower as strange and unusual, and if there is anything a traditionalist society does not fancy, it is someone who is strange and unusual.

  1. It is he who may have whispered the lie about the little boy's origins to the other children. The more people strive to deny it the more they are subjected to its force.
  2. Burch has gone away, supposedly to look for work, promising to send for her. The hospital staff curtly asked where I wanted my Mother's body sent.
  3. This corporate disorder has its origins in a mind of a one or several men who are strong enough to impose their individual points of view on the whole society. I kept that promise until no commercial suppy of oxygen was capable of providing her the amount of oxygen she required to breathe.

Following this with his wife committing suicide after eloping with another man, Reverend Hightower had become an outcast to the members of that society 67. It was because of this that he had become a loner and secluded himself to his house where he could be left in peace beside the occasional visit from Byron Bunch.

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Finally there is the infamous loner Joe Christmas who became a loner because he has traces of African American decent in his blood. I believe I have. She said at once: This shows how automatically she did not want to believe that Christmas had even a drop of African American blood in him, because that would mean more than just blood.

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This shows the racial prejudice of this society and how if you were a person of color you would be hated for that color. Joe Christmas especially did not fit in because of this; he was white and African American. Which meant neither of the true would truly accept him for who he was. Therefore, Joe Christmas became a loner and a social outcast because of racial prejudice and because he had African American traces in his blood.

Ultimately each of these characters have their own backgrounds and problems that they face, they are alone yet unified because they all share the trait of being social outcasts and being loners.

Crime and Punishment in William Faulkner's "Light in August"

Each of them broke an unspoken rule of their society and were casted away because of it, yet they were able to continue on throughout most of their lives as loners.

That being an outcast of society does not give someone an excuse, they can continue to be themselves and continue to live their lives despite what society thought of them.

Which also shows what Faulkner is trying to show about the community and society. That the community and society was full of prejudice and was too engrossed with what they thought was normal and what they thought was right.

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Rather than accepting people for their differences and learning to change society as people change. That society must be an adapting, expanding, and changing thing-it cannot remain dormant which is precisely why Faulkner depicted the society in this way. To show the errors and faults in a society consumed with tradition and prejudice to the point of casting aside another human being.