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A discussion on the moral decaying of society

The greatest empires of the past, down to the last one, have each collapsed. Is every civilization destined to decline and fall? Or is such a catastrophic disaster the effect of a specific cause? But are weapons, applied sciences and jobs the way to make a civilization invincible? Many people today apparently think so. Or are our societies too modern, too sophisticated, too enlightened for such a cataclysm? The longest-standing and most consistent forecast the Trumpet has made since Volume 1, Issue 2, in June 1990, has been that America and Britain will fall, and that the fundamental cause will not be birth rates, weather phenomena, superbug epidemics, gross domestic product or carrier strike groups.

Fundamentally, it will be because of failed morals. Against that backdrop, many great statesmen debated the root cause behind the rise and fall of empires. A year before the U. Nor did insufficient technology or climate change. His first fundamental factor was the breakdown of the family.

Technology and the Decline of Morality

Then he listed increased taxation, an insatiable craving for pleasure, an unsustainable buildup of armaments, and the decay of religion. According to Gibbon, the root cause of Roman societal collapse was their loss of civic virtue and individual morality.

Gibbon believed the laws of morality were as unchanging as the laws of mathematics and physics. He summarized his beliefs about morality in a letter to the sheriffs of Bristol in 1777: Yet most politicians and educators today reject this belief. They say that what people do in the privacy of their own homes has no connection to national security.

The Trumpet newsmagazine and its predecessor, the Plain Truth, have published since 1934 that Britain and America will experience a collapse more devastating than the fall of Rome. This is because these nations have rejected the foundation of national stability: Religion and Morality During the sexual a discussion on the moral decaying of society of the 1960s, a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States said it was impossible to define character.

That was a radical departure from what prior generations believed: They knew what character meant. It meant things like honoring your parents, not murdering, not stealing, not lying, not coveting and not committing adultery. In short, it meant keeping the Ten Commandments, the laws of the Bible.

There is a cause for every effect. The 10 laws outlined in these commandments cause political prosperity.

Why Moral Decline Matters

Of course, the people of these rising powers were full of failures, flaws and vices. Lying, coveting, stealing, killing and every other sin could be found among them.

But the society as a whole held its citizens, its families and its leaders to a high moral standard—the moral standard of the Holy Bible. And many of them believed that only if a majority of their families were God-fearing, obedient and faithful could their nations survive. That is why they sought to obey the Ten Commandments. That is why their children learned the histories of when ancient Israel turned to sin and suffered invasion, and when it turned to God and was liberated.

Nowhere else in the world was the notion of God as moral lawgiver so widespread.

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Early America and Britain believed national greatness depended on ethical and moral behavior. Throughout the English-speaking world, families were organized with each member fulfilling his or her natural role. The father was the head of the family, the provider and protector. Together, a husband and wife formed a complete team—a well-organized family in which children could be responsibly reared.

Alexis de Tocqueville studied America in depth and concluded with this remarkable assessment of the American family: To the superiority of their women. This strong family structure produced virtuous children. These children grew up to be good fathers, mothers, teachers, ministers, judges, engineers, orators and statesmen.

Policymakers understood the connection between family breakdown and societal problems like alcoholism, drug addiction, welfare addiction, juvenile delinquency and violent crime. They believed the Bible when it claimed that only nations that obey the moral laws of God are blessed. Family Breakdown Around the turn of the 20th century, educators in the United States and the British Commonwealth began rejecting the idea that laws of morality are eternal and unchanging.

As the evolutionary hypothesis took root in the public conscience, people came to believe that what was right in the past may not be right today. People abandoned the absolute morality of Moses and Jesus Christ. They embraced the evolving morality of Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud.

Today, only about 3 percent wait until marriage to have sex. Even among religious people, this figure is only about 20 percent. Two thirds of those living in the U. Many people celebrate such statistics as a cultural victory. But widespread acceptance of premarital sex led to epidemic levels of out-of-wedlock childbirths. In colonial Massachusetts, only 1 out of every 200 babies was conceived out of wedlock.

In modern America, 40 percent of babies are born to single women. In Britain, if current trends continue, by 2025 the majority of babies will be born out of wedlock. Such fracturing of families is the inevitable consequence of breaking the Ten Commandments. The growing acceptance of pornography and premarital sex has undermined marriages that once bound families together.

This has fueled the rapid increase in divorce. In a discussion on the moral decaying of society, there was one divorce for every 18 marriages in the U. In England and Wales, there is an average of 13 divorces every hour. They marry in order to divorce. One third of American children grow up without their biological father.

Britain has the highest proportion of children brought up in one-parent families of any major European country. People can argue that these children are no worse off. But the facts prove otherwise.

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Children who grow up without a father figure are four times likelier to be poor, nine times likelier to drop out of school, 11 times likelier to commit violent crimes, and 20 times likelier to be arrested. There is a direct link between the fracturing of families and major societal problems infographic.

It is no coincidence that the per capita rate of violent crime has doubled in the United States since 1960, and the percentage of Americans living in a home that receives some form of means-tested welfare has also doubled.

According to projections by the U. Congressional Budget Office, rising entitlement spending and interest on the national debt will consume 99 percent of all tax revenues within the coming decade. Financial historian Niall Ferguson has warned that empires usually disintegrate when the costs of paying their debt exceeds the cost of defending their borders.

This was true of Rome. More recently, it was true of the Soviet Union. When a nation begins to look instead to its government to provide, it is on a path to societal collapse. It is bringing about the fall of Britain and America today. Sodomy was regarded as the last symptoms of a dying culture. Noah Webster is often called the father of American scholarship and education. And before 1973, the American Psychological Association considered homosexuality a mental disorder.

But in the 1970s, public opposition to homosexuality in America and Britain began to melt away. As society embraced the notion that morality is subjective, evolutionary philosophers spread the idea that fornication, adultery, homosexuality and even pedophilia were not evil.

They were natural results of the evolutionary process.

Moral Decay of Society

Without masculine fathers and feminine mothers to teach children about sex roles, gender confusion reached a new height in 2014. Supreme Court followed suit a year later. These changes signaled a new era: Instead of viewing homosexuality as a sin, the majority in the U. Some go even further and assert that it is the traditional family that is harmful—that its very structure is a type of slavery of women and children.

Broken homes and illegitimate children are now so common that it is considered insensitive to even suggest that such individuals may be disadvantaged. Rather than accepting the notion that society is falling short of the biblical standard, society has changed the standard. The virtually unanimous failure to follow the scriptural formula for family success has resulted in a redefinition of marriage and family. For more information on this trend, request a free copy of our booklet Redefining Family.

Today, most people reject the law of cause and effect. They think society can discard marriage and family and not suffer any consequences. But both the Bible and secular history show what the fruits of family breakdown are—and will be! The Plain Truth made the same bold forecast from its inception in 1934. Great historians like Edward Gibbon knew that family breakdown and moral decay led to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

There was a tendency among 18th-century Americans to equate themselves with the children of Israel. Plain Truth founder Herbert W. Armstrong proved in The United States and Britain in Prophecy that the people who settled Britain and America literally are the descendants of ancient Israel.